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Updated: Mar 18, 2024 01:33 pm

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Teen dating apps are becoming increasingly popular since they allow them to communicate with those they like by texting them and making an excellent first impression. However, prioritizing your teenager's safety and being cautious when dating online is critical, as there may be higher dangers of fraud and phishing.

It is becoming increasingly vital for parents to monitor teen dating applications. This page will discuss the top 10 teen dating apps, the potential risks that these apps can bring to your teens, and how to solve this problem. Your teens are at the age where they have feelings for and are curious about others, and they want to use dating apps, but there are hidden risks. You can efficiently monitor and safeguard your teens' online behavior with a parental control application like FamiGuard Pro.

Part 1: Top 10 Teen Dating Apps

You can't do things like contacting a friend's house or exchanging notes in class when you're a teenager anymore; dating isn't the same. On the other hand, teen dating apps or sites are the center of attention, particularly in light of the growing trend of social isolation. Teens can meet new people, have fun, and, of course, go on dates through these events.

Despite its usefulness in bringing people together, dating apps are only risk-free in some ways. Catfishing, predatory conduct, and other problems might be exposed to your child through dating applications. Now that we've covered some ground let's dive into the top teen dating apps that parents should be aware of. This handbook contains the following:

  • MyLoL

  • Yubo

  • Skout

  • Happn

  • Bumble

  • MeetMe

  • SpotAFriend

  • Teens. Town

  • AlloTalk

  • Teen Chat

1. MyLoL

Regarding teen dating sites in the US, UK, and Canada, Mylol claims to be the best. According to the website, more than one million kids (13-19 years old) worldwide are eager to meet new people and have fun chatting.

The MyLOL app is available for iOS and Android systems, or you can download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store. But anyone - teens included - can sign up for an account and chat with other users in various ways.

MyLoL Website

(Image Source:

  • Age Limit: 13-19 years old, adult
  • Features: Direct message, text, and image. Shake the phone to start talk
  • Potential Dangers: Users post inappropriate content publicly, high risks of predators

2. Yubo

Yubo is an app for social media that aims to make in-person meetings more convenient. Before it became its social networking app, it was a Snapchat companion app called Yellow that helped users find friends. Worldwide, 60 million people are using it presently. With its social discovery feature, you can make friends with folks around the globe.

Users search for others who share their interests by swiping between live-streamed videos and user profiles. There are distinct communities for users aged 13-18 and those aged 18 and up to ensure a safe online space for minors on the app.

Yubo Website

(Image Source:

  • Age Limit: 13-17 years old, over 18+
  • Features: Public live streaming, private messages
  • Potential Dangers: People aged 13 to 25 can join a public live stream, no age verification

3. Skout

Use Skout to locate nearby users. At first, Skout only let users between the ages of 13 and 17. The app has now segmented its 18+ population from its adolescent users to make things safer. The quantity of impostors is limited (but not eliminated) because users must authenticate their age by joining through Facebook.

The search function on Skout is similarly inaccessible to teens. Although the program still depends on GPS, it will not show teens the precise whereabouts of other users. Skout connects people based on their physical location. People who have "liked" you can also initiate a conversation.

Skout Website

(Image Source:

  • Age Limit: 13-17 years old, over 18+
  • Features: Live streaming, local feeds of users
  • Potential Dangers: No formal age verification, location expose

4. Happn

Transform random meetings into love stories using Happn. When you and another Happn user happen to cross paths, the app will let you know using your GPS data. After that, you can choose whether to like that user or not. Users will only see other users in the same geographical area as them recently.

As with most dating applications, free and premium versions are available. Although the teen community on Happn is increasing, parents may want to keep a closer eye on their child's use of the app due to the higher levels of sexual and explicit content compared to other dating apps.

Happn Website

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  • Age Limit: 18-25 years old
  • Features: Real-time location, voice message
  • Potential Dangers: Location expose, contain sexual content

5. Bumble

A popular online dating app might be a good option for older teens. Bumble lacks a dedicated teen community and is one of the most downloaded dating apps. To participate, you need to be six years old or older.

Ignoring their actual age, many younger teens continue to sign up for the program. It's not a good idea, but 18-year-olds who are careful and responsible online may join. Bumble is a well-known dating app that caters to users 18 and over. That the "first move" can only be made by females makes it stand out.

Bumble Website

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  • Age Limit: 18+
  • Features: Quiz games, direct message, video chat
  • Potential Dangers: Not for kids or teenagers

6. MeetMe

Instead of linking users with known people, MeetMe introduces them to new "friends" by facilitating meetings with nearby strangers. One can make a profile, see the newsfeed of nearby users, and select to communicate with other MeetMe members after signing up with an email address or an existing Facebook account.

"Flirting, making friends, and even falling in love" are the activities the software advertises. MeetMe's "AskMe" feature lets users pose questions to each other in an anonymous manner. Virtual cash, used to power the program, can be purchased in-app or earned through in-app activities.

MeetMe Website

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  • Age Limit: 13+
  • Features: Live streaming, asking questions anonymously
  • Potential Dangers: Meeting strangers, no age verification

7. SpotAFriend

Teens can meet intriguing individuals from all over the globe, have fun on dates, and form relationships with the help of SpotAFriend, a free online dating service. The dating app is free and currently only available on mobile devices.

Launched to provide teens with enjoyable, secure chat choices, SpotAFriend aims to cater to the growing number of young people using online dating services. This app is perfect for young adults looking for a casual internet acquaintance, a local hookup spot, or a dating service.

SpotAFriend Website

(Image Source: SpotAFriend)

  • Age Limit: 13-17
  • Features: Swiping left and right, private message
  • Potential Dangers: Users can choose an age range, expose solar media information

8. Teens. Town

Teens.Town takes member verification and the removal of explicit content extremely seriously, as these issues are of the utmost importance to the company. Here, you can meet friendly people, feel comfortable expressing yourself, and find a hot date.

With its online games and profile recommendations in the Find Your Match area, Teens.Town aims to make it easy for singles to meet fun, intriguing people who share their interests. Creating an account, uploading images, and searching for "favorite" users are free. Teens can utilize social networking features to meet potential dates online.


(Image Source:

  • Age Limit: No
  • Features: Community forums, chat rooms
  • Potential Dangers: No age range stated

9. AlloTalk

Compared to other modern social media platforms, AlloTalk's primary role is that of a chat service. You don't need an account to start chatting on AlloTalk, and it's free. AlloTalk is made with teens in mind. But it doesn't necessarily mean that every member is young. There appears to be some evidence of adults in the group.

Anyone may sign up for AlloTalk and become a member at any age because there are no severe enrollment requirements. Because of the low member activity, you'll need to be patient to discover the ideal time, place, and group to speak, but with one million users worldwide, you'll meet individuals from various walks of life.

AlloTalk Website

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  • Age Limit: 13-19
  • Features: No register, video chat, anonymous message
  • Potential Dangers: No registration is needed

10. Teen Chat

Unique to Teen Chat's online dating service is its chat room, where teens and young adults may meet without fear of scammers, stalkers, or prying parents. Genuine members are rewarded by the free dating site's karma system, while trolls, creeps, harassers, and abusive members are punished.

Teen Chat was founded and is operated by a dedicated team of IT enthusiasts who are

enthusiastic about their work. Teen Chat is a fantastic online meeting place, according to one user called Ashley.

Teen Chat Website

  • Age Limit: 13-19
  • Features: Free to use, anonymous chat, easy to sign up
  • Potential Dangers: Easy to age verification, identity verification

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Part 2: Will Teens Date on Other Social Media?

Sure thing. Teens can find dates through social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. This is why watching social media profiles and the abovementioned apps is crucial. Finding love has become more of a social media and online dating phenomenon.

Social Media for Teen Dating
Facebook Facebook Messenger WhatsApp
Youtube TikTok Instagram
WeChat Twitter(X) Snapchat

According to the survey, 57% have started friendships online, and 76% of those who have dated indicate they have only dated someone they met offline. 24% of young people have dated or had a casual relationship with someone they met online. (Data Source: Pew Research Center)

Various dating apps like Bae, Cliq, TeenSpot, Fredster, and many more assert that they may assist users in discovering their perfect mate. People of different ages use different dating apps. Regarding dating applications and websites, Tinder is by far the most popular, especially among people under 30. Among those who have used an online dating service, 46% have admitted to using Tinder at some point, and 31% have used one of the teen dating apps Match or Bumble.

Pew Research

(Image Source:

Part 3: How To Protect Teens When They Use Dating Apps?

Teen dating apps or teen dating websites may expose your children to unsuitable content, predators, catfishing, and other internet hazards. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to keep your child safe when using teen dating apps. However, before using these programs, you should know their potential risks.

What Are The Potential Risks of Dating Apps?

Most Generation Z teenagers are tech-savvy, yet not everyone understands the safety implications of technology. Teenagers should be informed of the dangers of internet dating, such as personal data theft, bullying and harassment, emotional abuse, and predators.

  • Mental Health: Some users approach dating apps with emotional vulnerability. These apps are designed to sell the concept of finding 'the one' who is perfect for you. If no matches are made, they may feel disappointed and isolated.
  • Lack of Confidence: Young individuals may lack the confidence and maturity to recognize problematic behavior. This can expose children to sexual manipulation, grooming, and exploitation from other users, including those with predatory inclinations.
  • Cyber Bullying: Negative attention or bullying from other users might exacerbate self-esteem issues.
  • Inappropriate Content: Underage users may receive vulgar messages, images, and videos. When we tested 'friendship locating' apps, we came across several sexually inappropriate photographs and videos.
  • Attract Scammers: These platforms attract scammers who use love relationships to extort others, sometimes through lies or extortion. Some of these can be highly intricate and based on emotional manipulation. A young child may lack the emotional aptitude, understanding, or confidence to recognize a scam, and if they are caught up in one, they may experience embarrassment, panic, and stress.

How to Protect Teens' Online Safety with FamiGuard Pro?

Teens risk being harassed or bullied when they go online. Even if you've already discussed how to manage these situations with your teens, have a separate session about how to use teen dating apps responsibly. You can also utilize a parental control program like FamiGuard Pro to improve your teenager's online safety.

Show Your Care to Teens

Talk with the adolescents you care for regarding dating applications. Make it clear that they may confide in you about anything, even something as personal as their romantic relationships. Just remind them that you're here to assist them in making safe and healthy decisions. Ensure they have an adult they trust who can help them if embarrassed to talk to you.

Communication Is Key

An open and frank discussion regarding platform age limitations with the youth in your care is crucial. This is a friendly reminder that these limits are in place for their protection and will be lifted eventually. If a young person needs help with this, inquire about the significance of their presence on these sites.

Protect Personal Information

Empower individuals to safeguard their data and personal information to prevent unauthorized access. Justify the dangers of providing personal information such as age, last name, and school in their profile. Instruct them not to divulge any information that could identify them.

Monitor Your Teens' Online Activities with FamiGuard Pro

famiguard pro dashboard

Using a parental control tool like FamiGuard Pro can be a practical way to protect teens from accessing inappropriate and unsafe content when using teen dating apps. When your children access these sites, you can restrict them, filter their content, or even set up real-time warnings. There are several helpful features offered by FamiGuard Pro that can monitor your child's internet activity:

How FamiGuard Pro helps you more

  • Block Apps/Websites: This tool prevents your teens from using improper apps or encountering inappropriate content. It also lets you set time limits for some apps. When the time restriction is reached, the software is blocked.

  • Content Filter: It limits access to improper web content. FamiGuard's content filtering technology is highly effective and works with all browsers, assuring your child's internet safety and security.

  • Check Call Logs & Block Contacts: FamiGuard Pro allows you to view call logs remotely. If necessary, you can block the harm contacts that you kids communicate with with just one click on the dashboard.

  • Social Media Monitoring: FamiGuard Pro is a highly recommended and safe social media surveillance application for parents. You can monitor your teen's social media activities like chat, screenshots, app calls and more. Multiple tracking options exist, like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, WeChat, Snapchat, etc.

  • Real-time Location Tracking & Geofencing: When kid has a date outside, parents can know their actual real-time location with FamiGuard Pro. This can let you know where he is and if you wonders what happens there. You can use FamiGuard Pro to record surrounding voice to reassure you. What's more, you can set a geofence, if your kids are out of the location that they have promised, you will receive a alert.

FamiGuard Pro has dependable features, including screen time monitoring, online activity report, app usage monitoring, web content monitoring, content filtering, etc. Its comprehensive features enable parents to provide a safe digital environment for their teens and create a sense of security for the family.


Teen dating apps exist to facilitate the discovery of romantic relationships among teenagers. Many teenagers are getting into the habit of using dating apps because of their rising popularity. Teens turn to teen dating apps to connect and make new friends. However, this causes parents to worry, particularly about their online safety. You can keep your teens safe online by having open conversations with them and teaching them to recognize dangers. And using a parental control program as auxiliary function will be a nice choice, such as FamiGuard Pro.


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