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  • Keep an eye on Loved one.
  • Check 30+ files remotely.
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User Reviews of FamiGuard Pro - Android Monitoring

The Ultimate Android Monitoring App to Keep an Eye on Loved Ones.


2023-03-11 23:10:51

Sanap delete massages consevation

By Bhutto sahab


2022-10-06 16:17:33

Miya is the best! She helped me quickly and efficiently. Great customer service!

By Robert


2022-10-04 13:27:51

Good product that helped me last month. My employees are having trouble using company phones for personal purposes. High monthly invoices are the first sign. So for me, it's all about phone records, texts and location (we're in a kind of delivery business). The installation is very simple and the user interface is simple.

By Daniel Reynolds


2022-10-02 15:21:22

Famiguard Pro This app is really useful. Thanks to it I can now be very patient with my children.

By Joyce


2022-09-28 13:16:43

There were some setbacks along the way, however, the customer service was very patient and solved all the problems easily in the end.

By Lawrence


2022-09-15 14:15:50

My daughter is in a bad mood recently, she doesn't want to communicate with me and doesn't go out of the room very much. I tried talking to her, but she refused to confess. That's when I found FamiGuard Pro for Android. Looking through her chat records, it turns out that she was bullied by her classmates! Then I took the screenshot and went to the principal and asked him to help me with this. If your child is suffering from cyberbullying, you must help your child!

By Ruth Morris


2022-09-13 23:21:24

The most helpful monitor app over the internet! I love all the features and support they are giving, recommend it a lot!

By Donald


2022-09-07 11:19:36

I like this software because it gives me a chance to be calm with my children. It will save my child from cyberbullying

By Kathryn


2022-09-01 16:21:02

I have installed FamiGuard pro for monitoring one Samsung, the result it's excellent.

By Albert Brian


2022-08-31 13:19:54

In my opinion, the features offered by the Famiguard pro are great. I don't need it to monitor my son's entire life. I just need to know where he is and where he's been at some point.

By Stevens

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