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Updated: Sep 22, 2022 05:32 pm

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In our daily lives, a time comes when we feel the need to track a phone, it may be your own, your child's, or of someone from your family. The reasons may be a lost or stolen phone, monitoring your kid, or checking on your old father whether he has reached your aunt's house safely.

A GPS tracker comes very handy in these situations, which can track the real-time location through the GPS tracker installed on your phone.There are other interesting features that make them appealing to users, like geofencing, emergency alerts, checking in location, etc. Here we gathered up the top 7 GPS cell phone tracker apps for Android users to choose from.

1. Google Maps

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Google Maps is a free GPS tracking app that no one might have thought of being in this list. It is an app that almost every android user has used once in their lives. It can share live locations for as long as 15 minutes to 3 days, or until you turn it off manually. Almost every modern Android smartphones have this app already installed on it, and you don't even need another app when you have one already.

Google Maps is highly reliable in terms of location accuracy, and there are other features like directions and live traffic that is useful at times. Moreover, the battery percentage of the shared device's location is displayed too. The only drawback is, it lacks the advanced features like emergency alerts, and tracking privacy, which are useful for tracking kids.

google maps

Price: Free


  • Available in almost every Android smartphones

  • Free

  • Also shows battery percentages of shared devices


  • Only one device can be tracked at a time

2. FamiGuard Pro for Android

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FamiGuard Pro for Android is the best GPS tracker app for Android users. It not only tracks real-time GPS location, but also offers to save location history for future needs. The location tracking is very accurate and can update quickly even if the user keeps moving. There is also an option to set a geofence on the map and notify the user when the phone owner enters or leaves the geofence. Other features include web browser history, activity summary, screen time management, and app time control are available at a very low monthly subscription cost.


Price: $29.95 per month for a month, $16.65 per month for 3 months, and $8.32 per month for a year


  • Offer demo available with all the features

  • Has a very simple user interface

  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • Compatible with all major Android devices running 13.0-4.1


  • Doesn't support iOS devices yet

3. Find My Friends

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Find My Friends is a simple GPS mobile tracker that is preferred by all the Android users due to its simplicity. It displays the ETA to the current location and even the directions, as it is based on the map by Google Maps. This also makes the location and directions very accurate and reliable. Find My Friends can be used to constantly monitor patients. Moreover, the app is available for free, with a premium version at a minimal monthly cost with some added features.

find my friends

Price: A free version and a premium version at $5/month


  • Well priced. Free version also available

  • Very easy user interface

  • Premium version also works on phones that are not smartphones


  • Not many features available

4. FollowMee

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Like other GPS trackers, FollowMee GPS tracker can track live locations too, but it has the ability to track multiple devices of other platforms like iOS, Windows etc. This feature makes the app an ideal choice for families and friend groups. Another interesting thing about this app is that, by default, its tracking mechanism updates itself in every 10 mins. You can literally adjust the tracking interval to get more accurate real-time tracking.


Price: The app service is free


  • Ability to track multiple devices and cross platform

  • You can group your devices

  • Available for iOS and Android


  • Reports on bugs

  • Some complaints on features not working

5. Family Locator

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Family Locator can track live locations and have the ability to group users in a circle, so that they can track each other. This feature makes the app an ideal choice for families and friend groups. In case of an emergency, the app notifies all the other users in the circle, along with the current location of the place in emergency. The premium versions have the crash detection feature that detects a car crash and notifies the other users automatically.


Price: Free with limited features, Plus version at $2.99/month, Driver Protect version at $7.99/month


  • A free version available with many important features

  • Crash detection

  • Ability to create circles and track multiple devices at a time


  • Crash detection not available in free version

  • Free version only has alerts for 2 places

6. Glympse

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Glympse offers simple and free tracking solutions for your business, like deliver tracking, tracking employees, and food delivery. The app can track multiple devices and even displays their routes and ETAs. Glympse can be integrated with smart watches and other wearables. Moreover, it can be customized to fit one's needs. Glympse has been the perfect GPS tracking app for business users for the bunch of features that it provides.


Price: Free


  • Displays dynamic ETA and live routes

  • Can be integrated with smart watches and wearables

  • Can be customized for personalized tracking


  • It stresses mostly on business solutions rather than on personal ones

7. KidControl

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KidControl is an extremely simple app that has the ability to share extremely accurate tracking details. It can track real-time GPS location along with SOS and alerts whenever necessary. The app alerts the user when someone reaches a pre-defined place like your kid arrives at school. The app interface has 4 important information about the person being tracked: a battery level indicator, connection strength, SOS, and location tracking with the last 2 days information. Location history is also available in the app that is useful to follow someone day to day. The SOS button alerts the user in case of a crisis. Moreover, the fact that it is totally free of cost, attracts a lot of users. However the app is reported to show inaccurate results at time, which is believed to go away with the recent updates!


Price: Free


  • Free of cost

  • Very simple user interface

  • Ability to choose between real-time and approximate locations


  • It stresses mostly on business solutions rather than on personal ones

  • Battery draining issue

Editor's Choice

Here are the 7 best GPS tracker apps for Android devices, listed carefully to help you choose from the thousands of options available. FamiGuard Pro for Android is the best for all these purposes. With features like real-time location tracking, setting app time and screen time limits, geofencing, etc. FamiGuard Pro for Android appeals to a large crowd, especially parents with young kids. FamiGuard Pro for Android has earned the reputation of being one of the best tracking apps with features that makes life easier for many Android users.


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