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Tata Davis

Updated: Apr 22, 2024 07:27 pm

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Snapchat is a highly encrypted and secure platform, which highly values account security and personal privacy.

So you want to log into someone's Snapchat account without a password, verification code or even them knowing?

Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will show you how to do just that. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to log into someone's Snapchat account without them knowing.

How to Log into Someone’s Snapchat

Part 1. How to Log into Someone's Snapchat without a Password?

Snapchat said that the account is only exclusive to its owner and should not be shared with or logged by a third person. However, "rules are made to be broken". In the following part, we will teach you how to log into someone’s Snapchat account.

Method 1: The Easiest Way to Log into Someone's Snapchat without a Password

To log into others' Snapchat, reset password and send a security alert by directly logging in, but all these actions will remind the Snapchat owner that something wrong happened. If you only need to know what the Snapchat messages, photos, and more, using a Snapchat monitor tool like FamiGuard Pro will be your best choice. Because you can get most Snapchat information you want without knowing.

FamiGuard Pro, is a powerful monitoring app protecting and tracking your beloved. With this app, you can log into someone's Snapchat without a password, verification code or even them knowing. What's more, you can read and check who they are chatting with, what they are viewing, and what they are posting and sharing. FamiGuard Pro can also help you log into and get into someone's Snapchat in a safe way instead of triggering a Snapchat security alert.

monitor snapchat on famiguard pro


  • Remotely monitor target Android device without being detected

  • Safe and free from triggering a Snapchat security alert

  • No need to root & Super easy to use & Free update

  • Cost-effective plan


  • Only for Android, iOS (No jailbreaking) and iCloud.

famiguard pro box

An Array of Amazing Features

  • Track cell phone location in real time and view location history.

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS.

  • Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more.

  • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, screen time and app library, etc.

How to Set Up FamiGuard Pro to Log into Someone's Snapchat without a Password

Step 1. Create/Sign in your account and pick the suitable subscription plan to unlock all FamiGuard Pro features.

Create/Sign in your account

Step 2. After purchasing, you will be navigated to Member Center. Click Start Monitoring button and you will go to the dashboard, choose the device you want to bind and follow the Set up guide to finish installation and configuration.

follow guide to set up famiguard pro

Step 3. If you verify your setup successfully, you can begin your monitor on Snapchat now. You can view the Snapchat messages, photos and notifications. What's more, if you want to check other social apps contents, you can check them from Social Apps panel.

monitor snapchat on famiguard pro


If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that will let you not only log into someone's Snapchat but also track their GPS location, monitor their calls and text messages, then mSpy, Snapchat tracker, is the way to go.



  • Support more social platforms

  • Offer a free trial


  • Need to root your mobile device


eyeZy, Snapchat tracker, is a monitoring app that allows you to track social medial information. It is easy for you to track activities that happened on Snapchat and other social media apps.



  • Monitor without worries

  • Easy installation


  • Need to root your mobile device

There are many different monitoring apps out there, but we recommend using one that is undetectable and affordable. That way, the person will not be able to find out that you are monitoring them and you can use that app for the long term.

Method 2: Logging into Someone's Snapchat via Phone or Email

If you want to log into someone's Snapchat, you can click the "Forgot your password?" on the page of login and then reset the password via phone or email.

Follow these few steps to do so:

Step 1: Find the Snapchat login screen.

Step 2: Tap "Forgot your password?" on the login screen

Step 3: Choose "via Phone" or "via Email"

Step 4: Select email to send a reset link. Or wait for the verification code to be sent to the target device.

Step 5: Click the reset link in the email or enter the verification code.

Step 6: Set the new password.

Then, you can log into other people's Snapchat. However, if you aren't the owner of this Snapchat account, this method needs you to have the ability to receive email or SMS from that Snapchat account, this is a more difficult task.

Method 3: Logging into Someone's Snapchat with a Keylogger

A keylogger is a type of software that records everything that is typed on a keyboard. Once you have installed the keylogger, all you need to do is wait for the person to enter their Snapchat password. Once they do, the keylogger will record it and you will be able to see it in the logs.


Then, you can use the password you get to log into someone's Snapchat. If you have no idea which Keylogger app to pick, I will recommend FamiGuard Pro for you as it has a wonderful keylogger feature.

famiguard keylogger

Part 2. How to Log into Someone's Snapchat without a Verification Code?

Method 1: Try Some Devices that Snapchat Recognizes

The easiest way to log into someone's Snapchat without a verification code is to use a device that Snapchat recognizes and you've already used before. From there, you can try to log in and it may not need the code.

Try Some Devices that Snapchat  Recognizes

Method 2: Get Support from Snapchat

If you want to log into Snapchat without verification code, you can reach out to Snapchat Support directly, telling them that you can't receive a verification code and offering the email or phone number you used to sign up for Snapchat. If they have verified your identity, they would respond to you within 24 to 48 hours and help you get your account back. In this way, you can log into Snapchat without verification code.

Get Support from Snapchat

Part 3. FAQ About How to Log into Someone's Snapchat without a Password

Q 1. Is it illegal to Log into Someone's Snapchat?

No, logging into someone else's Snapchat account is not clearly listed as a crime in any country's legislation. However, it is an invasion of privacy, especially if the account owner is unaware of it. The legal action that can be done for this act varies by country, so please be familiar with the rules of your country.

Q 2. Except for Snapchat, What else can I Do with FamiGuard Pro?

This All-In-One Android tracking app allows you to keep an eye on 30+ apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, etc; remotely monitor target Android devices without being detected and locate their position and know where they are going and where have been.

Q 3. If I Log into Someone's Snapchat, Will They Know?

If you log into someone's Snapchat with the same IP address or Authorized Devices, your login will be successful while the account owner's login will unsuccessful.
If you log into someone's Snapchat with a different IP address or Unauthorized Devices, the account owner will receive an email stating that a login attempt on their account was blocked, and they will be advised to change their Snapchat password.


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