Keep Your Children Stay Away From Online Danger

  • Build A Positive Digital Habit Build A Positive Digital Habit

    Build A Positive Digital Habit

    Parents can set a time limit on each device's daily usage via FamiGuard. It can help kids find their surfing balance to build a good digital habit.

  • Create An Online Firewall Create An Online Firewall

    Create An Online Firewall

    Do you think your children may scan some inappropriate web pages like pornography, drugs, violence, etc? You can use Famiguard to set a restriction to that page to keep your kids far away from it!

  • Set Time Limit for Kids Set Time Limit for Kids

    Set Time Limit for Kids

    Want your kids to pay full attention during their studying hours or chores? FamiGuard helps you set time limits for device use! Then you can ensure they can concentrate on their business in that time!

All-in-One Parental Control Tool You Need

Realtime GPS
Geo Fence
Web Block
App Block
App Usage
Lock Screen
Screen Capture
Call Filter
Realtime GPS
Track your kids' real-time location, so you can ensure your kids' security even you are not at home.
Geo Fence
Worried about your kid's safety when they are out of the house or the school? Set the one-button alarm of Geographical fence.
Web Block
FamiGuard helps you block the web pages that you don't want your kids to get access to. Like pornography, drug, cyberbullying etc.
App Block
Monitor the detailed info of your children's app, you can set restrictions to prevent them use unhealthy social or game apps.
App Usage
Get the detailed activities history report on your kid's device. So you can find more common topics to talk about with your kids!
Lock Screen
You can use FamiGuard to set a time limit for a special game. It can ensure your kids don't spend all their time on it.
Screen Capture
Don't want your kids to get access to inappropriate content? See what your kid is doing now just in 1 click!
Call Filter
See whom your kids are chatting with, prevent your kids from talking to a stranger and avoid the hidden danger.

Easy to Start with Only 3 Steps

  • 1.Install + FamiGuard

    1.Install + FamiGuard

    Install FamiGuard on both parents' and kids' devices.

  • 2.Register + FamiGuard Account

    2.Register + FamiGuard Account

    Follow the installation steps on the screen to complete the registration process.

  • 3.Start to Parental Control Your Kids' Devices

    3.Start to Parental Control Your Kids' Devices

    Connect and manage devices from FamiGuard, and set the monitor on the dashboard.

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Why FamiGuard Is Your Best Choice?

  • "My son used to be addicted to playing games after school each day. And I found FamiGuard by accident, and I use it to set a specific time for game playing on my son's phone. He now will do some outdoor sport before going home, I'm so happy about that!"

    user avatar - Nancy
  • I'm a mother of three children, and they are teenagers now! I'm so worried they will lose control of the temptation of the internet. But with the help of FamiGuard, I can block the inappropriate web page, photos on their phone! What an amazing app it is!

    user avatar - Daniel
  • My boys and girls will go to the city center each weekend, and I want to track their real-time location to ensure their security. FamiGuard is helping a lot. Thank you!

    user avatar - Daniel

The Most Reliable Parental Control App

You May Also Want to Know...

  • What does FamiGuard do?

    FamiGuard is a parental control app that allows you to monitor various activities on your kid's smartphone. Building a healthy surfing environment, keep your children stay away from the negative effect of the internet.

  • What is FamiGuard Jr?

    FamiGuard Jr is a companion app of FamiGuard. In order to let FamiGuard work properly, FamiGuard Jr must be installed on your kid's device and given necessary permissions.

  • Are kids able to uninstall FamiGuard on their own?

    It would be meaningless if kids can freely uninstall FamiGuard Jr and disable all functions of FamiGuard, right? So, FamiGuard Jr protects itself from being uninstalled once the kid's device gets bound to your own. Under most circumstances, FamiGuard Jr cannot be uninstalled before unbinding.

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