Parental Control

Check what your kids are viewing, who they chat with, and where they are in simple ways. Make some rules for restricting their time on a mobile phone.

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10 Best Free & Paid Screen Time Tracker Apps for 2023

Confused about choosing which screen tracker app? Here are the best 10 screen time tracker apps in 20232 for you, both free and paid apps are mentioned.

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Top 10 Interesting Screen Locker Apps in 2023, Don't Miss Out

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2 Best Ways to Set Parental Controls on Samsung

In this article, you will get 2 best ways to set Samsung parental controls. One is default Samsung Kids Mode control, the other is third-party control apps.

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[Top 6 +1] Best Parental Control Routers

Parental control router is a good way for parents to safeguard their children. Here, you will get know which are the top 6 parental control routers in 2023.

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The Most Effective Way to Stop Your Teens' Social Media Addiction

If your kids are addiction to social media apps, then you need to check out this article. Here, we will tell you how to stop child's social media addiction!

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Why & How: Put Parental Control on Youtube App for Kid’s Safety

Are you worried about kids being addicted to YouTube? Read and Find out how to put parental control and keep them away from inappropriate content on YouTube.

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Full Guide About How to Set Parental Controls on Android

Are you worried about the safety of your kids online? Check out this guide which will show you how you can set up parental controls!

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How Much Screen Time Should Your Kids Have? [2023 Guide]

Do you know how much screen time is recommended for your kids? You can find out answers in this guide and learn about some useful ways to reduce screen time.

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Are Your Kids Addicted to Phones? Here are 5 Suggestions!

Are you worried about your kids being addicted to their cell phones? Are you wondering how to stop phone addiction? Try out a few suggestions in this article!

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Top 8 Phone Lock Apps to Manage Time and Boost Productivity

This article lists out top 8 phone lock apps, which are very effective in locking the phone for a period of time and in turn improve efficiency for its users.

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