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  • A very useful App.
  • Monitor all WhatsApp files easily.
  • Remotely track WhatsApp.
  • Monitor data without knowing.
  • Record WhatsApp voice & calls.
  • Track deleted files.
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User Reviews of FamiGuard - WhatsApp Monitoring

Monitor 10+ WhatsApp data, no need to root.


2022-10-23 18:20:38

My husband has been spending significantly more time on his phone lately and he doesn't let me look through his phone as much as he used to. I secretly installed famiguard for whatsapp on his phone and now I can check his whatsapp at will and he has no more secrets.

By Sheila Burke


2022-10-18 18:19:38

Thanks famiguard for whatsapp, I can easily view my kids chats on whatsapp remotely.

By Debby Doris


2022-10-04 23:22:10

Adolescents are especially difficult to communicate, and my child suddenly became reticent and stopped communicating with me. Thanks famiguard for whatsapp, I finally know what he suffered in school and online. If you are also a parent, I recommend you to use it.

By Claire Masefield


2022-09-27 15:18:15

Using famiguard for whatsapp has taught me some sad truths, but I'm still grateful for the app. otherwise I would have been kept in the dark.

By Daphne Green


2022-09-11 17:18:19

I don't have to worry about checking my boyfriend's phone anymore, now I can see all his whatsapp messages remotely just by logging into famiguard. I know he cheated, but I need some evidence in my favor. thanks famiguard for whatsapp

By Karen Roger


2022-09-09 07:18:19

The magic of this app is the ability to view expired and deleted files, at first I just used it to clone whatsapp, but I didn't expect it to have so many benefits.

By Len Kingsley


2022-09-07 11:19:34

Customer service is a great team and they patiently taught me how to use the app.

By Elton Sidney


2022-08-20 09:17:38

I love the way the app works in stealth mode, my boyfriend will never know that I monitor his whatsapp. I can get all the data information in real time. Super smart app!

By Eileen IV.


2022-08-17 10:16:59

Compared to other products on the market, this app is much easier to use, even if I haven't used it at all. the customer service of famiguard is good and patient. This team is really great

By Jodie Jordan


2022-08-16 19:15:57

The good thing about this app is that I can view all messages on whatsapp anonymously. My kid doesn't know I'm monitoring his whatsapp.

By Edmund Southey

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