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Updated: Oct 12, 2022 09:59 am

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With the growth in technology, the number of threats online has also grown. Children of young age are more prone to being subjected to the negative side of the technology since their minds are not mature enough to decipher between the good and bad. There might be a predator trying to contact your child who can cause serious harm. There might be some explicit content online which is not suitable for young minds. To avoid a scenario in which your child gets subjected to such events, parental control is necessary. If you are thinking of downloading FamilyTime app for this purpose, it is essential that you go through our review for the same below prior to making the purchase.

Part1. FamilyTime Parental Control

FamilyTime Parental Control app is one such parental control app which can assist the parents in keeping a check on the activities of their children on their phones. You can use this to monitor any mobile or tablet which your child maybe using. This app provides a secure platform through which you as a parent can remotely monitor the activities of your child on their device. Knowing what your children are upto at all times does not only give you the peace of mind but it also is a great help during emergency situations when you would need to reach them at the earliest. Now you can check its features below.

familytime app


  • Set screen time limits

  • Set a usage limit of apps

  • Block inappropriate apps

  • Real time location tracking

  • Monitor total phone usage

  • View the incoming and outgoing messages and calls

  • Access the contacts stored on the target phone

  • One press SOS alert

  • Remote monitoring

  • Get alerted if your teenager is driving too fast

What We Like:

  • Very simple to navigate and use this app.

  • It is compatible with a wide range of iOS as well Android phones and tablets.

  • The geo-fencing feature supported by this app is excellent.

What We Don't Like:

  • It cannot be used for monitoring the activities on a Windows system.

  • The price of this app is pretty expensive when compared to its competitors.

  • Web content filtering is not supported by this app.

  • According to several FamilyTime app reviews, the main features of this app perform poorly on iOS devices.

Compatibility: Android phones and tablets, iOS phones and tablets

Part2. FamiGuard - The Best Competitor to FamilyTime Parental Control

If you are wondering if there are any alternatives to FamiGuard app which overcomes the disadvantages mentioned above, FamiGuard is your answer. It comes with an extensive variety of features which are very essential in parental monitoring. It offers the parents full control over their children’s phones so that they can access the information on the target device and take necessary actions if they feel something is inappropriate. It is compatible with Android phones and tablets, the iOS version will come soon. Now, let’s have a look about all the features of this wonderful app.

1. Real Time Location Tracking  & Geo-fencing

If you fear that your child may enter some dangerous areas, you can create a geofence using this app and get alerted whenever your child crosses the boundaries set by you. With the feature of real time location tracking you need not fret about where your child is at all times. You can access the dashboard of this app and remotely get the exact location of your child.

famiguard location tracking

famiguard geofence

With the introduction of so many games and apps, more and more children are getting addicted to their phones. This addiction can be adversely negative for the health of your children. In order to avoid this addiction, you can make use of the app to block certain apps or games or set time limits for the app using.  It can set limits for individual app or even the whole category. This app sorted the default category of games and social media  on target device.

famiguard app time control

3. Web Content Filter

There is so much content available online on the internet which is not suitable for young children at all. While using the internet, there may be images or content which may pop up, this can leave a negative impact on your child’s mind! In order to avoid such a situation, this app can prove to be useful. You can simply block certain websites online which you feel are inappropriate for your child. FamiGaurd provided over 30 categories and thousand of websites for your need.  Whats more, it can create your own whit list or blacklist here.

famiguard web filter

4. Screen Time Ristriction

With the introduction of cell phones and tablets, children forget about studies and other household chores and are engrossed in surfing the web or playing games all the time. They miss out on many real life experiences which are essential for their growth and development. Through this app you can employ certain cell phone usage rules so that your child can involve themselves in some other useful activities other than just using their phone all the time.  Parents can set different period of time limits of your child phone or even one-click to pause the phone usage instantly. In this way, it can help your children overcome procrastination and then focus on study.

famiguard screen setting

5. Phone’s Activity Summary

The FamiGuard Activity Summary feature summarizes the usage of all apps, the websites visited and also the geofence reports.

  • For web browsing: Check the exact URL visited by your child. Parents can know what kind of content their child likes from the summary report.

  • For locations: Every movement will be reported to parent's device

  • Every movement will be reported to parent's device.

famiguard activity summary

This app is very easy to use due to the smart technology used in it. The contents of the dashboard can be navigated easily without any difficulty.

FamiGuard Will Never Let You Down

The main aim of FamiGuard is to protect the children and not to overly supervise them. To select a good parental control app, it is essential that you look through the features of the same. FamiGuard is an excellent parental control app which proves to be very useful to securely monitor the activities on your child’s phone. It overcomes all the major disadvantages of FamilyTime parental control app and hence is much better in functionality and features when compared to FamilyTime app.


Internet usage in this era is alarmingly dangerous and risky for children. Not only does the addiction to internet and cell phones affect the children’s health but it also serves as a source for the predators to connect with your children. This is why parental control is very important. Parental control apps can be used for this purpose and the most recommended app would be FamiGuard. The features of this app are very effective in providing the necessary parental control over the children.


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