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Updated: Jan 29, 2023 07:07 pm

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A lot of scamming and hacking cases that happen all around the world. Back in 2013, there was a huge case of hacking attempted by a group who were publishing phone numbers of usernames of 4.6 million people. Surely, these serious cases have led to the awareness to keep your security at all times. Although, there's always a risk that your accounts, including social media, can get hacked. So, how to know if your Snapchat is hacked?

Well, here are some indicators or signs you might notice when you open the app on your phone. However, you might feel a sudden difference when your Snapchat and phone are infected with malware planted by hackers.

Part One: 4 Signs Your Snapchat Is Hacked

1. Login Alert Emails From Snapchat

So, how to check if someone hacked your Snapchat?

The first thing you might notice right away is the alert emails coming from Snapchat. The system is telling you about the suspicious login attempts done by other persons. This email is usually sent when you try to change your passwords. So if you didn’t change anything, then it probably came from the hackers.

When you receive this email, you know that your account is actually at risk. So, you need to take immediate action to protect your Snapchat account or the other important accounts in your phone.

2. Unwanted Account Authentication Requests

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People are saying that "my Snapchat account is hacked; what should I do?". There are actually some ways you can try to solve this, but it’s always better to check the signs beforehand. The next sign you might notice when your Snapchat got hacked is too many authentication requests.

These requests may come from someone who has access to your account, whether with your knowledge or not. You know that something is wrong when the attempts come so many times. So, change your passwords immediately if the same thing happens to you.

3. New and Unknown Friends

When hackers use your account to achieve their purposes, it's likely that they changed a number of things there. One of the most obvious aspects is the friend list. So, if you start noticing a few new friends on the list who you didn’t add before, then it’s obvious that the hackers have breached your account.

You have to know that in order to befriend somebody on Snapchat, you have to add their numbers first. So, if you didn't add these new people, then it should be the hackers who did it.

4. Strange Chatting History

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The same thing also goes for the chats. If you feel that something suspicious has happened to your account, check your chat history first. Now, if there’s nothing new on it, then it should be okay. But when you see some new chats coming from you without your knowledge, you’ll know that something’s obviously wrong.

Hackers may do this to mimic you. They use your profile to ask some friends or family members for some money to be sent directly to them. So aside from ruining your financials, they will also make a bad reputation out of you.

Part Two: How To Keep Your Snapchat Account Secure?

1. Use a Strong Password

After telling you about how to know if your Snapchat is hacked, now it’s time to share tips to make your account more secure. One of the best ways, but mostly neglected, is using strong passwords. A strong set of passwords is a must to keep your account safe, and it works for all the apps, not only limited to Snapchat.

When you create a stronger password, anybody will find it harder to guess what it is. So, avoid using familiar information as your password, like phone number, home number, or date of birth. Instead, use something that's completely irrelevant to them all.

During the password creation, make sure to put some numbers and special characters to make it more unique. If you can’t remember it easily, write it down on a physical note and store it in somewhere safe.

2. Enable Two-factor Authentication

If you're having the same problem, which is “my Snapchat account is hacked”, then taking immediate action is advisable. One of them is enabling the 2FA. Snapchat actually encourages its users to do the same thing. You can turn this option directly on Snapchat.

Also, never give any important information to someone. Scammers always mimic your family members, although you can easily tell that they can’t hide their accents. So, when someone is calling you from big companies (Windows, Apple, etc.), you should never give your personal data to them. Remember that these brands would never ask their users about this.

3. Change the Password Regularly

Aside from making complex passwords, it’s also best for you to always change them regularly. By periodically changing your passwords, the hacking attempts would be much harder since the account details are always changing.

To make the job easier, you can use reputable password managers, which are widely available on the official markets.

4. Remove unrecognized linked Devices

Technically, Snapchat can’t be used by more than one device on the same account. So if you log out of your device, your account could be used on the other device. If you see that the account has been linked to unrecognized devices, make sure to remove them completely. This will make sure that your account will always be connected to your devices only.

FAQs: Hot Questions about How to Know If Your Snapchat is Hacked

Q1: Can Snapchat be Logged into Two Devices?

No. As explained by Snapchat, you can't connect one Snapchat account on two devices at the same time. So, the account on one device will be logged out automatically when you try to log in through a different device.

Q2: Can Someone Hack Your Snapchat by Adding You?

When someone added you as a new friend, they couldn’t hack you. However, the scenario might change if they send malicious links or files, and you click it. So always be careful about that.

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