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5 Ways on How to Block Websites on Android Chrome

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Tata Davis

Updated: Oct 25, 2022 07:01 pm

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If we talk about why to block websites on Android Chrome, they are in plenty. With the rise in technology, it is evident how people, especially children are nuts over using internet to look through new things. However, there are some web pages that could lead to harmful results, like introducing malware or virus, and probably reaching some websites that are completely unfit for the kids. This could have a negative impact on both the device and most likely on the children. Therefore, for security, it would be a better idea to restrict the access to the sites that you think are't appropriate for children. If you're pondering the same, read this article to check 5 ways to block websites on Android.

Way 1: "Safe Browsing" on Android Chrome

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Pros: Select the feature of "Safe Browsing"on Android Chrome directly

Cons: Only filter those dangerous sites, can't cover all the inappropriate sites for kids

How to Use "Safe Browsing":

Step 1.Open Chrome browser in your Android device.

Step 2.Look for the three dots given vertically on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3.Tap on it followed by "Settings".

Step 4.Go to "Privacy" and enable "Safe Browsing" by marking tick on the box next to it.

enable safe browsing

Way 2: ES File Explorer

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Pros: Block those websites you want filter effectively

Cons: Need to root your Android device

How to Use ES File Explorer:

Step 1.Head to Google Play Store and start installing the ES File Explorer.

Step 2.Open it and head to "/system/etc/" folder.

Step 3.Click on "hosts" file and use the three vertical dots, choose "Open as" option.

es explorer 1

Step 4.Pick out the "Text" option followed by "ES Note Editor".

es explorer 2

Step 5.Tap "Edit" and enter [website name].com

es explorer 3

Step 6.Save the changes in the end.

To activate the modified settings, the Android device need to be restarted, which makes sure that nobody can enter these websites you have blocked on the phone.

Way 3: FamiGuard Parental Control App

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1. Provide 30 common website categories to filter, which can be blocked at one time according to parents' choices

2. Add improper websites by parents themselves, just by entering the URL to block websites you want to

3. Set website rules remotely, and monitor children's browser histories

How to Use FamiGuard Web Filter:

Step 1.Download FamiGuard App from Google Play and install it on both parent's and child's phone.

Step 2.After downloading, you can go to dashboard and set rules there. Then you can choose which websites should be blocked or which can be add to backlist.

famiguard app dashboard

Step 3.After the device is setup and the rules are set, then you can protect your children from unhealthy contents with FamiGuard.

FamiGuard is designed especially for parents who need a web filter tool to protect their children from unhealthy websites. Apart from filtering web content, parents can also monitor their kids' screen time and block apps for their children. All in all, FamiGuard knows that blocking websites are important for kids' online safety, and therefore makes every possible effort to help users.

famiguard app dashboard

Way 4: Blocksite App

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Pros: Occupy less space and design pleasantly

Cons: Request some personal data, such as photos, audio recorder, call history, and SMS, etc.

How to Use Blocksite App:

Step 1.Install the app from Google Play and open it. Grant the necessary permissions and hit on the "+" icon given at the bottom.

blocksite 1

Step 2.You can now start adding the website to be blocked. You can also notice the "App" tab from where you can restrict the applications.

blocksite 2

Step 3.In order to block the adult content, enable the toggle switch of "Block Adult Websites". To add more sites to block, hit on "+" icon from the bottom and repeat the process.

blocksite 3

Step 4.Now, when you access the site you just have blocked, you will be notified that the particular website has been blocked by Blocksite.

blocksite 4

Way 5: Trend Micro Antivirus App

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Pros: Many bonus features apart from blocking website itself

Cons: No multi-device licensing

How to Use Trend Micro Antivirus App:

Step 1.Download the app from Google Play Store on your Android device and install it.

Step 2.Launch it now and go to the "Parental Controls" option.

 anti virus app 1

Step 3.You will observe a warning message asking for the permissions. As these permissions are essential, simply tap to proceed.

 anti virus app 2

Step 4.You are now required to hit on the "Sign in now" button in order to create a Trend Micro account. This is also another essential step.

 anti virus app 3

Step 5.Go along with the instructions to finish the signup process and hit "Next".

 anti virus app 4

Step 6.Turn on the "Website Filter" toggle under Website Filter tap after doing the registration.

 anti virus app 5

Step 7.Subsequently, hit on "Blocked List" option.

 anti virus app 6

Step 8.Begin to type in the name and URL of the website that needs to be blocked. Hit on "Add" thereafter.

 anti virus app 7

Step 9.Now, the entered website will become inaccessible and your duty as parents will be justified.


Above are the 5 effective ways on how to block websites on Android Chrome. We hope that these methods are understandable to you and you are now well-versed with each of them. Do share this post with your friends who are in need of this, and don't forget to let us know your views on it.


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