Setup Guide for FamiGuard for WhatsApp

Check this 3-step guide to start monitoring WhatsApp on Android.

Before You Start

Monitor WhatsApp on Android in 3 Steps

Step 1: Register an Account and Choose Purchase Plan. More>>

Step 2: Install on Target Device and Finish Settings. More>>

Step 3: Operate on Web Control Panel and Start Monitoring. More>>

Video Tutorial: How to Install FamiGuard for WhatsApp

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Step 1Register an Account and Choose Purchase Plan.

Click on Sign Up button to register an account with a valid email address and set a password. Then you will need to choose a purchase plan based on your needs.

click setup button to create an account

Step 2Install on Target Device and Finish Settings.

You will need to get the target Android phone for 5 minutes to finish installing and settings. Follow the clear steps below:

click whatsapp setup guide and follow instructions

Below are the simple steps you need to follow:

2.1 Go to the website and Slide right to download FamiGuard for WhatsApp on the target Android. Once the download process finished, click OK and open the apk file from the browser downloading history or File Manager. It is suggested to delete the browsing history.

download famiguard pro on the target device

2.2 Install and open FamiGuard for WhatsApp, then you will need to sign into the account you registered in Step 1. Enter your child's basic information, enable all the permission the program requests and follow the detailed suggestions it shows. Click on Start Monitoring once you complete the figuration and the app icon will change into a WLAN icon.

install famiguard for whatsapp on android and login

Step 3Operate on Web Control Panel and Start Monitoring.

Now you can go back to setup guide page and click on Verify Setup. This will bind the target device to your FamiGuard account and take you to the web control pannel. Anytime you want to monitor WhatsApp activities, you can operate on the web dashboard.

whatsapp control panel

What can you do with the web control panel?

  • Read WhatsApp Chats: Exchanged WhatsApp messages can be viewed, including deleted messages.

  • Check WhatsApp Call Logs: A list of call logs will show exactly call types, when, for how long and who the target device has taken a call with.

  • Record WhatsApp Calls: Remotely monitor all voice and video calls, and the program will record and replay them for you.

  • View WhatsApp status: Quotes, photos, videos(thumbnails) uploaded to WhatsApp status can be checked, incluidng deleted and expired ones.

  • Access WhatsApp Multimedia Files: All types of media files supported in WhatsApp can be previewed online and then downloaded.

  • Take WhatsApp Screenshots Automatically: Screenshots of the target phone screen will be taken once WhatsApp is in use.