Keep Your Kids Safe Online with the #1 Parental Control App

Multiple parental control and phone monitoring features with FamiGuard to help children foster safe and balanced digital wellbeing. Screen time, app usage, browser history, location tracking and more can let busy parents have a peace of mind.

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4 Million

Users are satisfied with FamiGuard

5.9 Million

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Children are protected by FamiGuard

FamiGuard pro
FamiGuard Pro

The leading cell phone tracker to help your kids grow up safely in the digital world by paying attention to text messages, call history, emails, social media activities, real-time location, etc. on Android and iOS.

FamiGuard whatsapp
FamiGuard for WhatsApp

Track WhatsApp messages, chats, voice memos, call history, status and other data on Android&iOS.

FamiGuard WhatsApp Last Seen
FamiGuard WhatsApp Last Seen

Track your WhatsApp contacts' online status without them knowing. The WhatsApp online tracker can show their online/offline time and notify you when they are online.


Remotely check and control your kids' phone activities.

FamiGuard Protects Your Loved Ones in All-Round Way

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FamiGuard employee monitoring features
FamiGuard Parental Control for Kids' Safety
Parental Control for Kids' Safety

FamiGuard Keeps an eye on your kids in time and check what they are doing, where they are and who they are chatting with. FamiGuard makes sure your kids are stay away from potential danger by monitoring their online activities.

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FamiGuard pro cell phone track
FamiGuard pro parental control
Ensure Enterprise Security
Ensure Enterprise Security

Help companies take timely actions in case employees are leaking enterprise privacy. Increase the inner supervision and strengthen internal security and confidentiality.

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FamiGuard phone monitoring
FamiGuard parental control
Maintain Intimate Relationship
Maintain Intimate Relationship

If you are worried that your mate betrayed you or has been threat by others, FamiGuard Pro helps to find out the truth and eliminate your worry.

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FamiGuard pro cell phone monitoring
FamiGuard pro parental control
FamoGuard Keeps Students Away from Danger
Keep Students Away from Danger

Concerned about the safety of your students on the way to and from school? Try FamiGuard Pro to keep your students away from danger!

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Why FamiGuard Is Your Best Digital Parenting Assistant?

100% Safe
100% Safe

There is no virus in FamiGuard software and no need to jialbreak or root the devices.

FamiGuard Persistent Update
Persistent Update

Our team continuously update the products to meet users' needs and inprove their experience.

FamiGuard Compatibility
Highly Compatible

Our products are widely compatible with all versions of Android&iOS.

FamiGuard Support
5/24 Support

FamiGuard offers professional customer support team to solve your problems.


1. What is parental control?

Parental control refers to a set of tools and features designed to help parents monitor and manage their children's online activities, access to content, and overall usage of digital devices. These controls are typically implemented on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other internet-connected devices.

2. What is the best app for parental control?

FamiGuard Pro has detected 5.9 million online problems and helped parents to protect their children from those dangers. 4 Million users feel satisfied with the parental control app. It is availble on Android, iOS and iCloud. Try it now and see how it works.

3. Are parental control apps safe?

Use reputable parental control apps like FamiGuard Pro can help your kids safely surfing online. It has been praised by many users and great sites. Safe parental control apps won't invade your privacy or jailbreak/root the devices.

4. How to put parental controls on child's phone?

Choose a reliable parental control app such as FamiGuard Pro and install it onto your child's phone based on the guide. Then you can check the kids' phone activities, manage their screen time, block inappropriate websites&apps, etc.

5. Is there a completely free parental control app for iPhone?

There is no completely free parental control app for iPhone. Even there are some claim that their apps are free, they lack essential features and have other issues in fact. So, choosing a cost-effective and safe phone monitoring app like FamiGuard Pro can let you have a peace of mind.

6. Is my kids' data safe?

Yes, your kids' data is absolutely secure. FamiGuard saves users' data in an encrypted database and won't invade/abuse it. So you can rest easy.

FamiGuard What's New

Famiguard pro

FamiGuard Pro V5.3.4

1. Support Android, iOS, iCloud monitoring in one app.

2. Manage screen time and block apps&websites.

3. Add Threads, TikTok, and Skype monitoring.

FamiGuard pro
famiguard whatsapp

FamiGuard for WhatsApp V3.1

1. Support WhatsApp monitoring on Android&iOS.

2. Support WhatsApp location tracking.

3. Monitor WhatsApp contacts and starred messages.


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