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Do you sometimes suspect that your husband/wife is hiding some unspeakable secrets in the phone? Do you worry that your minor child is being harassed online but not telling you? Do you feel troubled because you want to secretly check their phones but can't do it? Don't worry, this article will teach you in detail how to clone someone's phone without them knowing for free. After completing the cloning, you will get everything about the target phone.

In addition to some free and easy methods, it will also provide some of the best apps for cloning phones. let's get started.

Method 1: Best Method to Clone Someone's Phone Remotely Without Them Knowing

For Android

Currently the best way to clone someone's Android phone without their knowledge is by using FamiGuard Pro for Android . It is a very powerful Android device monitoring software, which can easily meet your needs of cloning someone's phones remotely, allowing you to monitor your child/partner's activities through mobile phones from anywhere in the world. It has won the praise of countless users for its ability to clone files comprehensively, run undetectable and clone data & files in real time.

Why FamiGuard Pro for Android is the best Android clone app

FamiGuard Pro for Android has received numerous accolades for its excellent features, so let's take a look at what it has to offer in terms of cloning Android mobile devices.

  • Comprehensive Cloning: It allows you to completely clone all the files and data of the target device, including social media app chats, call logs, messages, contacts, GPS location, photo albums, browser history and app activity, etc.

  • Real-time Cloning: As long as it is installed once on the target device, it will always clone the newly generated files and data on the target device in real time. No need to operate the cloning process multiple times.

  • Undetectable Cloning: FamiGuard Pro for Android will automatically disappear after being installed on the target device. The owner of the target device will never know that someone is remotely cloning his phone.

  • Easy to Use: You only need a few minutes to complete the cloning process, and this software does not require root.

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So, FamiGuard Pro helps you clone target phone in real-time, even if the device is password-protected. This can be useful if you want to know who a friend or family member is talking with online or if you want to keep tabs on what your child is doing with their phone at school.

How To Use FamiGuard Pro for Android to Clone Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing?

So now you must be wondering how you can use FamiGuard Pro to clone someone's phone without them knowing.

Don't worry; here are some simple steps that you can follow:

Step #1: Sign Up on FamiGuard Website

First of all, you will have to sign up on FamiGuard offical website, click "Monitor Now" button to create a new account and select a subscription plan.

using famiguard pro

Step #2: Download and Install FamiGuard Pro on Target Phone

Now you need to install it on the target phone. After the installation, you will have to log in using your credentials.

download and install famiguard pro

This will allow you to clone their phone onto your device.

Step #3: Get Cloned Data & Files

Now go back to the FamiGuard website and log in to the account you registered in step 1, click on the dashboard of Famiguard Pro for Android to see the cloned file data.

view the cloned files and data on dashboard of famiguard pro for android

NOTE: FamiGuard Pro for Android will disappear automatically after being installed, so there is no need to worry about being discovered.

For iPhone

If the phone you want to clone is an iPhone, then I recommend you use FamiGuard Pro for iOS to clone someone's phone. Also a product under the FamiGuard brand, this iOS monitoring software also does well in the field of cloning iPhones. As an advanced iOS product without jailbreak, let's take a look at its outstanding features in cloning iPhone.

Features of FamiGuard Pro for iOS

  • Clone Messages: It can clone the chat history of target iphone, including SMS, WhatsApp, Kik, LINE and other social media app, Even the deleted messages can be cloned.

  • Clone Calls & Location: FamiGuard Pro for iOS allows you to clone all the call logs and GPS location history on target iPhone.

  • Clone Files & Browsing History: You can clone multimedia, text files safari browsing history and bookmarks on target iPhone, including photos, videos, calendar, etc.

  • Clone With Ease: It is very easy to use and does not require a jailbreak.

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How to Use FamiGuard Pro for iOS to Clone Someone's iPhone

Step 1: Sign up on FamiGuard website and pick a suitable subscription plan.

using famiguard pro

Step 2: Next, you will be redirected to My Products and Orders Management page. Click "Setup Guide" to install FamiGuard Pro for iOS

click setup guide

Step 3: Make the cloned iPhone and computer under the same wifi, click the Sync Now button to start the data cloning.

device recognized over wifi

Step 4: When the cloning process completes, you can switch between different file types and view details. The deleted files can also be cloned.

monitor iPhone on dashboard

Method 2: How To Clone Phone For Free With Bluetooth?

If you want to clone someone's phone for free, you can use Bluetooth Hack 1.08. Following are the steps that can follow and clone anyone's phone for free.

But, this method is risky as you may also leak your data while performing this method.

Step #1: Download and Install Bluetooth Hack 1.08

First of all, download and install Bluetooth Hack 1.08 on your computer. You can follow the link and easily install this tool as it's easy to use.


Step #2: Connect your System with Target Phone

Once the tool is successfully installed on your system, you need to connect your system to the target phone using Bluetooth.

But, you will have to be very close to the target as Bluetooth doesn't work on longer distances.

connect bluetooth

Step #3: Monitor their Phone on Your System

Once you have connected your system to the target's phone, you can monitor their phone from your computer without them knowing for free.

Method 3: Using CLONEit to Clone Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

If you want to clone someone's phone, you can also use CLONEit. CLONEit is a free app that allows you to make a copy of another person's phone, and it also has an option to take photos and text messages from the phone. You don't have to have cell phone service or even know their phone number. You download the app and start cloning!

So, following are steps you can follow and clone someone's phone without knowing them for free.

Step #1: Preparing Both Devices

You'll need to download the app on both phones and then go through some steps with your phone before you can clone someone else's phone.

  1. First, you'll have to enable location services on your device by going into Settings > Privacy > Location Services > On.

  2. cloneit

  3. Then go into Settings > Apps > CloneIt and tap Enable Location Access.

  4. Now go to Settings > Security and allow installation from unknown resources.

This will allow your phone to automatically install all the apps from your target's phone to your phone.

Step #2: Start Cloning

  1. Once you have set up both phones, you will need to launch the CLONEit app on both phones and hit Receiving and Sending buttons accordingly.

  2. start cloning with cloneit

  3. Now your phones will ask you to connect, so connect both phones.

  4. download cloneit

  5. Once your phones are connected, tap on the PHONE icon and start cloning.

  6. Here it may ask you to choose the files or data you want to clone, so you will have to select the data.

complete clone phone with cloneit

Step #3: Get All the Data

  1. The phone cloning process will be completed in a few minutes. It depends on the data size.

  2. So, you will have to wait for the process to be completed. After that, you will get all the data on your device.

Hot FAQs About How To Clone Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

Q 1: Can You Clone Someone's Phone Without Them Know?

Yes, you can clone someone's phone without them knowing. There are some free apps and programs that help to do so. You must download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow the instructions mentioned. If you need to clone your Android device, then I recommend you to use FamiGuard Pro for Android.

Q 2: Is it Legal to Clone Someone's Phone?

Yes, it is legal to clone someone's phone. But there are some restrictions regarding cloning data or information from a device. You can't clone someone's phone for illegal purposes, and it's an offense whose punishment differs in different locations.

Q 3: How To Clone a Phone For Free?

There are many methods to clone a phone. Above I have mentioned three of them for your reference. These methods are easy to follow and don't require any technical expertise.


As you can see, many ways to clone a phone exists. Some of them are free, and some of them require money to do so. But, the best way is to use software like FamiGuard Pro for Android and FamiGuard Pro for iOS, which are very easy to use and reliable for cloning data from one device to another.

You must follow the simple and easy steps mentioned above and quickly clone someone's phone without knowing them.


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