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Tata Davis

Updated: Dec 05, 2022 05:42 pm

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Now, It is a Common Phenomenon that people waste most of their time on different social media apps. And it is one of the leading reasons that today's students have worse performance.

Luckily, there is a kind of apps available known as App Limiters through which parents can set app time limit on their kids' phones. And it would ultimately help them to control app time usage and lead them to walk on the right track.

At the end of this article, you will be well aware of the importance of App Limiters and the best ones available out there.

app addiction

Part One: Top 6 Apps to Limit App Usage

1. FamiGuard

FamiGuard is the standout amongst the best app time limiter for guardians accessible on the web. This astounding tool is a powerful app time control application that will ensure your kids will not addicted to phone apps and help you practice parenting easily.

So, how does it help you simplify the process of parenting? The answer is obvious. It can help you to set different period time for kid's app usage. Even more, it can set screen time for the whole phone. It has all the latest features that a good app timer ought to have.

famiguard app block

2. ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control application is another exceptional application that will enable you to screen your child's smartphone and control their phone use with the goal that they get the opportunity to enjoy outer world and perform good in academic studies. This application will enable you to guarantee your child's telephone utilization in different valuable ways. It has options of time limit for applications and application gatekeeper to channel improper applications from your child's phone. The Web watchman feature will enable you to screen and channel unwanted sites from your child's phone. It likewise has different telephone checking advance characteristics, for example, SOS catch, geo-fencing, GPS areas following, and many more. Many guardians progressively favor its SOS button.

eset app time limit

3. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is an extraordinary parental control and phone checking application that can screen different smartphones at the same time. It's considered as one of the best checking applications that prevent your child's from going towards inappropriate content on the website. It has amazing web filtering features that block access to inappropriate content and gives access to beneficial sites. It has application blocker that blocks applications and diversions that are addictive for your children. It is easy to use with very simple General User Interface.

net nanny app time limit

4. Screen Time

Screen Time is a useful parental control application that will enable you to deal with the time your children spend on their cell phones and tablets. It has stunning features like time limits, helps kids with homework and learning things, app monitoring, website history monitoring, schedule periods, and so on. It goes about as an incredible device for speaking with companions. It encourages your children to increase solid practices and exercises; however; it doesn't help construct imaginative reasoning by popping up useful sites on the screen.

screentime app time limit

5. Ourpact

Ourpact a typical parental control application due to its different amazing features. It's one of the best family locator and screen time overseeing application accessible on the web. You can without much of a stretch utilize this application to timetabling screen time and square pointless applications on your child's telephone. It can oversee up to 20 phones in the meantime, and it has an application time timetable component. It has many advanced includes, yet it doesn't bolster much it's free clients.

ourpact app time limit

6. Surfie

Surfie is a useful parental control versatile checking application that will give you text-based notifications about your child's phone activities. It will enable you to screen the contacts of your child's telephone and square sites, applications, amusements, online messengers, and so forth. It likewise has catchphrase and expression ready that enables you to screen your child's telephone and spare them from cyberbullying.

surfie app time limit

Now, after knowing the top 6 apps in app time limiting, you may be wondering what is the definition of App addiction and whether I have an app addiction. Don't worry, you will find the answer in the following part.

Part Two: Statistics of App Addiction or Phone Addiction

Are you App or Phone addicted? App addiction is a kind of phone addiction with so many distractive apps on a smartphone.

Check these statistics

80% of the smartphone users check their phone within 1 hour of going to sleep or waking up, 40% of which di it within 10 minutes.

85% of the smartphone users check their phones while talking to their family or relatives, which is a conversation killer. An average smartphone user checks his hone average 47 times a day, which makes it 17155 times a year.

47% of the smartphone users have tried to limit app usage, only 30% of which felt they were successful in doing so.

So, it is very critical to develop good habits in children to make them self- disciplined; otherwise, their adult age would be no different. There are several other reasons to limit app time usage?that's why this needs to be stopped as early as possible by using app time limiter.

Part Three: The Negative Impacts of App Addiction

Increasing Loneliness and Depression: Spending most of the time online will produce sentiments, for example, dejection, sorrow, and weariness dissipate immediately and inexplicably, It can even cause serious depression issues among teenagers.

Increasing Anxiety: One scientist found that just the presence of a telephone in a work spot will, in general, make individuals increasingly on edge and perform ineffectively on given undertakings. The heavier an individual's telephone use, the greater uneasiness they would have to face, and it even causes constantly increasing pressure on the employees.

Fueling Stress: Utilizing a cell phone for work means that you will even have to use it in your home and personal life. You feel the strain for never being away from work. This need to persistently reply to email cause higher feelings of anxiety and even exhaustion.

Sleep Disturbance: Extreme cell phone use can disturb your rest, which can seriously affect your emotional health. It can affect your memory, influence your capacity to think unmistakably and decrease your subjective and learning aptitudes.

Attention Deficit orders: The consistent stream of messages and data from a cell phone can overpower the mind and make it difficult to concentrate on one thing for more than a couple of minutes without inclination constrained to proceed to something different.


In the end, this article has a good list of best parent app limiters accessible on the web. You can pick any of these parent phone monitoring applications, and they will enormously profit you by telling the app time usage so that you can limit the app usage. These applications are to save your kids from any on the web and offline harms. If you are still confused about choosing the best one for your children, give it a go to FamiGuard. This is the best parental control application that will give you without a doubt; the best ensured observing for your child's telephone. So, start using FamiGuard to protect your youngsters from online damage.


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