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GPS Actual Address

Get GPS Actual Address

View your child's whereabouts easily with accurate map views supported by Google Maps, Mapbox, and OpenStreetMap, providing detailed addresses and coordinates.

  • Map view is supported by Google Maps; it is accurate and simple to click to jump to the Map app.
  • It is easy to view where your child goes with Map thumb view supported by Mapbox and OpenStreetMap.
  • Detailed address with longitude and latitude.

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Easily set up geofence and receive instant alerts if your child strays from the specified area.

  • Set designated area and activities range radius in meters.
  • Customize guard time and geofence name, and you can set many geofences for different times at once.
  • Receive alert notifications as soon as your child is out of the designed area.

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Auto-sync Locations

Auto-sync Locations

Remotely know whether the phone's GPS is on or off.

  • Automatically sync changing locations to online.
  • You can see location histories with changed location time.

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More Functions of Phone Location Tracker

Wi-Fi Logger

Wi-Fi Logger

Find the list of Wi-Fi connections the device connects to with date, time, and location stamps.

Search Function

Search Function

You don't need to check location situations one by one; just search for where your child has gone or not.

Location History

Location History

You can track the actual locations and the device's history locations.



FamiGuard Pro has more useful functions, for example, export related location data.

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Set up FamiGuard Pro in 3 Simple Steps

1. Sign up Free and Choose Your Plan

Register for a free FamiGuard account and choose a suitable subscription plan.

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2. Follow the Setup Guide

Download, installation, and configuration. Whether manually or automatically, that is easy.

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3. View Real-time Location and Set Geofence

Access to Location Tracking > Locations/Geofence/WiFi-Logger. You can track kids' GPS locations on the dashboard, and set geofence to have boundaries on their acitivites area.

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What is Geofencing?

Geofencing technology uses GPS or RFID to create virtual boundaries or zones in the real world. These boundaries are defined by geographical coordinates, such as latitude and longitude, and can be customized to suit specific needs. When a device equipped with geofencing capabilities enters or exits these predefined areas, it triggers actions or alerts.
Geofencing has numerous applications, from location-based advertising and marketing to fleet management and asset tracking. In parental control and child safety, geofencing allows parents to set up virtual perimeters around certain areas, such as home, school, or a friend's house. They can receive notifications whenever their child enters or leaves these zones, providing peace of mind and ensuring their safety.
Businesses use geofencing to target customers with relevant offers or promotions based on location. For example, a retail store can notify nearby shoppers about ongoing sales or discounts. Geofencing is also used in logistics and transportation to track the movement of goods and vehicles in real-time, optimizing routes and improving efficiency.
Overall, geofencing is a versatile and powerful tool that leverages location-based technology to create personalized experiences, enhance safety and security, and streamline operations across various industries. With its ability to define virtual boundaries and trigger automatic actions, geofencing continues to revolutionize how we interact with the physical world in the digital age.

Why Geofencing is necessary for parental control?

Geofencing is essential for parental control because it provides parents an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. Parents can receive instant alerts whenever their child enters or leaves these zones by setting up virtual boundaries around specific areas like home, school, or a friend's house. This feature ensures that parents are always aware of their child's whereabouts, even when not physically with them.
Moreover, geofencing allows parents to establish rules and boundaries for their children's activities. For example, they can define designated areas their child can go or set time restrictions for specific locations. This helps parents monitor and manage their child's movements proactively and effectively.
Geofencing also enables parents to respond quickly to unexpected situations or emergencies. Parents can take immediate action to ensure their safety if their child strays outside of the designated area or fails to arrive at a predetermined location on time. This real-time monitoring capability gives parents greater control and allows them to intervene when necessary.
Furthermore, geofencing promotes open communication and trust between parents and children. By discussing the reasons behind the use of geofencing and involving children in the decision-making process, parents can foster a sense of responsibility and independence in their children while maintaining supervision.

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Best Phone Tracker for Parental Control

FAQ About Location Tracking & Geofence

  • 1. How can I track a location?

    You can track a location using various methods, including GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices, smartphone apps with location-sharing features, geolocation services, and monitoring software. These tools use GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, or IP addresses to determine the device's location.

  • 2. How does GPS track location?

    GPS tracking works by using a network of satellites orbiting the Earth to determine the device's precise location based on signals received from multiple satellites. The GPS receiver in the device calculates its position by measuring the time it takes for signals from different satellites to reach it.

  • 3. What is location tracking?

    Location tracking refers to monitoring and recording the geographic location of a person, vehicle, or asset in real time or over a specified period. It is commonly used for navigation, logistics, fleet management, personal safety, and surveillance.

  • 4. How accurate is GPS location tracking?

    GPS location tracking can be highly accurate, typically providing location information within a few meters under optimal conditions. However, accuracy may vary depending on factors such as satellite signal strength, environmental obstacles (e.g., buildings or terrain), and the quality of the GPS receiver and its software.

  • 5. Can someone fake their GPS location?

    Yes, someone can fake their GPS location using various methods, including GPS spoofing apps, software-based manipulation of location data, or hardware-based techniques. However, such manipulation is typically done intentionally and may require technical knowledge or specialized tools.