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Updated: Apr 15, 2024 09:51 am

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After a long day, indulging in a popular TV series or watching a sports match live will be a welcome relief. A lively setting for such pleasurable retreats is available on movie websites. However, the hefty prices of authorized networks tempt many consumers to go for illicit alternatives. In 2023, there were 141 billion visits to illegal movie websites, equating to almost 386 million views daily. That figure represents a 13% growth from 2019. (Data Source: MUSO)

These illicit movie websites are dangerous despite being free to view. This page will discuss the top 10 free illegal movie websites, the potential hazards for children, and how to deal with this issue. Your children are continually exposed to various content, including some that are unlawful, in today's dynamic online world. You can effectively monitor and remain updated on your children's internet activity with the help of a parental control tool like FamiGuard Pro.

Part 1: Top 10 Free Illegal Movie Websites

Movies, Live shows, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment can be illegally downloaded through specific streaming sites. The owners of the content do not know or approve of the distribution of the pirated material that is offered on these sites. Malware and viruses are common because the files aren't the same as those you'd legitimately get from a paid streaming service.

Illegal movie websites that don't charge a dime let customers watch exclusive content, including live soccer events, movies, and TV episodes, via peer-to-peer technology or by using robust search engines. It would help to avoid some of the most popular illegal movie and sports sites.

1. 123Movies

Based in Vietnam, the website lets people watch and download popular TV shows and movies without requiring them to create an account. One of the world's most famous free illegal movie websites, 123Movies (also known as GoStream, 123Movieshub, Memovies, or GoMovies), was permanently shut down in 2018. You should be aware that there are still some mirror clone sites out there, such as, and that using them could put your data in danger owing to harmful advertisements and malware. Film quality options on 123Movies ranged from HD to Blu-ray to HD-RIP to camera-ready. Openload, Streamango, and MyCloud were among the video hosts and players it utilized.

123Movies Website

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2. The Pirate Bay

You can find digital entertainment media and software content in The Pirate Bay, frequently shortened to TPB. The Pirate Bay was built in 2003 by the intellectual group Piratbyrån. Users can utilize the platform to search, download, and contribute magnet links and torrent files. These files allow users of the BitTorrent protocol to share files. A platform for political efforts against established intellectual property laws and a prominent character in an anti-copyright movement, The Pirate Bay has created issues and discussions regarding the legal elements of file sharing, copyright, and civil liberties.

    Pirate Bay Website

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3. FlixTor

Flixtor is only one of many sites that lets people download exclusive TV episodes and movies and gives them unauthorized access. A premium plan that removes ads is available on this platform. Your safety is not guaranteed on Flixtor because of the intrusive adverts. Plus, it's an unlicensed streaming service, meaning watching content on it could risk your device's security and personal information.


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4. MoviesJoy

Another illegal streaming platform that lets viewers watch premium TV series and movies for free is Moviesjoy. The site is accessible from many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and China; it does not require registration and does not contain annoying advertisements. Using the site may have legal ramifications because of illegal movie downloads despite its user-friendly design. As the secret owner information suggests, visiting the site may pose more risks than you think.

Movies Joy

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5. Roja Directa

Live soccer matches are the main focus of Roja Directa, a Spanish-based illicit sports streaming site that has been around for over 17 years. English, Arabic, French, and Spanish are just a few of the languages it supports, and it even has an app for Android users to watch live matches for free. Users can access live sports without signing up, and the site has been tested to be free of malware, harmful advertisements, and phishing links. Rumour has it that many live games on this site are broadcast without the proper authorization, even though they look natural.

    Directa Website

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6. Vumoo

The website Vumoo lets people watch movies and TV shows online without downloading anything or making an account. A search box and a list of genres make it easy to locate the content you're looking for on this straightforward and easy-to-navigate website. Popularity, release date, and quality are other ways to peruse the content. Vumoo boasts a collection of over 60,000 movies and TV series, from new releases to old favourites. A wide variety of genres are available, including but not limited to action, comedy, drama, documentary, romance, science fiction, thriller, and more.


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7. Yes!Movies

On this site, you can view many new movies and TV series in 480P to 1080P and even 4K resolution. In addition, the details of each piece of information are seen when you click on it. Everything from the country to the director to the cast to a brief film or TV show summary is there. You can also sort the content on the site by genre, such as fantasy, crime, action, animation, and more, in addition to the most recent films and television series.

Yes!Movies Website

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8. Tubi

Tubi is where you can watch many free movies and TV shows online. While you might have to pay to rent specific stuff, you can get a lot of it for free. Check out what's hot right now with viewers in the "Trending Now" category for some ideas. "Only Free on Tubi," "Foreign Films," "Black Cinema," "Movie Night," and many more genres and collections are available on Tubi. Surprisingly, Tubi does not necessitate the creation of accounts from users, rendering it an easy option for instant viewing. Click the link, choose the stuff you want to watch, and you won't need to sign up.


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9. Soap2Day

With its fantastic features, Soap2Day, an up-and-coming competitor in the online streaming sector, presents an appealing alternative to Vumoo. A wide variety of web browsers are compatible with the streaming platform. Whether using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge - Soap2Day will work flawlessly in every browser. This compatibility allows you to watch HD videos without experiencing browser-specific problems. Plus, with their free movie and TV show selection, Soap2Day accommodates many tastes.


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10. GoMovies

GoMovies provides a distinct cinematic experience enhanced by a suite of features that appeal to a wide range of viewer tastes. The incredible movie library of Gomovies allows users to experience international cinema without leaving their couches, featuring films from Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, and many more nations. In addition, you may enjoy streaming in resolutions ranging from 720P to 1080P, which will provide you with stunning images and a fully immersive experience. Gomovies caters to fans of episodic programming with a range of TV episodes and its extensive movie library.


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Part 2: Potential Risks of Illegal Movie Websites

Illegal streaming sites are the sites that stream copyrighted content without the owner's permission. Movies, reality shows, music, and other media that typically cost money are accessible on these sites. Keep in mind that your teens run the risk of being exposed to the following dangers if they use free illegal movie websites:

  • Breaking The Law: If anything is downloaded on your child's phone or through your home Wi-Fi network, you will be held responsible according to the law. Studio, network, and other copyright holders may send cease and desist letters to your home. Future legislation and technological developments will likely target stolen media more severely.
  • Inappropriate Content: Illegal streaming services frequently have lax regulations, if any, for inappropriate content. However, your child may see mature or violent content that is inappropriate for their age.
  • Download Viruses: Malware and trojans, often included in illegally obtained files, can grant thieves access to your network. This implies that they may gain access to your financial details, observe your web habits, or even hijack your child's electronic devices.
  • Suspicious Advertisements: In addition to spyware, deceptive adverts may be displayed on unlicensed movie websites. Even adults can fall for the presented content and end up on malicious websites; this is a significant concern.
  • Disrespect Creators: When popular movies and music are illegally downloaded, the hard effort that goes into making them is frequently overlooked. Many grown-ups resort to illegal downloading because they hate to pay, but it's a double-edged sword: the creators of these products don't get their due. Installing admiration for artists of all ages in young minds is critical.

You can tell that it does more damage than good. Protect your youngster from questionable streaming channels and instil an appreciation for copyrighted work. On the other hand, a parental control app can be downloaded and used to restrict access to specific websites or install content filters on your child's device.

Part 3: How to Protect Children From These Illegal Websites?

There are no age limits on many free illegal movie websites, particularly those focusing on sports. If your children are already frequenting such sites, you can protect them from access to pirated content by following these steps. However, before anything else, you need to figure out how to identify such websites.

Parental anxiety over children's access to pirated content is on the rise due to the prevalence of free illegal movie websites. In addition to the disturbing amount of pornographic content that is prevalent on these platforms, the ease of access to these sites puts youngsters at risk of significant legal consequences. You can do the following to protect children from accessing pirated movies online.

How to Protect Child From
    Illegal Movie Websites

Talk With Your Child

Engage in conversation with your child by beginning to ask them questions. Find out what a streaming service is and question your child if you see them using it or if you're unfamiliar with it. Inquire about the streaming service your child is utilizing if you notice them enjoying media. Contemporary parents know how important it is to keep lines of communication open.

Browse Legal Movie Websites

One more thing you can do to keep your children safe when using the internet is to ensure they only utilize legal movie-streaming websites and services. Unlike unlawful streaming sites, servers hosting legitimate streaming services adhere to strict restrictions and security protocols, making it impossible for hackers and other cybercriminals to harm, defraud, or steal your children's information.

Limit Your Child's Access to These Websites

Using a parental control tool like FamiGuard Pro can be a practical way to protect your child from accessing illegal movie websites. You can block the content, set a filter for this website, or even enable real-time alerts when your child watches these sites. To keep an eye on what your child does online, FamiGuard Pro offers several valuable features:



Block Apps/Websites

This tool prevents your child from using improper apps or encountering inappropriate content. It also lets you set time limits for some apps. When the time restriction is reached, the software is blocked.

Content Filter

Limits access to improper web content. FamiGuard's content filtering technology is highly effective and works with all browsers, assuring your child's internet safety and security. It efficiently blocks pornographic, drug-related, gambling, violent, and other sites. It offers over 30 categories for you.

Online Activity Report

Parents can view daily app activity. This covers the apps utilized and the time your child spends with them. It also indicates whether apps have been newly installed or uninstalled.

Browser History

It allows you to see what your children are surfing. Browser history tracking is especially significant in this new era of the internet, and know your child's whether to watch illegal movies or not.

block web famiguard pro

FamiGuard Pro has dependable features, including screen time monitoring, location tracking and geofencing, app usage monitoring, web content monitoring, content filtering, etc. Its comprehensive features enable parents to provide a safe digital environment for their children and create a sense of security for the family.

Part 4: How to Recognize Illegal Movie Websites?

Even though they don't appear to be doing any harm, certain free streaming services do break the law. There are a lot of illegal streaming platforms out there that take advantage of people's desire to watch premium content for free. They start providing unique stuff for free because of this. Be aware that it is against the law to visit any website that promises you access to premium content at no cost.

Illegal streaming services typically compress videos to make them stream faster, which results in poor-quality videos. Furthermore, some platforms need more resources to provide high-quality content and might put a premium on speed rather than video quality when uploading.

Frequent advertising is another telltale sign of unauthorized streaming platforms. Since most of these sites generate very little money via subscriptions, these ads are an excellent opportunity for them to make some extra cash. Streaming services that aren't legal may send you to other websites for various reasons. Making more money with affiliate marketing is a typical goal.


The entertainment sector takes a severe hit when people use unauthorized movie websites, no matter how appealing they seem. Take quick action to delete any of these programs from your child's device. Be aware that these kinds of apps and websites are in perpetual flux, with some disappearing and others appearing. When it comes to monitoring your child's internet activity and blocking inappropriate content, using a parental control tool, FamiGuard Pro is an excellent tool.

famiguard pro

Famiguard Pro Other Amazing Features

  • Track cell phone location in real time and view location history

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS

  • Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more

  • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.


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