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How to Know If Someone Is Online on Instagram in 2024?

Learn how to know if someone is online on Instagram. This article will show you how to know if someone is currently logged in, or if they recently logged on.

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7 Dangers of Social Media for Teens and How to Prevent [Updated 2024]

The dangers of social media for teens are different and difficult to deal with. Here, we have a list of dangers they may face and methods to prevent them.

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How to Block Online Games for Child's Better Studying

Want your kids to focus on their studies rather than game playing? Click this post to get solutions to block online games on your kid's phone!

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Be Addicted to Facebook? 5 Ways to Help in Facebook Time Limiting

Want to minimize Facebook addiction by using Facebook limiter apps? Read this article and learn about the best apps to limit Facebook time.

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[Updated 2024] How to Screenshot on Samsung a32

8 Ways to Screenshot on Samsung A32: in-depth explanation on how to screenshot on Samsung A32 (accompanied with pictures)

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4 Methods: How to Track Someone on Google Maps without Them knowing

Do you want to know how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing and utilizing the free and 100% authentic methods? Read on.

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Top 8 Child Protection Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe [Updated 2024]

A child protection app is used for a child’s safety, which is capable of location tracking and content filtering. Here are the best 8 kids protection apps.

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6 App Limiters You Can Not Miss in 2024

6 App Limiters - 1. FamiGuard · 2. ESET Parental Control · 3. Net Nanny · 4. Screen Time · 5. Ourpact · 6. Surfie

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7 Time Lock Apps to Curb Screen Addiction [Updated 2024]

Time lock apps work great in curbing screen addiction. In this article, we have made a list of our top picks for a good screen time app. Check it out now!

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10 Best Free & Paid Screen Time Tracker Apps for 2024

Confused about choosing which screen tracker app? Here are the best 10 screen time tracker apps in 20242 for you, both free and paid apps are mentioned.

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