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Updated: Jun 11, 2024 10:29 am

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Hey there, fellow parents! If you've ever felt like your kids speak a completely different language, you're not alone. Teen slang words evolve faster than we can keep up, and 2024 is no exception. Knowing these terms can help you better understand your teens and maybe even earn some cool points (or at least avoid an eye-roll or two). In this post, I'll break down the most popular teen slang words of 2024 and share how you can stay on top of this ever-changing lingo using FamiGuard Pro.

Teen Slang Words

Table of Contents

Part 1: Popular Teen Slang Words

Ready to dive into the wild world of teen slang? Here's a list of 100 terms that are all the rage in 2024:

  1. Bet: Yes or OK.
  2. Cap: Lie.
  3. No Cap: No lie, for real.
  4. Lit: Exciting or fun.
  5. GOAT: Greatest of All Time.
  6. Fam: Close friends.
  7. Salty: Bitter or upset.
  8. Simp: Someone who does too much for someone they like.
  9. Slay: Doing something really well.
  10. Sus: Suspicious.
  11. Thirsty: Desperate.
  12. Woke: Socially aware.
  13. Yeet: To throw something.
  14. Flex: Show off.
  15. Ghost: To ignore someone suddenly.
  16. Ship: To support a romantic relationship.
  17. Stan: An overzealous fan.
  18. Tea: Gossip or news.
  19. Vibe: The mood or feeling.
  20. Glow Up: A positive transformation.
  21. Snatched: Looking good.
  22. Big Yikes: Really embarrassing.
  23. Basic: Mainstream or unoriginal.
  24. Clap Back: A quick, witty response.
  25. Drip: Fashionable, stylish.
  26. Fire: Really cool or amazing.
  27. Finna: Going to.
  28. Flex: To show off.
  29. Hundo P: 100 percent sure.
  30. I'm dead: That's hilarious.
  31. JOMO: Joy of missing out.
  32. Karen: An entitled, demanding person.
  33. Low-Key: Slightly or secretly.
  34. Mood: Something relatable.
  35. Savage: Bold or fierce.
  36. Shook: Shocked or surprised.
  37. Squad: Group of friends.
  38. Thicc: Curvy in a good way.
  39. Throw Shade: To insult or criticize.
  40. Wig: Mind-blowing.
  41. Bussin': Really good, especially food.
  42. Bae: Term of endearment.
  43. Extra: Over the top.
  44. FOMO: Fear of missing out.
  45. Lit: Amazing, fun, exciting.
  46. OOTD: Outfit of the day.
  47. Receipts: Proof or evidence.
  48. Swerve: To avoid something.
  49. Turnt: Excited, hyped.
  50. Wack: Bad, boring.
  51. Zaddy: An attractive older man.
  52. Salty: Bitter, upset.
  53. Shade: Disrespect or criticism.
  54. Slaps: Really good.
  55. Thirst Trap: A sexy photo or post.
  56. Hits Different: Something unique or special.
  57. Jelly: Jealous.
  58. Vibes: Feelings, mood.
  59. Bangers: Great songs.
  60. Cringe: Embarrassing.
  61. Gucci: Good, cool.
  62. Hyped: Excited.
  63. Legit: Legitimate or real.
  64. Lurking: Stalking someone online.
  65. Noob: Newbie, inexperienced person.
  66. Savage: Bold, unfiltered.
  67. Spill: Share information.
  68. Tea: Gossip or news.
  69. Thirsty: Desperate for attention.
  70. Troll: Someone who provokes others online.
  71. Vibing: Enjoying the moment.
  72. Wildin': Acting crazy.
  73. Broke: Lacking money.
  74. Gassed: Overconfident or excited.
  75. Grind: Working hard.
  76. Juiced: Excited.
  77. Litty: Super fun or exciting.
  78. No Chill: Overreacting or excessive.
  79. Receipts: Proof of something.
  80. Shooketh: Extremely shocked.
  81. Stan: An enthusiastic fan.
  82. Sus: Suspicious or sketchy.
  83. Thicc: Curvy in a good way.
  84. Wig: Amazing, mind-blowing.
  85. Yikes: Expressing shock or embarrassment.
  86. Bomb: Really good.
  87. Bye Felicia: Dismissing someone.
  88. Catch These Hands: Want to fight.
  89. Dime: Perfect 10.
  90. Ew: Disgusting.
  91. Fake News: False information.
  92. Glow Up: Transformation for the better.
  93. Hunty: Friend or confidant.
  94. Icy: Cool or composed.
  95. Juicy: Intriguing gossip.
  96. Kiki: A party or gathering.
  97. Lit: Fun and exciting.
  98. No Cap: No lie.
  99. Periodt: End of discussion.
  100. Quiche: Very attractive.

Part 2: How to Receive Slang Words Alerts?

Now that you're practically fluent in teen slang, seeing from the slang words above, there are some slang words used for abbreviation. At the same time, some stand for inappropriate meanings like talking about sex. Potential risks are inside the words or chats your children are exposed to daily. So, is it necessary to keep up with unsuitable slang words as they pop up? Here's where parental control app comes to the rescue.

Stay in the Loop with FamiGuard Pro

FamiGuard Pro is a parental control app that helps you monitor your child's phone activities. It's like having a secret decoder ring for their digital life. Here's how you can set it up to receive alerts on new slang words and keep your peace of mind.

Step 1. Create an Account: Create your FamiGuard Pro account with your email address and a strong password. Pick up a suitable subscription plan for your needs; after purchasing, you will be led to the Member Center.

Create/Sign in your account

Step 2. Install the App on Your Child's Phone: From Member Center, press Monitor Now. Follow the easy installation steps to run the app on your child's device. It works in stealth mode, so they won't even know it's there.

follow guide to set up famiguard pro

Step 3. Set Up Monitoring Preferences: In your FamiGuard Pro dashboard, configure the settings, Remote Control > Track Keywords, to monitor specific apps and keywords. You can add popular slang words to the list to get real-time alerts whenever they're used.

famiguard pro to track keyword

Step 4. Receive Alerts: Sit back and relax as FamiGuard Pro sends you notifications about the usage of tracked slang words. This way, you'll always be one step ahead in knowing your teen's conversations.

famiguard pro

What Else can FamiGuard Pro Do

  • Websites Blocking: Parents can block inappropriate websites in case children get touch of those things suddenly.

  • Block Apps: Concerning about kids have addiction in games or social apps? You can set time limit or block apps directly with FamiGuard Pro.

  • Social Media Monitoring: Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more.

  • Auto-record Calls: Whether phone calls or app calls, FamiGuard Pro can automatically record it to let parents check.

FAQs about Teen Slang Words

1. Can FamiGuard Pro really detect slang words?

Yes, FamiGuard Pro allows you to set specific keywords, including slang words, to monitor. You'll receive alerts whenever these words are used on your child's device. However, this function is only available for Android right now.

2. Is FamiGuard Pro easy to install?

Absolutely! FamiGuard Pro comes with a user-friendly installation guide. In just a few minutes, you can have it up and running on your child's phone.

3. Will my child know I'm monitoring them?

No, FamiGuard Pro operates in stealth mode, making it undetectable on your child's device.

How much does FamiGuard Pro cost?

FamiGuard Pro offers various subscription plans to suit your needs. Visit their website for the latest pricing details.

4. Is it legal to use phone trackers for kids?

Yes, it's legal to use a phone tracker like FamiGuard Pro to monitor your minor children's devices. Always ensure you'reyou comply with local laws and guidelines.


Keeping up with teen slang words can feel like learning a new language, but it's a fun and essential way to stay connected with your kids. With FamiGuard Pro, you can not only understand what your teens are talking about but also ensure their safety in the digital world. Stay cool, stay informed, and remember, you've got this!

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