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Track YouTube Watch History

View TikTok Watch History

Monitor your child's TikTok history of watched videos. Know what type of content they are watching.

  • Real-time updates on watch history.
  • View detailed logs of watched videos and creators.

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Monitor TikTok Messages

Track and review text and media messages your child sends and receives on TikTok to learn about the interactions. In case kids encounter negative or harmful content.

  • View all direct messages, sharing photos and links.
  • Monitor interactions and engagements.

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Monitor TikTok Messages
Limit TikTok Usage

Limit TikTok Usage

Addiction to TikTok is usual for young kids. Parents can set time limits on TikTok to encourage a balanced digital and reality lifestyle. Restrict access during certain times to ensure healthy screen time habits.

  • Set daily or weekly usage limits.
  • Restrict TikTok access at a specific time.
  • Promote a healthier balance between screen time and other activities.

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TikTok Location Tracking

It is easy for parents to find out the location of a child's device.

  • Real-time GPS location tracking and set geofence.
  • The WiFi logger can show you which WiFi your kid uses and the location of it.

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TikTok Location Tracking

Why Need TikTok Parental Control App?

TikTok Addiction

A 2022 study from the Frontiers in Psychology journal found that TikTok is the most highly addictive of all social media platforms.

Age-Inappropriate Video Content

TikTok has numerous videos, and some of them are not suitable for younger kids.

Inadequate Supervision and Control

Parents can monitor kids' viewing behavior on TikTok 24/7, and that's why a parental control tool is necessary here.

Cyberbullying on TikTok

Like any bullying on social media, cyberbullying on TikTok can take many forms, including harassment, threats, intimidation, blackmail, verbal abuse, and more.

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2. Follow the Setup Guide

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3. Track TikTok Activities Now

After completing, you can monitor TikTok from Video Apps > TikTok. You can view all TikTok history in detail and how long your child spends on TikTok.

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FAQ About TikTok Parental Control:

  • 1. Can you put parental controls on TikTok?

    Yes, you can put parental controls on TikTok by using the Family Pairing feature. This allows parents to link their TikTok account to their child's account and set controls on screen time, direct messages, and content restrictions.

  • 2. Should I let my 12-year-old have TikTok?

    Allowing a 12-year-old to have TikTok depends on your comfort with the platform's content and your ability to monitor their usage. TikTok offers a "Family Pairing" feature and a restricted mode to help manage content and privacy settings, but it's important to discuss online safety with your child.

  • 3. How do I keep TikTok safe for my child?

    To keep TikTok safe for your child, use the Family Pairing feature to manage their account settings. Enable restricted mode to filter out inappropriate content, set screen time limits, and monitor their interactions by managing who can comment, message, and view their content.

  • 4. Does TikTok have 18+ content?

    TikTok is designed to restrict explicit content, but some inappropriate material may still slip through. Using the app's restricted mode and closely monitoring your child's activity can help reduce exposure to mature content.