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Track YouTube Watch History

Track YouTube Watch History

Monitor your child's YouTube activity and view a comprehensive history of watched videos. Stay informed about the type of content they are consuming.

  • Real-time updates on watch history.
  • View detailed logs of watched videos and channels.
  • Ensure your child is consuming age-appropriate content.

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Set Content Alerts

Receive notification alerts when kids access inappropriate content on YouTube. Set filters based on content type, age, and keywords.

  • Customize viewing restrictions based on your child’s age.
  • Protect your child from harmful content.

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Set Content Alerts
Monitor YouTube Comments

Monitor YouTube Comments

Track and review the comments your child leaves on videos to ensure safe and respectful interactions. Prevent engagement with negative or harmful content.

  • The keylogger feature tracks all comments made by your child.
  • Know interactions and engagements.
  • Ensure positive and safe online behavior.

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Limit YouTube Usage

Encourage a balanced digital lifestyle by setting time limits on YouTube usage. Restrict access during certain times to ensure healthy screen time habits.

  • Set daily or weekly usage limits.
  • Restrict YouTube access during specific hours.
  • Promote a healthy balance between screen time and other activities.

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Limit YouTube Usage

More Functions for Youtube Monitoring App

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode

Famiguard Pro works undetectable when monitoring Youtube.

TikTok Monitoring

TikTok Monitoring

FamiGuard Pro can track other popular video apps on the market, including Tiktok.

Record App Calls

Record App Calls

Focuses on recording conversations within specific applications for monitoring or archival purposes.



FamiGuard Pro has more useful functions, and you can try FamiGuard Pro Demo to know it.

Set up FamiGuard Pro in 3 Simple Steps

1. Sign up Free and Choose Your Plan

Register for a free FamiGuard account and choose a suitable subscription plan.

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2. Follow the Setup Guide

Download, installation, and configuration. Whether manually or automatically, that is easy.

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3. Track Youtube Activities Now

After completing, you can monitor Youtube from Video Apps > Youtube. You can view all Youtube history in detail and how long your child spends on Youtube.

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FAQ About Youtube Monitoring App:

  • 1. Can I set parental controls on YouTube?

    Yes, you can set parental controls on YouTube by enabling Restricted Mode or using the YouTube Kids app. Restricted Mode helps filter out potentially mature content, while YouTube Kids offers a safer environment with content appropriate for children.

  • 2. How do I block inappropriate content on YouTube?

    To block inappropriate content on YouTube, enable Restricted Mode in your account settings. For more robust controls, use the YouTube Kids app, which allows you to set content filters and block specific videos or channels.

  • 3. Can YouTube be monitored by parents?

    Yes, parents can monitor YouTube by setting up supervised accounts and using YouTube Kids. The YouTube Kids app offers tools for parents to control the content their children see, set time limits, and review watch history.

  • 4. How to secure YouTube for a child?

    To secure YouTube for a child, use the YouTube Kids app, create a supervised Google account with Family Link, enable Restricted Mode, and set up content filters in YouTube Kids to restrict age-inappropriate videos.

  • 5. Is YouTube safe for 7-year-olds?

    YouTube can be safe for 7-year-olds if appropriate parental controls are in place. The YouTube Kids app provides a safer environment with age-appropriate content. Parents should supervise their child's viewing and use available tools to ensure safety.