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  • A very useful App.
  • Monitor all WhatsApp files easily.
  • Remotely track WhatsApp.
  • Monitor data without knowing.
  • Record WhatsApp voice & calls.
  • Track deleted files.
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User Reviews of FamiGuard - WhatsApp Monitoring

Monitor 10+ WhatsApp data, no need to root.


2022-08-12 11:18:54

There may be some people who are against using an app to spy on others, but since I learned that my underage daughter is experiencing some cyberbullying and sexual harassment, I feel I need to use famiguard for whatsapp.

By Kimberley Wilde


2022-08-11 02:19:52

Using famiguard for whatspp may be my last struggle in this marriage, I don't know if it will help me save my marriage, but I will say this app is really great, it at least does what it says it will do.

By Ada Sassoon


2022-08-04 23:21:22

The amazing thing about famiguard for whatsapp is that you can view even messages that have been deleted. You know, even if your boyfriend is generous enough to give you access to his phone sometimes, you won't be able to tell anything. But famiguard can reveal his true form.

By Alvis Eveline


2022-07-14 15:19:57

Using famiguard for whatsapp allows me to check my kid's whatsapp anytime, anywhere, no login and no password required.

By Felix Felix


2022-06-02 17:21:31

I have used other monitoring apps, famiguard for whatsapp is the best one I have ever used, its simplicity of use and cleansing is much better than other products, and the installation process is easy. By the way, the customer service is great.

By Maureen Mackintosh

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