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Updated: Dec 05, 2022 02:12 pm

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Want to confirm your child’s whereabouts after school? Want to ensure your girlfriend's safety on her way home from a movie? If you want to do this, you need to track their location! Since cell phones have become a widely used communication tool, tracking location by phone number is very convenient! In this post, I will show you several methods to help you track someone's location with phone number! Let's move on.

track someone phone with phone number

Solution 1 - Use FamiGuard Pro for Android

FamiGuard is a powerful piece of software that accurately allows you to find someone's location with phone number information. It is an all-in-one solution to monitoring your family members when they are at school, on a trip, at work, out for lunch, or anything else. Better yet, you can also create parental controls, so you are protecting them from unwanted apps and websites while they are out and about on their own. You can click the button below to try the free version of this app!

famiguard pro for android


famiguard pro for android

Amazing Features of FamiGuard Pro for Android

  • Track activity on more than 30 apps to keep your loved ones safe.

  • Remotely monitor an Android device, including their exact GPS location.

  • Easy to use system that does not require root access.

  • View location history and set up geo-fencing, which is highly useful for teenagers.

Solution 2 - NumberGuru

This is like reverse engineering a phone number. It traces who is attached to a phone number and lets you see where the number is located. This could include information like the owner’s age, name, address, and social media profiles. This is a great alternative to track number for free because of all the details it provides.



Avoid telemarketers and scammers by tracing their information.

Easily track where phone calls are originating from.

Helps you get critical contact information for debt collectors who are harassing you.

Solution 3 - Free Phone Tracer

An online resource recognized as safe by leading anti-virus companies like McAfee. All you do is enter in the phone number that called you, and you will get the relevant contact information from their account.

free phone tracer


Stay in touch with old friends that are reaching out for the first time.

Track down the location data of missed calls, pranks, and collectors.

Look up information on unknown cell phone numbers that keep calling.

Solution 4 - Mobile Number Locator

Quick and easy mobile application that helps you locate number free without taking up too many device recourses. You can track the caller's location by city operator and location state name. The operator of the phone call will be displayed in an easy-to-view map so you can visit their location.

mobile number locator


Allows you to track any phone number from any country in the world.

View the details of contacts, including their name, GPS location, business data, etc.

Easily screen calls from numbers you do not recognize and then look up their information later on.

Solution 5 - Online GPS Phone Tracker

An easy-to-use website and application that allows you to find someone location with phone number search features. It will ask you to fill out a survey at the end for when it track number for free. You need to be careful it won’t send you to a phishing site afterwards.

online gps phone tracker


Tracks both cell and landline phone numbers.

Works with global numbers from any country.

Easy to access system that can be used from any device.

Solution 6 - Mobile Number Tracker Pro

This is a real-time SIM tracker that does not have the ads of its free version. It enables you to learn how to track someone’s location using nothing more than their phone number. You can easily track your friends and family utilizing a map interface so you know they are safe.

mobile number locator pro


Works in both Android and iOS ecosystems.

Easy to use interface with notification widgets for when there is an update.

Interactive map for tracking target’s movement.

Finding the Best Solution for How to Track Someone’s Location

While all of these solutions can offer you excellent tracking information, including locate number for free options. We suggest sticking with FamiGuard Pro for Android. This is a more reliable solution because it is built by a professional team and has the user interface and control features that make it a great companion application for parents.

If you just want to quickly track down a phone number that keeps calling that you cannot identify, then any of these options will do. However, if you want a more controllable application that can help improve your family’s sense of safety and communication, go with the expert software application by FamiGuard.


We live in a fast-paced digital world where it is challenging to keep track of everyone’s movement in your family. Having the peace of mind from a robust application like FamiGuard Pro for Android ensures you can quickly find someone location with phone number data and go to bed knowing they are safe. There are many options available also, but we still recommended FamiGuard as your first choice.


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