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User Reviews of FamiGuard Pro - Phone Monitoring

The Ultimate Phone Monitoring App to Keep an Eye on Loved Ones.


2024-03-20 15:27:51

Taking secret screenshots is very useful, this helps me to collect enough proof.

By Rachel


2024-03-20 15:25:38

It is user friendly and simple to install. And it is the real stealthy mode, my child still doesn't know I install this on his phone.

By Mark


2024-03-20 15:24:13

I can relax knowing my kid's safe online, with the help of famiguard

By Sarah


2024-03-18 15:05:47

The social media monitoring feature of Famiguard Pro is a game-changer. I can keep track of my teenager's online activities and protect them from potential dangers.

By Ava Zhang


2024-03-18 15:05:18

As a parent, Famiguard Pro's parental control feature gives me peace of mind. I can easily set limits on screen time and block inappropriate content.

By Sophia


2024-03-18 15:04:30

Famiguard Pro's geofencing feature is excellent. I receive real-time notifications, ensuring the safety of my child within designated areas.

By George K


2024-02-04 19:16:45

view phone file at any time

By Daham udara


2023-03-11 23:10:51

Sanap delete massages consevation

By Bhutto sahab


2022-10-06 16:17:33

Miya is the best! She helped me quickly and efficiently. Great customer service!

By Robert


2022-10-04 13:27:51

Good product that helped me last month. My employees are having trouble using company phones for personal purposes. High monthly invoices are the first sign. So for me, it's all about phone records, texts and location (we're in a kind of delivery business). The installation is very simple and the user interface is simple.

By Daniel Reynolds

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