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Tata Davis

Updated: Apr 08, 2024 11:13 am

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Internet is a repository for some of the kick ass content that attracts young minds in their formative years. While, children love playing games, surfing internet to chill out, there are elements of potentially risking elements impacting the psyche your child. As, Internet features some nefarious practices can entangle a child and demand unwanted access to their personal information. Hence, monitoring children is the call for action. It is completely senseless to stalk or hire a special detective to observe them. The most viable option stands is by using parental monitoring app, equipped to provide you a road map of the whereabouts of your child! In this article, we will unleash a great method!

 parental monitor

What is Parental Monitoring App

The parental monitoring app is no rocket science that one cannot understand. These apps are flared to give guardian full authority of activities surfacing in child's phone. So, parents can keep a track on what their child is doing, the websites he/she is browsing, gain insights to what they normally do. Some of the advanced applications even allow parents to restrict certain numbers of websites, applications if they feel are harmful and risky.

Why Need Parental Monitoring App

In today's era of complexities, to shield your children and monitor kids can solely be fulfilled by keeping an eye over your children. It has become the need for today's concerned guardians. Here is what cell phone monitoring apps for parents can do.

  • Allows parents to exercise full control over children by maintaining the geofence i.e. set boundary of certain locations and get alerted if they transgressed.

  • Parents can remotely monitor screen time of their children and alert their children to switch the device off.

  • Keep a track on the active social handles such as Facebook, mailbox, WhatsApp etc.

  • Block usage of application or sites that are potentially dangerous or unfit for kids.

How to Identify a Good Cell Phone Monitoring Tool for Parents

Before you invest on any parental monitoring app, it is very crucial for parents to check some considerations to see whether the application is worth or not. As the market has a number of applications but doesn't really provide the needful specs, it is advisable for parents to have a look at the certain points mentioned below and use them.

Timely/automatic alerts: One of the needed feature for application is to see whether you're able to get automatic alerts or warning signs or not. These certainly appear when your child does something which in impermissible.

Provides Concise Reports :Give parents full insights of the activities, its usage and reports of the websites accessed by your children in a pure graphical form. It helps parents in understanding the nature of which application is accessed more.

Allows Full Control: Application should provide you with all kinds of services helpful in monitoring your child's phone.

Track Geofencing : It is crucial to know the minutest details of where your children are going. And, if he steps outside the said boundary then get an immediate report for the same.

Pricing : Ensure that application is not too high on the price range. That, it should be budget-friendly and provide all useful features in a good price frame.

There is certainly one application that fulfills all these aspects and doesn't even burn a hole on your pocket. Curious to know it? Unveil it right below!

Review of FamiGuard Parental Monitoring App

When you explore, there are like 1000s of parental controlling apps bombarded in the internet. Instead of wasting time in doing the hit and trial methods, one of the trusted cell phone monitoring app for parents is FamiGuard which compatible with all Android devices, and this app gives a mirror view of your child's phone. By using this application, you can set the strict schedules for your children, block any substantially alarming content! And not even that, parents can monitor the real time location of their kid from their phone!

Main Features:

  • Allows keeping check on your kid's real time locations on remote device.

  • Monitoring social handles, apps and browsing activity.

  • Provides parent with the in-depth reports of the amount of time a child uses over internet.

  • Block applications that are potentially disturbing or unfit for the child.

  • Block unwanted websites with harmful contents to keep your kids safe.

Here is the step by step guide on how to monitor the world of your children remotely.

Step 1. Get FamiGuard account

Begin to download FamiGuard application on your device from Google Play. Then, get the target device i.e. you kid's device and install the app on it too.

famiguard parental control sign up

Step 2. Setup Device

From your kid's cellphone, register for a valid membership account. Duly make the setting on your kid's device.

configure on child's device

Step 3. Start by cell phone monitoring

Now, from the remote device, simply track over your phone. Ensure that you use the same credentials used in your kid's phone.


  • Helpful in scheduling screen time for kids.

  • Maintain Geofence of kids and get regular updates for your kid's phone.

  • Assist users in filtering web content thereby preventing kids from any unsuitable web content.

  • Fully secure and lets you monitor a whole activity log.

  • Block game apps or social apps for children's better studying.


  • Not every app has cons though (pun).


Every parent has a duty of shielding their children from slipping into bed temptations. Hence, monitoring them is very crucial to keep a track on their activities and restrict them from any kind of unfit content. For this, FamiGuard is the safest option to ponder over. Designed with a well improved technology, FamiGuard assures to provide essential details of kid's location, ins and outs of their call logs and a lot more! So, why wander here and there when you've discovered the best parental controlling app!


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