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Updated: Mar 28, 2024 02:25 pm

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WhatsApp is one of the best apps for talking and texting. People can make free calls to other countries with this app.Many people don't know how to tell if someone is on a WhatsApp call. One reason is that they don't want to bother the other person while talking on the phone. Another is that they want to save time calling someone who can be reached.

If you try to call someone who is on a WhatsApp call, WhatsApp will tell you that they are on a different call. This page also has many tips on knowing if someone is on a WhatsApp call. We highly recommend FamiGuard for WhatsApp, which allows you to track live calls and even deleted chats or files remotely.

Does WhatsApp Show Busy Calls?

Yes, WhatsApp shows you which calls are busy. One great thing about WhatsApp is that it lets you make calls. The best thing about these calls is that all you need is an internet link. You can talk for as long as you want and won't be charged for these calls.

When someone else calls you on WhatsApp while you are already on a call, they will see "busy" and won't be able to speak to you until you end the call.

On the screen, they will also see "On another call" or "Line Busy." This lets the second caller know that you might not be able to answer right away because you are talking to someone else.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is on Call Without Calling?

It's possible to find out if someone is on a WhatsApp call using the FamiGuard for WhatsApp app. This WhatsApp tracking app lets you see their past WhatsApp calls at a particular time.

You can keep an eye on all of someone's WhatsApp calls with FamiGuard for WhatsApp. It shows you the caller, the type of all, the length of the call when it started, and the state of the call. Besides that, you can also get all of the call logs.

Once the app is on the phone of the person you want to track, whenever that person uses WhatsApp to make a voice call, voice message, or video call, the app will record that voice message through the phone's speaker function without the person knowing.

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You can look at the voicemails online, download them, or listen to them. This is a better way to see if the person is talking on WhatsApp. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find out if someone is on another WhatsApp call.

Step 1: To create a FamiGuard for WhatsApp account, click the Sign-Up/Monitor Now option and enter your valid email address. Afterward, you should choose a package to access all advanced monitoring features. You can select a one-month, three-month, or one-year plan. Prices will change accordingly.

How to Sign Up FamiGuard for WhatsApp

Step 2: Follow the instructions to download the tool on the target phone. It is available on Android and iOS devices, and the download process is simple.

How to Download FamiGuard for WhatsApp

Step 3:After installing and downloading the FamiGuard for WhatsApp, you can monitor the target WhatsApp, including tracking calls, tracking deleted chats or files, and even setting time limits or keyword alerts without knowing.

Features of FamiGuard for WhatsApp

  • Keep tracking all the chats, even deleted ones, on targeted WhatsApp.

  • Help you know live calls, and you can remotely black contact from your side.

  • Find out someone's online status, even if it's hidden.

  • Take screenshots of all WhatsApp view-once images and conversations.

  • Download and print any file that is compatible with WhatsApp.

Other Ways to Know If Someone Is on WhatsApp Call

It doesn't matter what your reason is for wanting to get someone else's WhatsApp call records. You can use a WhatsApp tracker to see all of someone's past calls on WhatsApp and find out if they are on a call. You can also use tricks to find out. There are three easy ways to find out if someone is on a WhatsApp call.

3 Ways to Know If Someone Is on WhatsApp Call

Way 1: Check Their WhatsApp Active Status

How can you see if a WhatsApp call is busy without making a call? The answer is easy: see if they're on WhatsApp. To see if someone is active, open WhatsApp and then the person's chat. If the person is active on WhatsApp, it means they are busy. There's no way to know what someone is doing on WhatsApp, so you can only guess.

If you want to know if a WhatsApp contact is on a call, you can check their online status or Last Seen. This is a free and accurate way to guess if the contact is on a call.

It is easy to check someone's WhatsApp status:

  • Step 1: Tap or click on your phone or computer to open WhatsApp.

  • Step 2: Click on Chats and tap on a chat with a specific person.

  • Step 3: You can see their state from this chat screen. If you know the word "Online" next to the contact's name, they have WhatsApp open on their device.

  • Step 4: You won't be able to see someone's "Last Seen" details if they have stopped you. In their Privacy settings, users can also hide what they do online.

The message "Last seen today at XXX" shows up as the last seen status on WhatsApp. But if a friend has been on WhatsApp for weeks or months, it will usually just show the date without the time.

Way 2: Check Their WhatsApp Profile

You can also check someone's WhatsApp profile to see if they are on a chat. If someone is on a WhatsApp call, there will be a green phone icon with a timer next to their name.

If they are on a WhatsApp call, you will hear a voice saying they are on another call. You can also call them. You can also check the chat title to see if someone is on a WhatsApp call if you are in the same group.

Way 3: Direct Call or Ask Them

The easiest way to find out if someone is on a WhatsApp call is to call them and ask. There are no tricks or spy apps you can use. Just message them and ask if they are on a WhatsApp call with someone else or who you were calling. You have to wait for them to answer, though.

Check if the ringing choice shows when you call the person you want to reach. That means they can't answer the phone because they are busy. If "another call pop-up shows" on the screen, they are busy now. Call three or four times. If they don't answer, they want to hear what else is being said.

FAQs About WhatsApp Call

The following are the frequently asked questions about how to know someone is on a WhatsApp call:

1.How to know if someone muted you on a WhatsApp call?

You can stop someone or a group chat on WhatsApp like on any other social media site. This could block out distractions or many messages, which could also be done privately.

There is no direct way for WhatsApp to inform you when someone mutes you. There are, however, some tricky ways to tell if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp:

  • Use FamiGuard for WhatsApp: The easiest way to know whether someone has muted you is to use such a powerful tool.

  • No Online Status Updates: If the person's online state doesn't change even though they're using WhatsApp, it could mean they have blocked your calls.

  • No Read Receipts:If you send a message that doesn't show two blue ticks, which means it was read, it could mean the other person has silenced you.

  • No Profile Picture Updates:If the person's online state doesn't change even though they are using WhatsApp, it could mean they have blocked your calls.

  • No Tying Indicator:WhatsApp usually shows you a "typing" icon when someone is typing a message.

  • Test with Another Contact:One way to be sure you haven't been blocked is to send the person a message from a different WhatsApp account or have a friend send them a message.

2.How to know if someone declined your call on WhatsApp?

"Call declined" on WhatsApp means that the person who was called actively turned down or denied the call. This could be because they are busy or want to avoid taking the call at that time, among other things.

"Call not answered" means that the person supposed to answer the call did not, but it does not always imply they actively chose not to respond. The person who was calling couldn't respond at that time.

Counting the rings before a call gets to voicemail is the surest approach to tell whether someone is declining your call. You won't receive a message or feedback when a recipient rejects your call. However, if you only hear one or two rings, the contact may have rejected your call.

Your number of calls may indicate that your contact is rejecting your calls. If you call two or three times in a row and the recipient still doesn't answer, it's likely that they are busy and are ignoring your call.

Furthermore, you can also use WhatsApp monitoring tools, like FamiGuard for WhatsApp, to check if this person has declined your call.

3.How to know if someone blocked you on a WhatsApp call?

Unsurprisingly, you can block people you no longer want to talk to on WhatsApp. The best way to stop someone from calling or texting you on WhatsApp is to block them.

How can you tell if you're the one who was blocked? There is no direct way to determine if you've been blocked on WhatsApp. But there are hints that you can use to figure it out.

  • Can't See Last Seen Status: First, check the user's "last seen" state. This message shows up every time that person starts WhatsApp and lets you know when they last used it. You may have been stopped if you don't see one; the person may have just turned off the tool on their account.

  • Can't See New Profile Picture:If someone blocks you and changes their picture, you won't see the new picture. You'll always see the image that was there before they blocked you.

  • Chats Only Show One Checkmark:There is only one checkmark in chats because WhatsApp keeps track of your texts with checkmarks. If there is one tick next to your message, it has been sent. If there are two checkmarks, it has been received.

  • Your Call Will Fail:Also, you won't be able to call someone who has blocked you. However, your call will go through. The call won't go through when you try.

  • Can't Add Contact to Group:Finally, try adding the person to a WhatsApp group if you still need help adding them. The surest sign that you were stopped is a message telling you that you can't add them to your group.


Just follow the four methods we provided above. You can use some great tricks to know if someone is on a WhatsApp call. The list method mentioned above is very beginner-friendly. You should find out if someone is calling on WhatsApp.

We recommend using FamiGuard for WhatsApp to track if someone is on a WhatsApp call because not only will you know if someone is on a WhatsApp call, but you can also view their WhatsApp call history to see who they were talking to on WhatsApp. Try this intelligent WhatsApp tracker to see if someone is talking on a call.

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