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Updated: May 13, 2024 02:25 pm

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There are various situations where you might need to record phone calls on an iPhone without them knowing. While this might sound like an invasion of privacy, sometimes it's a necessary action to ensure safety or maintain records.

Before starting a call recording, you should always make sure that you comply with the laws in your region. We'll look at several hidden methods to record phone calls on your iPhone in this detailed tutorial, both with and without third-party apps. Now let's get started!

Record Calls on iPhone cover

Part 1: Why Do People Want to Record Calls?

Before we introduce the methods, let's first understand why someone would want to record phone calls. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Legal Purposes: Recorded phone calls can serve as substantial evidence in legal scenarios. They can support your claims and provide proof of any misconduct.
  2. Personal Safety: If you suspect someone of misbehavior, threats, or any inappropriate behavior, recording calls can serve as evidence.
  3. Record Keeping: We often forget details from long conversations. Having a recorded copy of the call can help in recalling important points or instructions.
  4. Parental Control: Keeping track of children's conversations allows parents to review the content of their children's calls to ensure their safety and well-being. This helps parents identify potential issues or risks and take appropriate action to protect their children from harm.

Part 2: How to Record Calls on iPhone Without an App

There are ways to record calls on an iPhone without using an app. You can record calls on an iPhone without an app through the screen record feature. The only catch is that the call is saved as a video recording instead of audio. Here's a simple way:

record calls on iphone

Step 1. Once you are on call, swipe down on your screen to access the Control Center.

Step 2. Find the record button and press and hold onto it. A new window will appear where you’re supposed to turn the mic on.

Step 3. Press the 'start recording' button to start recording your call. Once you’re done, press the icon again to stop recording.

The recording is saved in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Part 3: How to Record Calls on iPhone with Call Recorder Apps

Several third-party applications assist in recording phone calls on an iPhone. They're easy to use and usually provide high-quality recording options. Let's look at a few popular ones:

1. Try Voice Memos App

      Memos App

Voice memos is a default app on your iPhone and iPad. This software is free and you can record phone calls without a third-party app. But this method requires you to have the other Phone to do the callings, iPhone is responsible for recording.

How to record iPhone calls by Voice Memos:

Step 1. Use your other device to make a phone call, and run the Voice Memos on iPhone.

Step 2. Tap the Record button. And remember to put the other phone on speaker, turn up volume and near the iPhone.

Step 3. Once the call is over, tap the Done button. Then the recording of this call has finished. You can check it anytime in the Voice Memos.

2. Use Rev Call Recorder

Use Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is an excellent app that ensures high-quality recording of both incoming and outgoing calls.

How to record iPhone calls by Rev Call Recorder:

Step 1. Open the app and start the recording.

Step 2. When you’re about to make a call or receive one, open the app and press Record.

Step 3. Merge the call to the Rev Call Recorder servers.

Step 4. Press the stop button to end recording when the call is over.

Part 4: How to Remotely View Call Logs on iPhone Without Knowing

If you need to view calls history remotely on an iPhone without the owner knowing, you can use a special phone monitor app like Famiguard Pro. This app allows you to monitor all phone activities on a target device, including calls. With Famiguard Pro, you can get detailed information on Call logs like name, phone number, date, call type (outgoing or incoming), and it will auto-sync to the online cloud when in a Wi-Fi environment.

    monitoring call logs famiguard pro

How to remotely record calls without knowing by Famiguard Pro:

Step 1. Go to the Famiguard Pro website and create an account with your email. Choose a suitable subscription plan for all advanced monitoring features.

Step 2. There are two ways to download and install Famiguard Pro, one is downloading app by yourself or connecting the device to computer with USB. This is the detailed guide to install Famiguard Pro on iPhone.

download and install
      Famiguard Pro

Step 3. After successful installation, start monitoring. Go to the Key Features on the platform and move toward the section that says Calls. It will automatically show you the call log and you can check record calls and app calls in Live Recording.

          monitoring call logs famiguard pro

Part 5: Location of the Call Recordings on iPhone

The location of the call recordings depends on the method you've used for recording the calls.

  • If you used a call recording app, the recorded files would generally be stored within the app itself.
  • If you used the screen recording feature, the recording would be saved in your Photos app.


Recording phone calls on an iPhone without knowing can be a tricky task, but it's quite feasible with the right tools and methods. Always remember to abide by the laws in your region before proceeding with call recording. Whether you choose to use an app or go the app-free route, these methods can help ensure that you have a record of your phone conversations when needed.

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