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  • Get detailed report on kid's device.
  • Block website/App easily.
  • Set a time limit for kids.
  • Help kids to build a good digital habit.
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User Reviews of FamiGuard - Parental Control

The Best Parental Control App to Keep Your Kids' Surfing Safe.


2022-10-16 15:37:16

The FamiGuard is a great support for me and my husband. We are working people and don't spend much time at home. The only way to know if my children are safe and happy while we're away is through the FamiGuard. Make an emotional connection with the app.

By Rachel Shaw


2022-10-13 17:36:55

It's time to stop calling my kids every minute to ask for their location because I have this app and its location tracker is awesome! Not only can I now see their location in real time, but I can also geo-fence it.

By Lori Jms


2022-10-09 20:40:05

I use this parental control app primarily to protect my children from poor vision. I don't want him to have access to unnecessary phones.

By Wayne B


2022-10-05 12:05:04

FamiGuard lets me know how much time my daughter spends on her phone every day and can see her browsing history

By Denise Lloyd


2022-10-04 22:43:35

I use all of these functions with my son. Thank you so much for this app, it puts my mind at ease.

By Denise N


2022-09-30 16:44:38

We are new users and so far so good. I used the free version, then I upgraded, then I paid full price, and I got a discount code. If the price could be cheaper, I would like this app much better.

By Louise Walker


2022-09-26 14:32:13

Setting up parental controls with the FamiGuard is simple. In just a few steps, I successfully blocked porn and gambling sites and was able to see my children's browsing history.

By Jacqueline Taylor


2022-09-13 22:37:23

I am impressed by your team's dedication to protecting family members. FamiGuard is a great app to keep children's sensitive eyes and ears away from the dangers of the Internet.

By Rebecca Jones


2022-09-07 15:40:55

While recording screen time, I became aware of my child's gaming obsession, which I somehow managed to cure.

By Ashley


2022-09-02 23:34:29

I've always wanted to make sure my children don't fall prey to cybercrime or child pornography, and the FamiGuard allows me to do just that

By Christina

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