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Updated: Apr 23, 2024 04:22 pm

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You may have seen social media videos with captions like "can't interfere, it's a canon event" and wondered what they meant.

The release of "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" on June 2 generated more than $494.6 million in box office revenue. The film has also sparked a new TikTok trend featuring "canon" events. A canon event is an incident or event that can change your experience or way of life in significant or minor ways. The incident must occur to shape you into who you are now.

This article will define a canon event, discuss its trends, and provide examples. Your children are constantly confronted with new internet slang and terminology in today's ever-changing online environment. A parental control tool, such as FamiGuard Pro, can assist you in monitoring your children's online behaviour and keeping up with them.

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Part 1: What Is A Canon Event?

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a must-watch if you have yet to see it. The canon event is an important story point essential to the Spider-Verse. In the movie, Spider-Man 2099, also known as In Miguel O'Hara's view, the shared experiences that unite the Spider-Verse and characterize each Spider-Man are canon events.

Among these, Spider-Man has survived radioactive spider bites, the death of a parent, and the assassination of a police captain who was close to him. These events shape Spider-Man's character, but not every Spider-Man goes through them. The Spider-Verse might fall apart if you mess with or stop a canon event.

Take this TikTok video where a woman who recently ended a relationship has her first "situation," played out by an emotionally immature man who promises an excellent time but ultimately betrays her trust."Oh, and I can't get involved because this is a canon event," she continues.

A canon event refers to an unavoidable and unchangeable occurrence. It's a comical and sad admission of the effects of weird moments in your life and your inability to protect others from those chapters. In some instances, it reflects on intergenerational communal rites of passage. Classic event trends, such as the current "filler episode" trend, give our lives purpose in the eyes of pop culture.

What Is Canon Event

Part 2: Trend of Canon Event

As soon as the film was out, canon events became the latest meme for making sense of your existence. One of the earlier examples from TikTok users writes, "Realizing it was never trauma, just a canon event." It had over 3.8 million views and 643,800 likes.

The trend has since become a standard format. Each video outlines a situation, either from the poster's own experience or someone else's experience, stating that they cannot or will not intervene, and ends with something like "This is a canon event." At this time, the tendency has spread beyond the Spider-Verse fandom and appears in various TikTok niches, including eldest daughter TikTok and transmat TikTok.

Part 3: Examples of Canon Events

With the film's premiere, the concept of canon events has exploded online, with fans anxious to figure out the pivotal moments that changed their lives.

People who use TikTok often talk about embarrassing moments, setbacks that helped them succeed, and how their tragedies shaped them. It also pokes fun at some of the awkward things they might have done when they were teens, such as pairing denim skirts with winter boots in the summer - something everyone does before they grow up and learn their lesson.

TikTok Example 1

The phrase "canon event" describes significant life events that moulded individuals into their current selves. As customary on the platform, people have used TikTok to portray humiliating occasions. "I cannot stop my middle school sister from taking embarrassing pictures while covering her face - it's a canon event." is the caption of one TikTok video in which an older brother boasts about his younger sister. The fact that TikTok has over one million likes shows that the movement is centred around something many people can relate to.

    Event TikTok Example 1

(Image Source: TikTok @Netflix)

TikTok Example 2

Another thing on TikTok is user-made canon event filters. Above the user's head, the trend displays the words "Your Canon Activity." Various alternatives emerged, including "Banned from TikTok," "Groping A 10/10," and "Cheating." People try to recreate their "canon moments" by attaching over 100,000 movies to the filter. The soundtrack for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse includes the song "Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara)", with which filters are sometimes mixed with the song.

    Event TikTok Example 2

(Image Source: TikeTok @Bonnieaustinnnnn)

Part 4: How to Receive Slang Alerts? Try FamiGuard Pro

This is the most compelling reason for parents to introduce their children to social media at a younger age than originally intended: the social connection it creates among peers. Nowadays, the average childhood is more enmeshed with screens than ever before. It may appear goofy to us as adults, but sharing memes back and forth on social media is only one-way kids express affection in friendship.

With all of that material, improper content will be unsuitable for children. However, the good must be balanced with the bad for all prominent social media networks. With children freely participating in the public internet environment, criminals and predators can easily approach and harm your child. As a result, you should utilize a parental control program, such as FamiGuard Pro, to monitor your child's online activities and safeguard them from unsuitable and harmful content.

Features of FamiGuard Pro

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There are some helpful features that you will need:

  • Block Apps/Websites: This tool prevents your child from using improper apps or encountering inappropriate content. It also lets you set time limits for the chat and other apps. When the time restriction is reached, the software is blocked.
  • Time Control: FamiGuard offers a vital function called App Time Control. It may limit your children's app use for a predetermined time. This option allows you to monitor your children's app usage while they focus on their education. You'll like how the utility organizes all apps on a child's phone.
  • Content Filter: Limits access to improper web content. FamiGuard's content filtering technology is highly effective and works with all browsers, assuring your child's internet safety and security. It efficiently blocks pornographic, drug-related, gambling, violent, and other sites. It offers over 30 categories for you.
  • Social Media Monitoring: FamiGuard Pro is a highly recommended and safe social media surveillance application for parents. You may rely on your children's social media behaviour when concerned about it. There are more tracking options.
  • Online Activity Report: Parents can view daily app activity. This covers the apps utilized and the time your child spends with them. It also indicates whether apps have been newly installed or uninstalled.

FamiGuard Pro has dependable features, including screen time monitoring, location tracking and geofencing, app usage monitoring, web content monitoring, content filtering, etc. Its comprehensive features enable parents to provide a safe digital environment for their children and create a sense of security for the family.


Is there an event in your life that clearly defines you that you would not be who you are if it hadn't occurred? You might have a "canon event." The notion became extremely popular on social media after the film's debut. On apps like TikTok, some videos would be captioned, "Can't interfere, it's a canon event." However, children will be influenced by popular internet language, which may impact their cognition. Fortunately, FamiGuard Pro is an all-in-one monitoring system that allows you to track your child's online behaviour and filter out harmful content!

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