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Updated: Oct 19, 2023 06:32 pm

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How can I spy on WhatsApp messages? Or how to see someone's WhatsApp messages? This is a very common and frequently asked question among most parents nowadays. With several features allowing its users to send different types of media files, including documents, videos, and pictures, WhatsApp has now become the most popular chatting app among all age groups. WhatsApp allows all its users to communicate with one another or in groups using very little data and that too, with end to end encryption that keeps your messages and data fully private.

You might be wondering how to read someone's WhatsApp messages, especially your child's WhatsApp messages or monitor all other videos, pictures, and documents that are being shared with them. Well, your search ends right here. Read further and you'll get to know it yourself.

Part 1: How to Track Someone's WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone?

Without keeping you wait any longer, we would like to introduce FamiGuard for WhatsApp. It is an all-around WhatsApp Monitoring Application which thoroughly and precisely monitors detailed activities of your child over WhatsApp. The best part is you can track WhatsApp messages without target phone.

introduction of famiguard for whatsapp

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Why Choose FamiGuard for Whatsapp to Read Someone's WhatsApp Messages

So that was about how to see someone's WhatsApp messages with Famiguard for WhatsApp. Here's a list of other things that you can do with it.

  • You can check WhatsApp Call Logs. The list will show all the details of a call.

  • You can read the WhatsApp chats. All the conversations that are being shared with other people or groups can be viewed, and this also includes deleted messages.

  • You can also record WhatsApp calls, including voice calls and video calls. You can replay the files later and listen.

  • You get the option to access all the multimedia files.

  • You can also view the Whatsapp Status , including the deleted and expired ones. In addition, any quotes, thumbnails, or photos uploaded to the status can also be checked.

  • FamiGuard for Whatsapp takes WhatsApp screenshots automatically once the WhatsApp of the target device is in use.

So, wanna try it? Actually, to view Someone's WhatsApp Messages, only 4 steps are needed!

Step 1. Register an Account and Choose Purchase Plan.

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Step 2. Go to the website and Slide right to download FamiGuard for WhatsApp on the target Android.

download famiguard for whatsapp on the target device

Step 3. Install on Target Device and Finish Settings.

install famiguard for whatsapp and login

Step 4. Operate on Web Control Panel and Tap WhatsApp Status to start monitoring.

dashboard of famiguard for whatsapp

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Other Key Features:

  • Read WhatsApp Chats: Exchanged WhatsApp messages can be viewed, including deleted messages.

  • Check WhatsApp Call Logs: A list of call logs will show exactly call types, when, for how long and who the target device has taken a call with.

  • Record WhatsApp Calls: Remotely monitor all voice and video calls, and the program will record and replay them for you.

  • View WhatsApp status: Quotes, photos, videos(thumbnails) uploaded to WhatsApp status can be checked, incluidng deleted and expired ones.

  • Access WhatsApp Multimedia Files: All types of media files supported in WhatsApp can be previewed online and then downloaded.

  • Take WhatsApp Screenshots Automatically: Screenshots of the target phone screen will be taken once WhatsApp is in use.

Part 2: Other Ways to Track WhatsApp Message for Free

Well, if we talk about other ways, then there are some other options also available through which you can keep track of your child's activities. But yes, they are not much effective and easy to operate.

Way 1: WhatsApp Web

You can use WhatsApp Web to track the activities of the targeted device. For this, you need to scan the QR code from Web.whatsapp.com on your computer using the target device. This will certainly help you to keep a track of the activities of the targeted device. But the problem is, soon as the owner of the target device tries to link their device to their PC, they will find out that the WhatsApp Web is logged on to other PC. And hence, the session will be terminated then or worst, you may get caught too.

Step 1: First, get to "web.whatsapp.com" on your PC to fetch the QR code.

famiguard for whatsapp login

Step 2: Then get hold of the target device, and hit on 3 vertical dots on top right. Then tap on Linked Devices followed by Link a Device and then scan the QR code on your PC screen. That's it.

link device

Way 2: AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker

Airdroid is one of the popular Whatsapp message trackers available in the market. You have to register to Airdroid and then install the app to the target device. This exactly is not a silent process and also the user will be aware of the existence of a monitoring device.

Step 1: Install and launch the Airdroid Parental Control app on your device. Now, create an account and opt for a plan.

sign up parental control

Step 2: Now, install and launch Airdroid Kids app on the target device. Then, you need to perform necessary configuration and once, you're done. You’ll have the pairing code that you can enter in your device to bind the target device with your Parental Control monitoring app.

whatsapp tracker airdroid kids

FAQ: Hot Questions Related to Track WhatsApp Messages

1. Is It Legal to Track WhatsApp Messages

The definition of individual privacy is different in the different parts of the world. In European nations high importance is given to personal privacy and in even protected legally. While at the same time, there are other parts of the world where laws are not that very strict.

2. Can I See Someone Else WhatsApp Messages?

Yes, by using any of the three tracking methods shown above, you can see someone else WhatsApp message. Often, it can be seen on your PC or another mobile device.


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