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Check Records Online or Download

Check Records Online or Download

Access recorded audio files conveniently, and parents can check recorded sound clips online via a user-friendly dashboard or download them for offline review.

  • The audio can be at most 30 minutes long, bringing you to know what happens around your kids.
  • You can check the audio's date and duration just by viewing it.

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Auto Sync & Stealth Mode

The recorded audio will be synced online automatically while in a hidden status.

  • Parents can access recordings from any location anytime with an internet connection.
  • The recording process remains discreet and undetectable, enabling covert surveillance or observation without alerting your child.

Available for:

Auto Sync & Stealth Mode
AI Noise Reduction

AI Noise Reduction

AI noise reduction technology can enhance the clarity and quality of recorded audio.

  • AI technology can decrease the interference of unrelated noise, such as bustling city streets or crowded public spaces.
  • Filter out unwanted noise while preserving the integrity of essential audio signals.

Available for:

Situations Need Recorded Surroundings

Not Answer Calls

Not Answer Calls

When you call your kids but with no answer? Track the location and recording the surroundings is a wise action.

Find out Kids' Company

Find out Kids' Company

If you worry that your kids might hang out with some deviant peers, listening to sounds around kids will be a quick way to give you an answer.

Kids in Unknown Places

Kids in Unknown Places

The geofencing alert warns you that your children are out of the safe area, and it is necessary to record their surrounding sounds.



To discover hidden bullying truth, collect school bullying evidence, and more. Surrounding records will be an excellent way to protect kids' security.

Set up FamiGuard Pro in 3 Simple Steps

1. Sign up Free and Choose Your Plan

Register for a free FamiGuard account and choose a suitable subscription plan.

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2. Follow the Setup Guide

Download, installation, and configuration. Whether manually or automatically, that is easy.

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3. Record and Listen to Real-Time Surroundings' Audio

From Live Recording > Record Surround, you can begin recording 30-minute-long surrounding voices and download, delete, and listen to them as you wish.

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FAQs about Ambient Recording

  • 1. How can I listen to my child's surroundings?

    You can use monitoring apps or devices with remote listening, ambient sound recording, or live audio streaming to listen to your child's surroundings. Some parental control apps offer this functionality, allowing parents to remotely activate the device's microphone to listen to the surrounding environment.

  • 2. What is the app that records for kids?

    There are several apps available that offer recording features for children, typically for educational or entertainment purposes. Examples include voice recording, storytelling, and language learning apps that allow children to record their voices or interactions.

  • 3. What is the secretly record app?

    Secretly recording apps are typically designed for covert recording and may raise privacy and ethical concerns. While some apps claim to offer discreet recording features, it's essential to use such apps responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding privacy and surveillance.

  • 4. How to record something secretly?

    Recording something secretly may involve discreet recording devices, hidden cameras, or smartphone apps with covert recording features. However, it's important to consider legal and ethical implications, as recording without consent may violate privacy laws and the rights of others.

  • 5. Can an iPhone record with the screen off?

    Yes, iPhones can record audio with the screen off. You can use the Voice Memos app or other third-party recording apps to record audio even when the screen is locked or turned off. However, comply with legal requirements and respect privacy when recording conversations or audio in private settings.