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So, are you wondering how to remove a hacker from my phone?

Hacking happens everywhere. No matter what kind of device you have, there's always a risk of it getting hacked. You see, hacking can happen to anybody. Whether they're kids or adults, as long as there's a chance and opportunities, hackers will always strike unexpectedly.

If you feel like your phone is getting hacked, then there's nothing much to do but treat it immediately. In this article, we'll explain some tips to make your phone safe and get further away from hackers.

Part 1: What can Hackers Do on Your Phone?

Before knowing how to remove a hacker from my iPhone, better if we understand their perspective first. Why do hackers hack anybody’s phone in the first place?

There are various reasons for this like obtaining the user’s personal data to be sold in the black market, stealing sensitive data to gain access to users’ personal accounts, and many others. Hackers not only attack the government but also the people in general. As we’ve previously stated, as long as there’s a chance to do it, hackers will engage in hacking.

Hackers want to hack your phone for various purposes, such as:

1. Check and Collect Your Phone files

Before learning how to remove a hacker from my phone number, we want to explain to you this one point. What hackers would do the first time they got into your phone is to obtain the files and personal data. And talking about the files, they can snatch any files stored in your phone, even the ones you set as hidden.

When they got these files, there's a chance that they will leak them to the internet, definitely ruining your privacy, security, and also reputation. Surely, information leaking like this is truly dangerous, especially for companies and government agencies. That’s why these big companies usually set more complex security measures to make sure that the hacking risks are put at a minimal level.

2. Track Your real-time location

While they get access to your phone, they will also try to track your location as well. The reason? To find your actual address, of course. When they know your actual locations, they can work with their tools to hack not only your phone but also the other peripherals in your home. Therefore, it’s easy for them to attack you from a psychological aspect.

When your actual location is known, the one who's at risk is not only you but also the other family members. That’s the main reason why leaking your number and address to the internet is definitely a bad idea.

3. Record Your Passwords

When the hackers get into your phone, they will likely put the keylogger apps as well. These apps work by recording any typing done on the phone and even especially focus on the times when you put in the credentials to log into your accounts.

The recorded typings will be sent directly to the hackers, gaining access to all of your accounts, which is pretty bad. Therefore, when you see and feel that your phone starts acting up, it's probably a good idea to reset and do the clean installation again. Resetting your phone will result in data loss, so better to back up your data before doing it.

4. Control Your Camera

They can access all parts of your phone, including the microphone and the camera. When they get access to your camera, they can basically look into you directly from the camera. You can’t notice whether the camera is recording or not, because it's operated no through the default way, but via hacking tools.

The hackers will basically be able to see all of your activities, including the private ones as long as the camera is facing you. Some people decided to put tape on their cameras, but that’s not actually a good idea to protect yourself. Instead, putting on some good antivirus may work better in fighting the hacking attempts.

Part 2: 6 Signs of a hacked iPhone

There are a few signs that your phone got hacked, such as:

1. Shortened battery life

shorten battery-life

So, how to remove a hacker from my phone code? Well, there are a few to get the job done. But first, let’s learn about the signs.

The first and probably the most noticeable is the battery drain. When your phone got hacked, the battery tends to drain way more quickly than usual.

2. High mobile data usage

high mobile data usage

When you don’t even use the phone that often, you can still see the amount of data usage. This is because the tools installed will always try to connect to the internet. So if you see unusually high data usage on your phone, it’s probably a clear sign.

3. Unfamiliar apps

weird apps

So, how to remove a hacker from my Samsung phone? By removing the unusual apps, of course.

If you start noticing some weird apps appearing, that can be an indicator that your phone got hacked.

4. Frequent pop-ups

The pop-up ads are indeed very annoying, and it’s even more intrusive when your phone got hacked. The ads will show up more often, and the frequency is definitely higher than before.

5. Slower speeds

poor performance

Hacked phones can also experience slowing in performance. It’s real bad to the point to make the phone barely usable.

6. Unwanted advertisements

If you start noticing some weird ads appearing on your phone, that might also be an indicator that your phone got hacked.

7. Unrecognized texts and emails.

phishing emails

People who got their phones hacked also reported that they received various texts and emails from unknown parties.

Part 3: How to remove Hackers from my iPhone

So, how to remove hackers from android? You can actually do some tips below:

1. Remove unfamiliar apps

First, remove all the suspicious apps installed on your phone. See the app list, and notice some that feel unfamiliar.

2. Review app permissions

Check the app permissions if a certain app demands absurd access over anything, then it's better to remove it for good.

3. Clear your cache

If you notice that the amount of app cache is too high, you can also clean it. Cleaning the app cache will make the app runs smoother as well.

4. Update the operating system

Then, how to remove a hacker from my phone free? By always updating your phone. Since an update often brings new security improvements, it's always a good idea to update your phone's OS.

5. Do a Factory reset

When the troubles got out of hand, then it's probably a good idea to perform a factory reset. Remember, always back up your data before doing so.

6. Install anti-virus software

To protect your device better, having good and reputable antivirus software is definitely recommended.


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