Easy Setup Guide for FamiGuard

Check out the simple steps below to keep child safe online.

How to Build a Positive Online Environment for Children:

Before Start, Things You Need to Know:


Creat a valid account for FamiGuard


Install FamiGuard on both parents and kids device


100% Safety and without any loss when using FamiGuard

stepStep 1: Install FamiGuard on Perents Devices.

install famiguard on parents device

stepStep 2: Register and create a new account of FamiGuard, then login.

create famiguard account and login

stepStep 3: Install FamiGuard on kids devices. Note: For kids side, FamiGuard only support Android devices by now, it's not available for iOS devices.

install famiguard on kids device                            arrow                             set up famiguard

stepStep 4: You can start to monitor your kids' phones. Like setting web block, Geo-Fence, etc.

start to monitor kids phone