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Updated: Apr 09, 2024 04:32 pm

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As a part of a more significant privacy feature upgrade in August 2021, WhatsApp launched the "View Once" capability.This function allows users to deliver media files the receiver can only see once before they are erased.

However, this function will be a significant pain for those who want to capture screenshots while talking or video calling on WhatsApp. At this point, it is possible to save the WhatsApp view once images in many ways.

To get around WhatsApp's "View Once" limitation, you'll find eight ways on how to take screenshots of WhatsApp view-once photos on this page. According to the comparison, taking screenshots with FamiGuard for WhatsApp is the most convenient and practical approach as a powerful WhatsApp monitoring tool.

What Is WhatsApp View Once Images?

The "View Once" privacy option was introduced to WhatsApp to assist users in sharing sensitive or private information that they may not want the receiver to keep or share without their agreement.

Photos and videos sent over WhatsApp with the "view once" feature turned on are considered view-once media. After choosing a media file from your gallery, you may activate this feature by touching the "1" symbol next to the transmit button.

On WhatsApp, the receiver will see a message that reads "Photo" or "Video" with a "1" symbol next to it when you transmit media with a view-once feature. The material will be shown for one touch by the receiver before vanishing from the conversation.

The receiver may still capture a snapshot or image of the screen using another device, so don't assume that the "View Once" option is completely secure. It provides an extra degree of anonymity and may be helpful for specific users.

Can You Take A Screenshot of View Once on WhatsApp?

Sure thing! Numerous options exist on WhatsApp for saving photos with a single view. WhatsApp says the recipient's picture or gallery would be erased after seeing an image or video. Nevertheless, some programs allow you to capture screenshots of WhatsApp photographs to save crucial data.

Even though view-once material is meant to be temporary and secret, there are techniques to reproduce it. For instance,while watching media, people may capture screenshots or record video of the screen using a separate device.

Read on to learn the eight best methods for capturing screenshots of WhatsApp view-once images. Following these steps,you may easily capture photographs from WhatsApp by taking a screenshot.

How to Take Screenshots of WhatsApp View Once Images?

It's challenging to screenshot a WhatsApp message after receiving it since the receiver can't save or share it. An error warning will be shown, and the sender will be alerted if you try to screenshot a "View Once" message.

A few solutions exist, however, so you can still capture any "View Once" message. The following are the eight ways to screenshot WhatsApp view-once images.

Way 1: Use WhatsApp Tracker Tool - FamiGuard for WhatsApp

If you are looking for an excellent tool to help you take screenshots of WhatsApp view-once photos automatically, you need an intelligent WhatsApp recorder to help you out. That's to use FamiGuard for WhatsApp, which can automatically take screenshots of WhatsApp view-once photos between you and your contacts.

FamiGuard for WhatsApp is a professional WhatsApp tracking tool that can help you monitor all target WhatsApp messages on Android and iOS devices. This includes voice calls, pictures, videos, and more. With this intelligent tool, it's easy to take screenshots of WhatsApp photos that are only shown once. This will protect all of your read photos and videos.

FamiGuard for WhatsApp – Top WhatsApp Monitoring Software

  • Stealth Mode: Take screenshots of WhatsApp view once images without the target person knowing.

  • 100% Safe: Monitor target Android&iOS WhatsApp messages, chats, call history and photos without jailbreaking or rooting the devices.

  • Take screenshots of other data: Also able to take screenshots of messages, call history, status and more.

  • Other functions: Track WhatsApp location, detect sensitive keywords, set time limit on WhatsApp usage for your children, etc.

Monitor NowView Demo

It is easy to use FamiGuard for WhatsApp to screenshot the view once images:

  • Step 1: To create a FamiGuard for WhatsApp account, click the Sign-Up/Monitor Now option and enter your valid email address. Afterward, you should choose a package to access all advanced monitoring features. You can select a one-month,three-month, or one-year plan. Prices will change accordingly.

     How to Sign Up FamiGuard for WhatsApp

  • Step 2: Follow the instructions to download the tool on the target phone. It is available on Android and iOS devices, and the download process is simple.

    How to Download FamiGuard for WhatsApp

  • Step 3:After installing and downloading the FamiGuard for WhatsApp, you can monitor the target WhatsApp, including screenshots of view-once images, track deleted chats or calls, and even set a time limit or keyword alert without knowing.

    How to Take Screenshots on FamiGuard for WhatsApp

You can use this tool to take screenshots of WhatsApp view-once photos of yourself and other people on both Android and iOS phones. And you won't lose any WhatsApp view-once images anymore. Besides its screenshot feature, many more functions await you to explore.

Way 2:Use Another Phone to Take A Photo

Taking a picture of the screen on a different phone is the easiest and fastest way to get a copy of WhatsApp's view once image. You can use this method if you don't care about how good the screenshot looks.

Way 3:Use Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring makes it possible to copy what's on one screen to another. It is usually used to show your thoughts on a bigger screen, like at a business meeting, a press conference, or something else. In this case, it can also take a picture of "View Once" notes.

You can look at your screen like you would in a mirror. The things you see on one screen are the same things you see going on the other in real-time. When you copy the screen from one phone to another with screen mirroring, you can take pictures.

Let's use the screen mirroring function to screenshot WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open the app on your phone to mirror your screen. There is an app for everything.

Step 2: Decide where to mirror your screen, like a computer.

Step 3: Take a screenshot and save it.

Use Screen Mirroring to Screenshot WhatsApp View Once Image

Way 4:Use WhatsApp Web

Using WhatsApp web is another way that could work. To use this method, you will use a browser to log in to your WhatsApp account and then take a picture of your screen right from your computer. As with the first method, there is no promise that no one will find you.

Here's how to take a screenshot of WhatsApp view once image from the website:

Step 1: Visit the website and sign in to your WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Scan the QR code to prove who you are.

Step 3: You can see your chat records after the app syncs the data.

Step 4: Load the view-once message you want to keep and take a screenshot by using one of your screenshot apps on your computer.

Step 5: Windows users can choose apps like Snipaste, PicPick, or Snagit. MacOS users can use the built-in video screen recording feature.

Use WhatsApp Web to Screenshot WhatsApp View Once Image

Way 5: Use Zoom Screen Sharing

Zoom has a "screen sharing" tool lets you show someone else your whole PC or phone screen. With this option, you can record your screen on your mirror device.

Screen sharing in Zoom meetings is meant to make it easier for people to work together. This function only lets users who share their screens decide what others can and can't see.

Here are the steps you need to follow to take a picture of the WhatsApp view-once image from Zoom:

Step 1: Sign in to your Zoom account and open the Zoom app on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Find the "Share Content" button in the Zoom meeting settings.

Step 3: Open this function to share your phone's screen with another phone or computer.

Step 4: Use screenshot apps to save view-once images.

Use Zoom Screen Sharing to Screenshot WhatsApp View Once Image

Way 6:Use Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Android Debug Bridge, or ADB, is a command-line tool that lets you connect and work with an Android device from a computer. ADB lets you take a picture of or record the WhatsApp screen using simple steps. Once you've made or gotten ADB, you can use it.

You need to install Android Studio and make sure USB debugging is turned on for your Android phone before you can use ADB.

Step 1: Get ADB. You can get it from Android Studio or the SDK Platform Tools, which you can use independently.

Step 2: Go to "adb shell screencap -p > screenshot.jpg" to make a picture.

Step 3: Use "adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/videorecording.mp4." to take a video screen recording.

Use Android Debug Bridge to Screenshot WhatsApp View Once Image

Way 7:Use Google Assistant

Google Assistant can understand and talk to you based on what you say and information from the gadgets and services you've linked. Google Assistant has a long and fascinating past, but it all started with Google's search function.

If you use Google Assistant, it can take screenshots for you automatically. This is a great way to take pictures in apps that don't support them, like WhatsApp's "view-once" option.

Step 1: Find Google Assistant in Google Settings.

Step 2: Turn on the “Use screen context” button in the General menu.

Step 3: Open Google Assistant and tell it to "take a screenshot." It will take a screenshot and save it to your photo book immediately.

Use Google Assistant to Screenshot WhatsApp View Once Image

Way 8: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best and most famous web platforms you can get. Hardware acceleration is used by some streaming services and secure apps to stop users from taking pictures and recording their screens. You can get around this limit when using the WhatsApp Web version by turning off hardware processing in your Chrome web browser.

If you want to take a picture of WhatsApp in Chrome, follow these steps to turn off hardware acceleration:

Step 1: Get ADB. You can get it from Android Studio or the SDK Platform Tools, which you can use independently.

Step 2:Look for "hardware acceleration" and turn off the button that says "Use hardware acceleration when available."

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome to Screenshot WhatsApp View Once Image

FAQs About WhatsApp View Once Images

The following are the frequently asked questions about the screenshot of WhatsApp view once images:

1.Can I take a screenshot in WhatsApp view once?

To see if a recipient has opened a view once photo, video, or voice message, they must have read receipts turned on. Any images or videos you send won't be saved to the recipient's Photos or Gallery. Despite WhatsApp's statement that the receiver cannot get a screenshot of any message sent using the "view once" feature, there are still ways to capture screenshots of view once photos utilizing WhatsApp monitoring tools like FamiGuard for WhatsApp.

2.How do I save a WhatsApp view once?

The View Once tool on WhatsApp lets users send self-destructive media, like pictures or videos, that disappear when the receiver opens them. This feature limits how the media can be shared, forwarded, saved, or starred.

On the other hand, a third-party app lets you take a picture of your view and save it on your phone or computer. Not only does FamiGuard for WhatsApp let you take photos of view-once media, but it also lets you see deleted calls or chats in real time. There are more than ten ways to keep an eye on WhatsApp data.

3.Can I block the screenshot on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is rolling out a screenshot-blocking feature. WhatsApp claims that people cannot take screenshots once the image or even the screenshot captured by a third-party app is invalid. However, it has yet to be determined when WhatsApp will release this version with a screenshot-blocking feature to the public.

4.Does WhatsApp send a notification when I take a screenshot?

Don't worry! If someone takes a screenshot of your conversations or story on WhatsApp, it won't tell you anything. When the screenshots are taken, there will be no notice. Do it anyway; taking images of WhatsApp chat won't get you in trouble.


This article shows eight ways to take screenshots of WhatsApp view-once images, which can significantly help you. You can take pictures of WhatsApp view-once images from another phone or use the intelligent WhatsApp monitoring tool - FamiGuard for WhatsApp help you take screenshots of WhatsApp chats without being discovered. Just try the app to access all its high-quality features now!

Monitor NowView Demo


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