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Updated: Jun 14, 2024 02:19 pm

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Hello, gaming parents! If you're concerned about your kids' gaming habits, especially with popular games like Overwatch, you're in the right place. Overwatch is a fast-paced, team-based shooter that’s incredibly engaging, but it also comes with risks like excessive screen time and exposure to inappropriate content. In this article, we’ll explore how to set Overwatch parental control settings to ensure a safe gaming environment for your children. We'll also discuss the benefits of parental controls in gaming and guide you on setting up FamiGuard Pro for mobile games. Let’s dive in and make gaming safe and enjoyable for your kids!

overwatch parental control

Part 1: How to Set Overwatch Parental Control

Overwatch’s vibrant and competitive world can be overwhelming for young gamers. Implementing parental controls ensures your child’s safety and promotes healthy gaming habits. Setting parental controls in Overwatch helps you manage your child’s gaming time, limit interactions with strangers, and monitor their gameplay. Here’s how you can set up parental controls for Overwatch:

Step 1: Create a Blizzard Account

You need a Blizzard account to set Overwatch parental control. If you don't have one, you’ll need to create it for them. This account is essential for accessing the parental control settings.

Step 2: Log into Parental Controls

  parent email for blizzard parental control

Visit the Blizzard Entertainment website and log into your child’s account. Navigate to the Account Settings > Parental Controls section. Enter your email address as the parent or guardian email, then press Continue. After successful verification, you will receive an email.

blizzard parental control email


Step 3: Manage Your Overwatch Parental Control Settings

blizzard parental protal


In the Parental Portals, you can set the playtime limits. You can choose specific hours or daily limits for gaming. This helps in ensuring your child doesn’t spend excessive time playing Overwatch, allowing them to balance their time with other activities.

Enable restrictions on in-game purchases to prevent unexpected expenses. Overwatch features various in-game purchases like loot boxes and skins, which can be tempting for children.

Social and profile settings: Control who your child can communicate with by limiting chat and friend requests to trusted users only. This step is crucial in protecting your child from potential online predators and ensuring their interactions are safe.

Step 4: Monitor Activity

You will receive play time reports email to know the activities details. Regularly check the Parental portal to monitor your child’s gaming activity and make adjustments as needed. This allows you to stay informed about their gaming habits and intervene if necessary.

Part 2: How to Set Up Parental Control on Mobile Games?

Mobile games can be just as addictive and concerning as PC or console games. Managing your child's mobile gaming habits is crucial for their overall well-being. Using a robust parental control tool like FamiGuard Pro can help you keep an eye on their activities and set necessary restrictions. Here’s how to set up parental controls on mobile games to keep your kids safe.

Parents can set regular app time limit for daily and weekly playing, for some special situations, block gaming apps remotely is accessible.

famiguard pro set parental control on mobile games

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How to Set up FamiGuard Pro?

Step 1: Create an Account

Sign up for a FamiGuard Pro account using your email address. This account will be your control center for monitoring and managing your child’s mobile usage.

Create/Sign in your account

Step 2: Set Up the App

After purchasing, you will go to the Member Center, and click on the Start Montoring button. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up FamiGuard Pro on the target device. This includes granting necessary permissions for monitoring. Ensure the app is installed correctly to start tracking activities.

Download FamiGuard Pro


Step 3: Configure Settings

Customize the parental control settings according to your preferences. Set screen time limits from Phone Files > Screen Time, and block inappropriate apps from Phone Files > App Library. FamiGuard Pro offers a wide range of customizable options to tailor the control to your needs.

famiguard pro set parental control on mobile games

famiguard pro

An Array of Amazing Features

  • Location Tracking and Set Geofence: Track your child's real-time location and create geofences to receive alerts when they enter or leave specific areas.
  • Monitor Social Apps: Keep an eye on your child's activity across popular social apps to ensure they are engaging safely online.
  • Screen Time Report: Get detailed reports on your child's screen time, helping you manage and limit their device usage effectively.

Part 3: The Benefits of Parental Control on Games

Introducing parental controls in games like Overwatch can greatly benefit your child’s gaming experience. Parental controls are essential for creating a balanced and safe gaming environment. They help parents monitor and manage their child's gaming habits, ensuring they don’t spend too much time online and are protected from unfriendly players.

1. Screen Time Management:

Helps in regulating the amount of time spent on gaming, promoting a healthy balance between gaming and other activities.

Example: You can set a two-hour daily limit on Overwatch, ensuring your child spends time on homework, outdoor play, and family activities.

2. Safe Online Interactions:

Restricts communication with strangers, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful or inappropriate conversations.

Example: By limiting chat to friends only, you can prevent your child from interacting with unknown players who might not have good intentions.

3. Control Over Spending:

Prevents unauthorized in-game purchases, saving money and teaching financial responsibility.

Example: By disabling the option to purchase loot boxes, you avoid unexpected charges and help your child understand the value of money.

4. Content Filtering:

Blocks access to inappropriate content, ensuring age-appropriate gaming experiences.

Example: You can filter out mature content or violent language, making the gaming environment safer and more suitable for young players.

5. Monitoring and Insights:

Provides parents with insights into their child's gaming habits and behavior, allowing for wiser decisions and interventions.

Example: By reviewing gaming activity reports, you can discuss gaming habits with your child and adjust controls as needed.


1. Can I limit playtime on Overwatch?

Yes, you can set daily or weekly playtime limits using the Parental Controls on the Blizzard website.

2. How do I block in-game purchases on Overwatch?

You can restrict in-game purchases by enabling the appropriate settings in the Parental Controls dashboard.

3. Is FamiGuard Pro suitable for both Android and iOS?

Yes, FamiGuard Pro is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

4. Can I track my child’s location with FamiGuard Pro?

Yes, FamiGuard Pro includes location tracking features to help you keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts.


Setting up parental controls in Overwatch and using tools like FamiGuard Pro for mobile games can give you peace of mind and help create a balanced, secure environment for your children. Regularly monitoring and adjusting these settings ensures that your child enjoys their gaming experience safely. By being proactive and utilizing these tools, you can foster a healthy and responsible approach to gaming in your household. Happy parenting!

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