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Within a decade Internet had evolved to a new instinct. Since everything has merits and demerits, the Internet too has some that can affect an individual's life adversely especially a kid's life. Many parents have doubts about how they can see what websites their child has been on. By tracking kids' internet history, we can understand what they are interested in, which sites are frequently visited or check if they are visiting some dangerous websites. In this article, we are going to recommend some good browsering history tracker applications and you will learn everything about how to track internet history on cell phone easily from here.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Top 8 Browsing History Trackers

  1. FamiGuard Pro - Most Reliable Browsing History Tracker

  2. iKeyMonitor - Most Cost-effective Browsing History Tracker

  3. CocoSpy - Comprehensive Browsing History Tracker

  4. XnSpy - Compact Browsing History Tracker

  5. Highster Mobile - Popular Phone Spy Application

  6. PanSpy - Widely Used Browsing History Tracker

  7. Spyzie - Phone Spy App for Parents

  8. MobiStealth - Simplest Browser History Tracker for Parents

Part 2: How to Track Web Browsing History

Part 3: How do Browsing History Tracker Work

Part 4: How do I Know if Someone is Tracking My Web Browsing History

Part 1. Top 8 Browsing History Trackers in 2023

1. FamiGuard Pro

FamiGuard Pro for Android is an excellent internet browsing history tracker, which is mainly used to guard children and monitor partners. It accurately records the time, URL, name and frequency of browsing history. In addition to browsing history, it also has other powerful monitoring functions, including monitoring the target device's social media App, all messages, call logs, contacts, photo albums, GPS location, time spent using the phone, and more. With FamiGuard Pro you can remotely control the target device for recording, taking pictures and taking screenshots. If you need a powerful monitoring software for child protection, then FamiGuard Pro for Android is the best choice.

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2. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is an option that you can use to track your kid's internet browsing history. It is designed for iPhone, Android, Windows as well as Mac too. Its vast compatibility has made it very popular. Through iKeyMonitor you can not only track internet history, whereas you can even keep a check on voice calls, social chats, SMS and even current location. Basically, iKeyMonitor allows you to get access to the complete smartphone of your kid and you can even set some particular restrictions on his/her smartphone phone, such as screen time limit, websites blocking, etc.


3. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is a parent controlling as well as a surveillance application that can be used on both Android and iOS devices. You can keep an eye on your child's smartphone without even holding it in hands. You can get an idea about all the internet activities of your kid. CocoSpy app is a browser history tracker, SMS tracker and even call tracker. You can record calls that your kid receives or dials. Not only SMS but you can also read your kid's WhatsApp chats and other social handle's massages. This app also gives you the feature to track your child's current location.


4. XnSpy

XnSpy is a compact monitoring application that can be used to track your kid or to track your employees. It gives you the feature to track the internet browsing history of your child you can read his SMS and even his WhatsApp chats. It is available for both Android and iOS devices thus, no need to worry about the compatibility of this application. Talking about restrictions then, XnSpy provides you with all the basic features through which you can keep your child away from all dangerous websites. You can simply block websites and social media handles of your kid. XnSpy is a great option for you if you need an app to track internet history on iPhone.


5. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is not very popular for as an Internet history tracker whereas it is popular as a phone spy application. However, Highster Mobile offers you the feature to track internet browsing history and it will perform as a great internet history tracker free as well. You can also track SMS, voice calls, current location, and several other things through this App. You can even restrictr your child's smartphone usage with the additional screen time features.

highster mobile

6. PanSpy

PanSpy is a paid parental control application that can be used for several different tasks. It can track voice calls, SMS and it can also be used as an internet history tracker. With PanSpy you can not only track your kid's activity, but you can also apply some restrictions on internet usage. You can schedule the screen time so that he/she can't access the phone anytime he wants. It will allow you to access all the social media activity of your kid. You can track Snapchat, WhatsApp even Tinder activities too. In order to track the activities you have to create an account on the official website of PanSpy and after connecting your kid's smartphone with it, you can easily track him on the website itself.


7. Spyzie

Spyzie is already being used by many parents to track their kid's activities. This app allows you to access the screen of your kid's smartphone in just a single tap. You can keep an eye on the SMS, WhatsApp chats and several different apps. Along with this, Spyzie can also be used as an Android web history tracker. You can also extract the required data from your kid's smartphone secretly through it. The user interface of Spyzie is very popular and simple. You can easily navigate through options even if you are new to monitoring apps.


8. MobiStealth

If you need an application that can track your kid's internet history even on his computer, then MobiStealth is an option for you. The web history tracking feature of this app is really interesting. It will allow you to know everything about the target device's internet activities anytime. You will find MobiStealth simple, affordable and secure option to keep a check on your kid's device. Its user interface is quite simple and it supports almost all the basic options that a normal parental monitoring application has. Setting up MobiStealth is quite easy, all you need to do is to create an account, connect your kid's device and enjoy tracking.


Part 2. How to Track Someone's Web Browsing History

Take FamiGuard Pro as an example to illustrate how to track someone's website browsing history

3 Easy Steps to Use FamiGuard Pro for Android

Step 1. Sign Up on FamiGuard official website and choose a subscription plan

sign up on famiguard pro android

Step 2. Follow the instruction to install FamiGuard Pro on your kid/partner's Android device

download famiguard

Step 3. Back to FamiGuard website and click the Dashboard you will monitor everything from target device

browser history

Part 3. How do Browsing History Work

Browsing history trackers work by recording the websites a user visits while browsing the internet. Once you have installed the web browsing history tracker on the target device, it will start collecting information about the device. It collects and records the search and browsing data of the target user in the browser, and organizes the data into visual information. So you can simply and easily observe the historical browsing visits of target users.

Part 4. How do I Know if Someone is Tracking My Web Browsing History

After learning about Browsing history tracker, do you worry that your own browsing history is also being tracked? Here are some ways you can tell if you are being monitored.

1. Check your phone for suspicious apps. If browsing history tracker is installed on your device, then your browsing history must be being tracked. Many developers design them to be undetectable, so you may have a hard time finding them on your mobile desktop. Go to "Settings" to browse the App list. If you find that your phone is installed with suspicious apps, please don't hesitate to uninstall it.

2. Check phone data usage. Some browsing history trackers have incredible anti-detection capabilities, and you may not be able to find them even in the App list. Browsing history trackers need to be constantly updated to get the latest device data, so they usually make the app in the phone use a lot of data. When you find that some infrequently used apps use a lot of data in Mobile data usage, then your device may be being monitored.

3. Strange text messages. Part of the browsing history tracker needs to send a code message to the target to get the latest data. If you find that your mobile phone often receives some strange code text messages. Your browsing history may also be being followed.


At an early age, anyone can get distracted easily. But as responsible elders, it's our responsibility to keep our kid's away from any sort of dangerous distractions. FamiGuard Pro is a great browser history tracker that will help you to keep your kid away from any inappropriate and dangerous websites. Apart from this, you can keep a check on your child's current location thus, all your worries will disappear once you Install FamiGuard app on your smartphone. It's a very reliable and safe app to track internet history, trusted by many famous tech sites and thousands of parents.

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famiguard is recommend by many sites


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