Parental Control

Check what your kids are viewing, who they chat with, and where they are in simple ways. Make some rules for restricting their time on a mobile phone.

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Kik Sexting: What Parents Should Know

To ensure your children's safety, read to learn more about Kik sexting and how to set up Kik parental control.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 20, 2024

Twitter Porn: How to Block Porn on Twitter/X?

Twitter porn is becoming a significant concern, and parents should be aware of it. This article contains everything parents need to know about Twitter/X, including why it allows porn, how kids find porn on Twitter, and how to protect kids from Twitter porn.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 20, 2024

Omegle for Kids: Everything Parents Need to Know

Omegle, a free website, connects users globally for one-on-one text or video chats. Popular among kids, it gained traction in 2020 despite security concerns.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 19, 2024

What Parents Need to Know about Snapchat Sexting

Snapchat's popularity among teenagers has surged globally, with an increase in sexting rates among teenagers, and that's what parents should concern.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 19, 2024

How to Set Up Spotify Parental Controls

This article has a detailed guide for parents who want Spotify parental controls due to the presence of explicit lyrics inappropriate for young children.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 05, 2024

How to Set Up Hulu Parental Controls

Hulu, offers a various movies and TV shows. However, there is always something that is not suitable for keens. That's why we need parental control.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 05, 2024

How to Set Parental Control on Facebook

Facebook parental controls are important for the parents to keep track of kid's activities. Here, you will find the best ways on parental control over Facebook.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 05, 2024

How to Set Up Roku Parental Controls

In this brief article, learn how to set up Roku Parental Controls for a customized and secure viewing experience.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 02, 2024

How to Fix "Forgot iPhone Parental Control Password"?

This article provides six easy methods to fix forgot parental control password, so you can keep protecting your child's online activities.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 02, 2024

Top 8 Apps for Parents to Limit Screen Time

Here we have introduced the 8 best apps to limit screen time. These apps all work greatly in balancing screen time and controlling child's phone addiction.

user By Tata Davis|Feb 01, 2024