Setup Guide for FamiGuard WhatsApp Last Seen

Read this comprehensive guide to keep an eye on your WhatsApp contacts' online activities including their offline time.

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How to Use FamiGuard WhatsApp Last Seen

Follow these steps, you will know when someone is online or offline on WhatsApp, and check their detailed WhatsApp online activities.

Part 1: Monitor Someone's Real-Time WhatsApp Online Activity

Step 1: Create an Account and Get a Subscription Plan

Sign up/in your FamiGuard account and purchase a subscription plan in order to use the WhatsApp online tracker features. You can choose 1-week, 1-month and 1-quarter plan.

Login and sign up

Step 2: Add the Target WhatsApp Contact's Phone Number

To track your WhatsApp contacts' online status, you have to add them first. Below is 2 ways on how to add your contacts and monitor their WhatsApp online activities.

Way 1: Scan a QR Code

1.1 On the left top menu, click the Add Contact icon and a QR code will be shown.

Scan qr code

1.2 On your devices, launch WhatsApp and click on the three-dot icon for Android while Setting icon for iOS. Click Linked devices > LINK A DEVICE button and scan the QR code.

Linked devices

1.3 After scanning the code, all your WhatsApp contacts will appear on the screen. Click the Add button next to each contact and you can track the target's WhatsApp online status.

Add whatsapp contacts

Way 2: Manually Input Target's Phone Number

2.1 On the left top menu, click the Add Contact icon and choose Add with phone number option at the bottom.

Add with phone number

2.2 Enter a contact's phone number and tap on Start Monitoring button. You have to enter your contacts' phone numbers one by one.

Enter your contacts' phone numbers

Step 3: Monitor Their WhatsApp Online Status

Now all your contacts will be shown on the list after adding them through the 2 ways above and you will see their WhatsApp online/offline status.

WhatsApp online/offline status

Part 2: Know Someone's Detailed WhatsApp Online History

Apart from see their WhatsApp online/offline status in real-time, you can also track their online activities history in detail.

  • WhatsApp Online History: Below a contact's profile, click Online History and you can know his/her specific WhatsApp online/offline time every day.

    WhatsApp online history

  • WhatsApp Online Analysis: Click Online Analysis and you can get different reports about the target's daily WhatsApp usage, weekly usage and top 5 periods of usage.

    WhatsApp online analysis

  • WhatsApp Online Time: Click Online Time and you can see the target's specific online/offline records including the duration.

    WhatsApp online time

Part 3: Get WhatsApp Online Notification

How to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp? On the upper-right corner, switch on the Online Notification button and you will receive the notification message on your registered email to notify you that the target is online on WhatsApp. Similarly, when the target is offline, you will also receive a piece of email message.

Get notification