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Updated: Dec 06, 2022 05:31 pm

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The social media platforms were launched with the hope to connect the world in a very simple way. But very soon we realized the fact that it is actually a double-edged sword. As good as its benefits are, in certain situations downsides far surpasses the benefits. It is a combination of both good and bad; still, as adults, we are able to deal with the dangers of social media but it is simply a different situation when it comes to teens.

The dangers of social media for teens are quite different and miserably difficult to deal with. So, with the hopes of helping teenage kids, we have rounded up all the major bad sides of social media platforms or apps. The situations are quite volatile for the kids and there are a number of risks of social media. So, we have compiled a list of dangers they may face while using social media apps, carelessly.

7 Dangers of Social Media

1. Online Bullying

Online bullying is one of the biggest problems for teenagers. A large number of kids face such issue every day from anonymous people, forcing them towards depression, anxiety. At these stage of life, they are very fragile and they lack the capability of ignoring those people or just speak up against.

online bullying

2. Sexting

Sexting sounds like a thing that should be associated with adults. Unfortunately, people on social media lack that understanding. So, vulgar people send such type of texts to those vulnerable kids just to take advantage of their innocence. Sometimes, it gets even further where there is a chance of misuse and blackmail.

3. Personal Information Exposure

One of the first lessons of using the internet is to take care of your personal information. So, when teenagers get unwarranted access to the internet, there is a risk of exposure of their personal information. It is a potential risk, but if you just guide them, they will be able to overcome it.

4. Child Predators

We like to deny their existence, as sometimes we are just unable to believe that such heinous people exist. But they do, and they lurk behind these fake accounts on social media websites. So, kids need to make friends wisely.

5. Health Problem

Addiction is another aspect of social media. Such problems have become too common these days among the kids. It is making them lose focus from their studies and their mind is diverted. They are doing it all day long and all night. They are completely sleep deprived and leaning towards obesity.

teen's overuse of cell phone

6. In-app Purchases without Permission

In-app purchases are very addictive and in trend these days. Developers came up with this feature just to earn more money but all these apps have become so addictive and staying at the top has become so important for them that they are making in-app purchases without a single thought.

7. Become Isolated in Real-world

Constantly chatting with other people, kids tend to forget about the real world. It is like a world within a world. It has become a complete shut down and they try to seek validation through social media from people they don't even know. It has become easier for them to not interact with people and sometimes they are seeking peace by keeping themselves isolated.

These are among the multiple dangers of social networking. Teenagers are getting deep into it day after day, without even realizing the consequences.

How to Prevent the Dangers of Social Media

So, social media safety is justifiable but it will not be easy to make them understand its faults and use it responsibly. As parents, you have to take a few steps to reduce the impact of social media on their lives. And for that, you need to somehow prevent those dangers from happening in the first place or take precautions early. Here's how:

1. Use Parental Control App

Several parental control and monitoring apps are available and are exactly developed for such purpose. These apps are genuine and very effective, packed with features that are designed to reduce the effects of social media and overall device usage.

We found the app called FamiGuard to be very effective and its App Time Control and Screen Time features are quite useful to reduce or even block the usage of social media apps. You simply install the application on their device and it will give you access control their smartphones usage.

After the installation on your child's device, the app works anonymously showing you all the activity and allows you to set limitations. Here's how to use it;

Step 1: Download the app on kid's device and register an account.

famiguard login

Step 2: Set up the device following the detailed instructions showed on the app interface.

famiguard setup

Step 3: Now, either on the app or the web dashboard choose the App Control Time feature and select certain apps to set time restrictions. If you want to block children's access to the whole device, then you can use the Screen Time feature.

famiguard phone monitoring

FamiGuard is a very simple but effective application. This app will genuinely help you to reduce the social media app usage of your kid. Except for the above mentioned facilities, you can also use this app the filter web content, track kid's current locations, set Geofence and monitor cell phone usage.

2. Apply Privacy Settings

You can change the privacy settings of social media apps in order to keep their use in check. This will be effective and their personal information will be greatly protected. Many apps today are becoming more privacy conscious and you can find the related settings in children's profile page.

3. Be Nice to Teens

Even though they are wrong, you must not behave harshly with them. You need to keep yourself calm and be nice to them. Getting angry won't solve anything. Good guidance can reduce the rebellious psychology of teenagers and help them better understand what is supposed to be done and what should not be done in the online world.

4. Teach Teens Not to Talk to Strangers

Most importantly, as we were taught in our early days; teach them not to talk to strangers, even on social media. Doing this will keep them away from the wrong kind of people.

Write in the End

Therefore, social media problems are growing at an accelerated pace and it is running over the lives of multiple teenagers and destroying bright futures. We have discussed the dangers of such apps and even discussed the prevention tips. You need to follow them, but if you use the services of FamiGuard alongside them, the result will be more effective. Try out the 3 day free trial of FamiGuard and use it before you go in for the purchase.


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