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Updated: Sep 16, 2022 10:58 am

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Technology has made it easier to hide things, lie and keep secrets. From disappearing messages to archives, hiding things is not an issue! However, technology also provides efficient methods to retrieve those deleted messages. Backups and retrieving software have our backs! Here’s how you can recover your boyfriend’s deleted messages without being traced.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

Telegram is known to be a cloud-based instant messaging platform and thus also enables its users to recover deleted messages through various methods.

1.1 Use Telegram Desktop to Recover Deleted Telegram

Step 1: Download the Telegram Desktop version on your computer and log in to your targeted account. The application will then redirect you to the dashboard, where you can click on the three lines icon at the top to open a menu screen.

recover deleted telegram messages

Step 2: From your given menu, click on ‘Settings’ and pick the advanced option. You can then go to the Data and Storage section and select Export Telegram Data to retrieve deleted data.

recover deleted telegram messages

Step 3: Choose the deleted messages that you want to recover and export. Select the options and click the export button. Telegram however recovers and exports data within 24 hours for security reasons and notifies all devices about the requested recovery. You can then request your data recovery again after 24 hours. Confirm this request by clicking on ‘Allow’.

recover deleted telegram messages

Step 4: After clicking ‘Allow’ you will receive a confirmation message stating that your request has been accepted. 24 hours later open the application again, go to Export Telegram Data and tap on the Export button. The application will initiate the exporting process after which you can click ‘Show My Data’ to view deleted chats in the export_results.html file

recover deleted telegram messages

1.2 Use the Android Cache Folder

You can retrieve deleted messages on an Android device through the following steps:

Step 1. Access the file manager application on your targeted device

Step 2. Go to Android, click on data, and then on org. Telegram. Messenger, you can then access the cache folder.

Step 3. You can then view the content and even copy it to another folder on the device

recover deleted telegram messages

1.3 Restore a Backup on iOS

There may be two options available for this: backing up data using iCloud or through iTunes.

1.3.1 To restore an iCloud backup on your iOS device:

Step 1. Access the general settings on your phone

Step 2. Click Reset and Erase all previous content and settings

Step 3. Set up your device from scratch

Step 4. You can then tap on Restore from iCloud Backup

recover deleted telegram messages

1.3.2 To restore an iTunes backup:

The initial steps are similar to those for iCloud, after which you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect your device to a desktop through a USB cable

Step 2. Launch iTunes and, click on the device, tap summary on the left.

Step 3. Click on Restore Backup to restore the iTunes backup and wait for the process to complete.

However, this method not only takes a lot of time, but your boyfriend can also view the messages you’ve recovered.

Method2: View Deleted Messages on My Boyfriend's Telegram Without Recovering It (Monitoring solution)

If you want to check your boyfriend's telegram for a long time without being found by him, then I recommend you to use a very good monitoring software - Famiguard Pro for Android

2.1 What is Famiguard Pro for Android (Features & Functions)

Famiguard Pro for Android is an application that lets you remotely monitor and control activities on a particular device. This includes viewing messages and tracking activities and location. This All-in-One Android tracking application enables users to monitor more than 30 applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. and ensures that you can monitor devices without being traced.

famiguard pro for android

  • Monitor more than 30 applications through a single App.

    FamiGuard Pro for Android enables you to monitor several apps and their activities remotely. The applications include Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, etc.

  • Tracing location and pace

    The application has a built-in GPS and tracking system that enables users to track the location of targeted devices in real-time. Along with tracking location, you can even track their pace and view location history or set up Geo-Fence to get notifications when they are nearby.

  • View files and data at any time

    Forget about sneaking around and waiting! FamiGuard Pro enables you to access any file or data at any time. The data includes conversations, call logs, pictures, and browser history.

  • You can now remotely control devices:

    FamiGuard Pro for Android enables you to monitor devices in incognito mode and control them as you want. This includes recording phone calls, taking pictures, capturing screens, and tracking activities. The real-time recorder records both ends of a phone call and lets you hear the entire conversation remotely. It also allows you to view and capture screens and save them. Users can also secretly turn on the camera of their targeted device and take pictures.

Monitor NowView Demo


  • Real-Time Syncing Data: You can sync and monitor data in real-time using Wifi or other connections.

  • Easy to set up: The application is quick and easy to set up and can be installed and set up in less than 5 minutes.

  • Track without being traced: The application's icon is invisible on the home screen, which lets you track and monitor devices without being traced.

  • Protects Privacy and data: The data collected is encrypted and safe to use, ensuring the user's privacy.

  • Supports various data types: You can track and monitor several data according to your needs.

  • It offers a competitive price: The application can be purchased at a price as low as $0.27 a day.

  • Supports multiple languages: It serves the needs of users worldwide and supports multiple languages.

  • Reliable Customer Support: FamiGuard Pro for Anroid provides 24/7 support for its users in case of any queries or issues.

2.2 How to Use Famiguard Pro for Android to see deleted messages on your boyfriend's Instagram

You can now monitor and see your boyfriend’s deleted messages in less than 5 minutes and remotely control his device. Here’s how:

Step 1: Sign Up and Buy a Plan

Sign up for the application through a valid email address as the first step, and choose a plan that suits you best! Buy that plan and activate the application. You will then receive a link to download the application to your device.

Monitor NowView Demo

Step 2: Install FamiGuard Pro on the targeted Device

The application can easily be installed through the link by following the provided instructions. You will be directed to the website to review and edit your purchased plan. Follow the Setup Guide to complete setting up your application.

famiguard pro for android

Step 3: Monitor Remotely

After setting up, you can monitor your targeted device through the web dashboard control panel. However, sign in to your account on the website to view and monitor your targeted device. 


Infidelity increases by the day; in such situations, it may not be so wrong to protect yourself and keep an eye out. Thus technology may provide users with avid solutions to such needs. Backups and software such as Famiguard Pro for Android may be your key to erasing those doubts and insecurities. Such software makes it easier for people to track and monitor the activities of their loved ones and to protect them as well.

Monitor NowView Demo


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