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Updated: Nov 02, 2022 04:00 pm

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WhatsApp Last Online Checker: Check the Last Time Your Contacts Were Online

Do you want to know when your contacts were last online on WhatsApp? Have you ever been regretful for missing out your contacts' online time? So, how to solve these problems? Actually, you can turn to some effective third-party tools, which are generally called WhatsApp Last Online Checker.

WhatsApp Last Online Checker apps are tools, which use information from WhatsApp to track friends' activities. With WhatsApp Last Online Checker apps, you can be notified immediately when someone is active and know their online history. It's a great way to keep track of your friends or family, and see when they're most active on WhatsApp. Here, in this article, we will recommend 4 effective WhatsApp Last Online Checker apps and a bonus app to help you get around the last online time problem on WhatsApp.

1. Chatwatch

The first one is Chatwatch. It is a professional tracker for WhatsApp, which can help you monitor the WhatsApp activity of your friends, family members, coworkers and spouses.

introduction of chatwatch

Main Features:

  • Notifications: Get notified when anyone of your friends gets online on WhatsApp!

  • Online History: Scroll through a comprehensive timeline to track last seen on Whatsapp and see exactly when they were online at any given time.

  • Chat Probability: To predict the probability of two of your contacts chatting with each other.

  • Insights: Offer prediction on what time your contacts go to bed and When they wake up?

Now, this tool is available for a 3-day free trial, and it is more powerful among these WhatsApp Last Online Checker apps. So if you want to keep track of your contacts' online activity, then be sure to try this app.


The second one is LastSeen, which is also an outstanding one among these WhatsApp Last Online Checker. Apart from the general real-time online or offline notification, it can show you the hidden last seen status even if the last-seen status is turned off. More importantly, it can track an unlimited amount of accounts at once. So, if there are many people you want to track or monitor, this app is the right one for you!

introduction of lastseen

Main Features:

  • See hidden last seen status: You can track a number's activity even if the last-seen status is turned off.

  • Online/offline notifications in real-time: You will be instantly notified every time a chosen contact becomes online/offline in real-time.

  • Check multiple WhatsApp accounts at once: You can add as many WhatsApp numbers as you want and switch between them easily.

  • Insights: Offer prediction on what time your contacts go to bed and When they wake up?

Similarly, this tool is available for 3-day free trial. So if you want to know and monitor your contacts' online activity, then be sure to try this app.

3. Whatsapp Spy Pro

The third recommended tool is Whatsapp Spy Pro. It's a little more advanced than the first one, but it has some really cool features. For example, it can take a screenshot of your contact's WhatsApp conversation, and it can also record their WhatsApp calls. So if you're looking for a more advanced tool, then this is the one for you.

More Features:

  • Take a screenshot of your contact's WhatsApp conversation.

  • Record WhatsApp calls.

  • Get notified when a contact comes online.

  • Check multiple WhatsApp accounts at once.

The tools are available for free, and they're really easy to use. So if you want to keep track of your contacts' online activity, then be sure to check out these tools.


This time tracker can monitor your contacts' activities in WhatsApp and present these data in a handy clock view. With this app, you can receive notifications when your contacts are online and also know the last 30 days’ statistic in charts. Generally speaking, WaStat is also a useful and effective WhatsApp Last Online Checker, which is easy to use.

introduction of wastat

Main Features:

  • Show online last seen time.

  • Display all time intervals in a handy clock view.

  • Collect and analyze online stats for the last 30 days.

  • Send you notifications as soon as your contact is online.

Bonus App: Track and Monitor Whole WhatsApp Activities

There is no doubt that these four WhatsApp last online checker apps are so effective. All of them can immediately send you notifications of your contacts' last online time. However, besides the last online time, is there anything you also cares about on your contacts' WhatsApp? Such as who is he chatting with and what is the content of their chatting, who makes calls to him and the content of these calls, what does he say on his WhatsApp status and so on. If you have requirements beyond viewing his last online time, you can try FamiGuard for WhatsApp, which is an all-round WhatsApp monitoring app.

introduction of famiguard for whatsapp

Main Features:

  • Read WhatsApp Chats: Exchanged WhatsApp messages can be viewed, including deleted messages.

  • Check WhatsApp Call Logs: A list of call logs will show exactly call types, when, for how long and who the target device has taken a call with.

  • Record WhatsApp Calls: Remotely monitor all voice and video calls, and the program will record and replay them for you.

  • View WhatsApp status: Quotes, photos, videos(thumbnails) uploaded to WhatsApp status can be checked, incluidng deleted and expired ones.

  • Access WhatsApp Multimedia Files: All types of media files supported in WhatsApp can be previewed online and then downloaded.

  • Take WhatsApp Screenshots Automatically: Screenshots of the target phone screen will be taken once WhatsApp is in use.

All in all, FamiGuard for WhatsApp is a very effective WhatsApp monitoring app, which can monitor whole WhatsApp activities. Put another way, with all of this collected information, you can also conclude your contact's last online time on WhatsApp. Apart from that, it is fully compatible with all Android phones and works secretly in the background. Therefore, you have no concern about being detected.

How to Use FamiGuard for WhatsApp

Step 1. Register an Account and Choose Purchase Plan.

create an account famiguard for whatsapp

Step 2. Go to the website and Slide right to download FamiGuard for WhatsApp on the target Android.

download famiguard for whatsapp on the target device

Step 3. Install on Target Device and Finish Settings.

install famiguard for whatsapp and login

Step 4. Operate on Web Control Panel and Start Monitoring.

dashboard of famiguard for whatsapp

FAQ about WhatsApp Last Online Checker

Question: Why can't I see time on WhatsApp?

There are several situation in that you can't see contact's last online time on WhatsApp:

  • They have made their online status private.

  • You have made your own online status private

  • Your contacts may have blocked you

  • You may not be his WhatsApp friend at this moment

Question: How to turn off last seen on WhatsApp?

Go to your WhatsApp settings >> Tap the privacy >> Tap on last seen >> Choose the Nobody


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