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Tata Davis

Updated: May 24, 2024 11:30 am

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The outbreak and rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted many employees and school-age students to work and take classes from home. When you are forced to sit at home and complete the daily work or study tasks, it doesn't sound much interesting. Mainly because we have so many distractions at home and have a hard time focusing. Then how to improve your productivity during this Coronavirus time? Maybe some productivity apps will help you out.

Here are the top 8 productivity apps that'll assist you in maintaining a good schedule in this isolation phase: 

1. FamiGuard Pro - Editor's Choice

FamiGuard is a time-management app that helps you stay away from the phone during work/study hours. If you find yourself wandering on social media when you are supposed to work, FamiGuard will help you overcome that problem. Here're the main features of FamiGuard productivity app: 

Screen time: Pause App Usage & Set Daily Time Limits

Pause App Usage:This feature works like your planner and ensures that you don't waste time on useless activities when you are working or taking online lessons remotely because of Coronavirus disease. You can select the breaks for yourself at alternate time and set them in FamiGuard. Once you reach that time chosen, FamiGuard will block your phone's screen and lock the device in sleep time, eventually forcing you to you focus on work or online lessons. This feature comes in handy when you don't have a boss/teacher watching you but want to get done with the tasks timely. 

Set Daily Time Limits: We need breaks to stay sane and focused on the work or study. And when you work or take classes from home due to Coronavirus, taking breaks isn't limited to a specific time. However, if your work and study hours are crossing its time due to your leisurely attitude, then use FamiGuard to set fixed screen time and plan your day. Once the specified time limit has been reached, you will no longer be able to use the phone.

App Time Control: Control Apps' Usage Time

Continuous notifications can distract your workflow and force you to check your socials repetitively. Luckily FamiGuard has a solution to this problem too. When you cannot switch off the phone while working but still want to stay away from its distractions, use FamiGuard’s App Time Control feature and stop those unnecessary apps from barging in. For parents, you can use the app to set a stipulated time period for your kid to use those apps that may distract them from their online lessons or study tasks. Once the time limit is reached, those apps will be blocked on the target phone by FamiGuard.

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famiguard pro dashboard

How to Use FamiGuard Pro to Improve Your Productivity During Coronavirus Outbreak

Setting FamiGuard app on your phone won't take long, and you'll be back to work soon after installing and configuring it. Here're three easy steps that will set your FamiGuard account: 

1. Register A FamiGuard Account

Create a FamiGuard account for yourself, and then download the app from the Message Center and install it on the target device. 

Create/Sign in your account

2. Set Up The App on The Target Device

After installing the app on the target phone, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup wizard.

3. Set up Time Restrictions

This is the final step of setting FamiGuard Pro to enhance your productivity during your Coronavirus self-quarantine. Set your time limits, to block apps, and websites you want to limit.

famiguard pro dashboard

And that's all! After this, FamiGuard Pro will guard your schedule and help you utilize your full potential in this time.  

2. Serene

Serene is another useful app that helps you set daily goals and work on them wholeheartedly. This app lets you set 20 to 60 minutes of work sessions, which help you stay motivated and meet the deadlines. It is an easy-to-set app that will work as your digital planner during this Coronavirus isolation time so that you can maintain your work productivity. 

serene app

3. StayFocused App

Notifications and emails can easily distract you during work/study hours. StayFocused is a good usage tracker app that helps you break your phone addiction. If you are addicted to a specific app/website, you can stop its usage with the help of this app. It will temporarily block your selected app/site and ensure that you stay motivated towards work and tasks.

stayfocused app

4. Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold turkey is a website and internet blocker, which doesn't let you cheat during work/study time. You can break your time into sections and let Cold Turkey know which website/app you want to block. You can even block the entire internet when you need to focus and return back to normal after the stint is over. It will be a good product to help you stay focused on your tasks during Coronavirus self-isolation.

clod turkey blocker app

5. Freedom App

To avoid social media and internet addiction in this Coronavirus time, get freedom app and utilize your time smartly. It lets you block websites, games, and apps simultaneously so that nothing destroys your focus while you work.

freedom app

6. RescueTime

Keeping track of your time is essential when you work from home and don't have continuous scrutiny by the seniors. That's when RescueTime will help you. It calmly operates on your computer and calculates the time that you spend on different forums. And in the end, you'll get a daily report of your activities. If you see a particular app engulfing your time, you can block it and focus better in the future. 

rescuetime app

7. Self-Control

This is another app and website blocker app that makes sure that your work or online lessons isn't distracted. It lets you block social media, websites, and addictive games that might reduce your work capacity. 

self-control app

8. Focus Booster

When we know the activities which consume most of our time, we work better to stop them and stay motivated. This focus booster app will record your daily activities and provide you with a summary at the end. This is a smart app for those who mostly stay online and still wish to spend the time productively in Coronavirus isolation time. Focus booster lets you be self-accountable and invest time in useful activities instead of procrastinating. 

focus booster app


Staying motivated in this time of Coronavirus isolation is undoubtedly a tough job. We all have distractions at home that can reduce our work or study productivity and destroy our performance in this duration. But luckily, these productivity apps will help you wade through this isolation phase. I recommend FamiGuard due to its powerful features and user-friendly interface. And you can try it out for free for 3 days with all premium features. What's more, The app offers a 30% off discount during Coronavirus outbreaks (Coupon Code: COVID19). Just get it started!


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