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View Send in & out Emails

View Send in & out Emails

FamiGuard Pro empowers parents to monitor both incoming and outgoing emails on their child's device.

  • Easily access email content, including sender and recipient details, timestamps, and subject lines, directly from the dashboard.

Available for:

Detailed Info of Emails

Gain comprehensive insights into your child's email communications.

  • Explore full email texts, and embedded links.
  • Provide a deeper understanding of communication patterns and potential risks.

Available for:

Detailed Info of Emails
Built-in Search Function

Built-in Search Function

Simplify email monitoring with intuitive search function.

  • Quickly locate specific emails or keywords within your child's email history.
  • Not only searching for email content, but also the senders and subtitles.

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Set up FamiGuard Pro in 3 Simple Steps

1. Sign up Free and Choose Your Plan

Register for a free FamiGuard account and choose a suitable subscription plan.

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2. Follow the Setup Guide

Download, installation, and configuration. Whether manually or automatically, that is easy.

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3. Monitor Gmail Anytime You Want

Access to Phone Files > Gmails, track all emails directly from the dashboard provided by FamiGuard Pro.

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Email Threats Should Be Aware of

Email threats bring serious dangers to both persons and companies, therefore it is vital to remain cautious and aware of possible hazards.
Phishing emails, for example, try to trick users into giving personal information such as passwords or financial information by posing as legitimate messages from trustworthy sources.
Malware-laden emails, on the other hand, include dangerous attachments or links that, when opened, can infect devices with malicious software capable of stealing data or inflicting system damage.
Faked emails replicate legitimate companies or persons in order to deceive receivers into doing specified activities, such as transferring payments or leaking sensitive information.
To reduce these dangers, use care when engaging with emails, avoid clicking on questionable links or attachments, verify sender addresses, and use strong email security measures like spam filters and antivirus software. Individuals and businesses may better defend themselves against the wide range of email dangers that exist in today's digital ecosystem if they remain watchful and knowledgeable.

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FAQs about Email Monitor

  • 1. How can I monitor my child's email?

    To monitor your child's email, you can set up parental controls or use monitoring software that allows you to view their email activity, including incoming and outgoing messages, contacts, and attachments. Some email providers offer built-in parental control features, while third-party parental control apps may also provide email monitoring capabilities.

  • 2. Can someone monitor your email?

    Yes, under certain circumstances and with appropriate authorization, someone may be able to monitor your email activity. This could include employers monitoring work-related emails, administrators monitoring emails on company or school accounts, or law enforcement agencies conducting investigations with legal authorization.

  • 3. What is the best child monitoring app?

    The best child monitoring app depends on factors such as your specific needs, preferences, and the features offered by the app. Some popular options like FamiGuard Pro, Qustodio, Norton Family, and Bark, which offer a range of monitoring and parental control features for managing children's online activities.

  • 4. Is there a safe email for kids?

    Yes, there are email services specifically designed for children that offer enhanced safety and privacy features. These services typically include parental controls, content filtering, and monitoring tools to ensure a safer online experience for young users. Examples include Google's Gmail for Kids and Yahoo's Kids Mail.

  • 5. Which type of email is actively dangerous?

    Any email that contains phishing attempts, malware, scams, or inappropriate content can be considered actively dangerous. It's essential to be cautious when opening emails from unknown senders, clicking on suspicious links or attachments, and sharing personal or sensitive information online to protect against potential threats.