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Updated: Oct 10, 2022 05:50 pm

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As we all know, game addiction is not a simple thing. It causes many adverse effects on your growing child. Do you know it causes more adverse effects on children below 6 years? The development of a kid's brain continues to 6 years of age. Parents should take care of the kids below 12 years as game addiction may affect the health of your kids and diverts them from studies.

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Part 1. The Urgency to Stop Game Addiction

We will look into the statistics related to game addiction for your better understanding.

  • The average estimation of kids playing video games is about 20 hours within the week.

  •  According to an estimation, 72 % of children play video games.

  •  9% of children who play games affect their academics.

  •  However, out of all the kids playing games, 4% of them play on an average of almost 50 hours a week.

Gaming addiction can affect children's health and academics, or worse, can lead them to develop false values, social disconnection and violent tendencies.

Part 2. Are There Any Ways to Help Children Stop Game Addiction?

Yes, parents can use the parental control apps to block games in the devices which children use. It surely helps to set time to access games and when the time crosses your child is unable to access the game. Here are some of the best apps that can help your child to overcome game addiction.

1. FamiGuard

FamiGuard is the best time limiting app which allows parents to block the usage of games. The limiting screen time helps parents to restrict time. You can set limited time or completely block usage of games, by setting the allowed time of all games to zero. It can also help pausing device usage instantly. The database of FamiGuard helps you to block apps on the basis of categories as well and you can also customize it. It can automatically categorize the apps on your children's phone. It's easy to use and very effective!

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2. Net Nanny

Using Net Nanny you can monitor, limit the screen time, and filter content. The screen time management feature can be a boon for parents who want to limit screen time of their kids. It can help set a proper schedule and restrict usage of games and internet whenever you want. It is fully customizable according to user's needs and requirements and you can basically tailor your own schedules.


3.  Kaspersky SafeKids

If limiting screen time is what you need, Kaspersky SafeKids is very helpful. You can limit screen time very easily thanks to a very easy to use interface. If your child is playing games all the time, you can take care of that instantly. Also, you can get advice from proper child psychologists in case you need any assistance. Using Kaspersky, you can also locate your child location, define a safe area, block content etc.


4. Kids Place

On using Kids Place, you can restrict apps, and limit the usage of apps. You can set a time limiter for a particular app or game daily so that your kid can only use it up to a certain limit. The additional features like block wireless networks, texts and calls etc are useful for parents to protect their kid from excessive usage of the phone.


5.  ScreenTime

ScreenTime is one of the best apps that restrict any form of over usage of cellphones.  Available on both iOS and Android, this particular app can help you manage your kid's screen time easily. It comes with instant pause and scheduling feature, which can be very useful. You can also see which apps are used regularly on the device and if it is games, you can set a time limit then and there.


Part 3. How to Develop Good Habits to Help Children Get Rid of Game Addiction

The parents need to follow some specific things to develop good habits in your children. It will help to distract and to get rid of the game addiction. And all of them are discussed below:

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Spend Time: The parents need to spend much time with their children to distract them from any type of game addiction. Interact with them, ask what they have done in the school, ask them about their friends, and teachers etc. Never force your child, let them share things as per their comfort.

Encourage Learning and Creativity: You can make your kid learn any of the activities like singing, painting, handcrafts, and other things. Every child has at least one creative thing within their own; parents should know their interest and encourage it. It helps your kid accustomed to the learning habit. It will increase their dedication, patience, team playing, and many others.

Outdoor Games: You have to encourage your kid to play outdoor games.  Encourage your kid to play for 1 to 2 hours every day. It will help your child to get an interest in outdoor games. Once your child plays for a few days, they get diverted from any type of addiction.

Reading Books: The best habits should be habituated from an early age. You have to persuade your kid to read story books or textbooks, according to their wish. Reading as a habit will increase their vocabulary and it can be really helpful in overall development.


Game addiction is common in many of the children. Parents should take necessary action to keep their child distracted from games. In case if you see your child is distracted all the time and is always into playing mobile games, it is time for some parental control measures. We highly recommend using FamiGuard Parental control if you want to limit time and block games and curb screen and game addiction overall.


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