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Updated: Jan 29, 2023 04:29 pm

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Talking about the phone's safety, have you improved your phone's security? You see, during this day and age, people are getting more alarmed since there are so many numbers of cyber attack cases that happen daily. Your phone type doesn't matter. Whether it's an Android or iPhone, there's always a risk that your phone will be hacked. Hackers are getting smarter, using all kinds of tools and techniques to trick unaware individuals. So, how to know if your phone is hacked?

Actually, the most common method for hackers is by putting malware inside your device. When you download suspicious apps from third-party websites or emails, hacking behavior is happening! If you want to know how to detect any malicious hacking acts on your device, you can see some of them in the article, along with the solutions you may apply.

Part One: 7 Signs Your Phone Is Being Hacked

Hackers usually work smartly and discreetly. That way, they can't get noticed easily while doing so. When malware is planted in your phone, you, as a user, won't know if the app has already been installed.

This kind of app usually slips under the system security and starts "stealing" your personal data from the inside. Since the app is always working, you should notice something wrong with your phone. So, here's how to know if your iPhone is hacked:

1. Unknown Outgoing Calls and Messages

So, how to tell if your iPhone is hacked? One of the common signs is suspicious calls. Now and then, you'll start getting calls from suspicious numbers (mostly scammers) who ask for your personal accounts. Of course, you don't need to tell them anything.

unknown calls

Aside from the calls, you'll also be getting messages from unknown numbers. This means that your number has been spread out by hackers. Potentially, your number has been sold by them to marketers who want to promote their ads freely and directly to you.

iphone unknown messages

2. High Mobile Data Usage

How do I know if my phone is being hacked? Another sign is that when you start noticing an abnormal use of mobile data. To check the mobile data usage, you can go to your phone Settings. After accessing the mobile data tab, then scroll down until you can see the data usage option. You may find something like this:

cellular data usage

If you notice that your mobile data has been increasing a lot lately, and it happens so suddenly, it might be an indicator that your phone has been hacked. However, you need to take a deeper look into this by scanning your device with an antivirus.

3. Fast Draining of Battery

fast draining of battery

Aside from the mobile data, you may also start noticing that your battery runs much faster than usual. If you notice that your phone runs out more quickly, that’s how to tell if iPhone is hacked. You can also check the apps that are running in the background. If you notice a strange app there, remove it immediately.

4. Unrecognized Apps

This often happens if you tend to download apps from third-party sources. You see, not all websites are great in terms of security. Some websites are legitimate, while others are full of scams. So before you download anything from them, make sure that the website is actually reputable and safe to access.

5. Uninvited Pop-ups

If you notice that your phone displays more pop-up ads that tend to be too intrusive, it's also one of the common signs your phone is hacked. When the intensity of the ads grows stronger, that's when you know something is definitely wrong.

6. Frequent Phone Crash

If you start asking yourself, "is my iPhone hacked?" at this point, you should have an idea. Another sign that might appear if your phone is hacked is the frequent phone crash. If it happens so suddenly, then it should be clear that there’s something wrong with your phone.

7. Unwanted Ads and Apps

unwanted ads and apps

Again, if you notice these two start appearing on your phone, then it might be the best time to clean your phone more properly finally. Clean it thoroughly, and make sure that nothing suspicious is left inside.

Part Two: What Should You Do If Your Phone Is Hacked?

If you can actually find the signs, there's no need to panic. There are some solutions that you can apply immediately, such as:

1. Don't Use Public Wi-Fi

The public wi-fi is a red flag in the first place. So, if there's no need to use the internet immediately, avoid using a public wi-fi connection at all times. It’s much better if you have mobile data instead.

2. Uninstall Suspicious Apps immediately

Start removing the apps that you feel you have never installed before. These apps could be the main culprit of your phone problems.

3. Reset Your Phone

After the cleaning process is done, you can continue by resetting the phone. By resetting, your phone will turn into the default version, which means that all apps and files stored within will be removed. So, make sure to do a backup before doing so.

4. Change Your Passwords and Enable 2FA

After your phone is on, now it’s time to make more protection for your accounts. Start by enabling the 2FA function. If your mobile banking apps have that, enable it immediately. Safety features like this will make sure that your account will always be protected no matter what.

5. Clear Your Browsing History, Cache and Downloads

Aside from cleaning the system, you can also clean the search engine you commonly use. By doing this, all the history, bookmarks, and auto-fill info will be deleted. But don't worry; you can re-add them again later on.

FAQ: Hot Questions about How to  Know If Your Phone is Hacked?

Q1: Can a Hacker See What I do on My Phone?

Yes, the apps they created are mostly for stealing and monitoring. They will monitor your typings and even your activity using the phone's camera.

Q2: Can I Unhack my phone?

Of course! And you can do it by following the methods above.

Q3: What is the number to check if your phone is hacked?

There are some codes you can do to track the phone’s security, but the most common one is *#21#.

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