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Tata Davis

Updated: Oct 17, 2022 05:18 pm

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Instagram is a favorite mobile photo app for both iPhones and Android devices. With its exciting features, Instagram has made a firm terrain in the heart of kids. Protecting children on Instagram is a challenging task for parents. It boasts over millions daily active users who have shared over billions of photos to date. Of particular note for parents, most youngsters are attracted to Instagram and claim it to be the most important social media site.

While from one side, Instagram can be funny and entertaining, but, aside from its benefits, it has numerous violent contents which are not good for your kid. As a parent, you wish to get an insight into their Instagram activities. Instagram monitoring app for parents let you know about their Instagram account and activities easily and remotely. Therefore, they can effectively protect your kids from the harmful effects of Instagram and prevent them from all the wrongdoings. That's why parental control on Instagram is strongly recommended. Here is a guide to monitor your kid's Instagram account and activity.

Part 1. Why Should Parents Monitor Child's Instagram?

There are several reasons why parents should monitor Instagram activity of their child. Let us discuss the reasons, which are responsible for a parent's concern so that they can use Instagram account monitor to track their child's Instagram account and know how can parents monitor instagram activities.

Screen Addiction:

The likes, comments, pictures, texts, etc. on Instagram can be overwhelming for children. It is true that children can reap many benefits from social media, especially in the area of socialization. But on contradiction, they are constantly online, become dependent on prompt replies and a tempest of instant messaging, which inevitably leads to sleep deprivation, and further mental illness.  If children are spending most of their time on social media, they are plausibly ignoring other responsibilities at home and school and face-to-face interactions with others.

instagram  addiction


Improper use of social media like Instagram and a lack of inhibition in Instagram communications can lead to the evolution of behavior patterns that are not usually a part of life in the offline world.  Instagram is known for bullying. It remains one of the major suicide factors among teens. That's why parental control on Instagram is strongly recommended. Kids mostly get harassed online by cyberbullies undergo emotional distress but never dare to inform their parents. Monitoring your kids can signal you if someone is trying to bully your child. If your child is conversing with friends regarding illegal activities, suspecting behavior, or even committing suicide, you will have the indications to interrupt before anything happens.

Identify bad sides:

Some of your child's friends could be attempting to persuade your child to take drugs, shoplift, or do something against the moral code. So it is time to find out how your kid responds about the topic by making it up in a neutral way.

Online Predators:

The Internet is the number one tool of child predators for discovering and manifesting friendships with children. Online predators try to seduce kids through attention, affection, and kindness gradually and often devote considerable time, money, and energy to this effort. They are aware of the latest music and hobbies likely to interest kids. They listen to and sympathize with kids' problems. They also try to ease young people's inhibitions by gradually introducing sexual content into their conversations or by showing them sexually explicit material. You won't know if one has been communicating with your child unless you are monitoring.

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Unhealthy Contents Browsing:

As children become more independent on Instagram, it is possible that they may come across contents which are inappropriate for their age of growth. Using Instagram monitor app to block those inappropriate content are one of the best ways to deal with it.


Being part of the Instagram community provide your children the ability to watch and communicate with others who share their concerns and life-experiences - Popular Instagramer's who talk about sensitive issues amongst sensitive topics, anxiety, and depression. The facility to hear others discuss openly on such topics can be remarkably granting for children who may have earlier encountered rejection or isolation. And such views can also be very disturbing for some children who may mimic behaviors or practice on opinions that are not true or beneficial for them.

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Almost half of all college students use Instagram for an estimated two to five hours a day. Unless mobile activity in the classroom is relevant to educational work, distractive multitasking on social media sites drives to a lower grade-point score and poorer academic performance. Children who focus on mobile devices get distracted during class hours and are not feasible to observe lecture information completely.

Invasion of Privacy:

Children accidentally share more about themselves on Instagram and in other social media apps and their location helping vulnerable "digital strangers" locate them in the real and try harming them or encourage to steal your child's credentials to unlock credit card accounts or other cases of fraud. Besides the negative outcomes of posting too much information about themselves on Instagram, potential threats for kids also incorporate security attacks such as hacking, malware, and even identity theft. Monitoring your kids help you know and protect them.

Part 2. Top 3 Ranked Instagram Monitoring Apps for Parents

1. Spyzie

This is a famous monitoring software, it can monitor the specific picture information even the real-time screen to ensure that the child is exposed to safe network information. It plays an important role in protecting children from cyber-bullying and so on. It's an android and iOS compatible app. But as a parental monitoring app, it lack the feature to set rule to restrict the Instagram using.

spyzie instagram monitoring

2. TeenSafe Instagram Monitoring

TeenSafe is another reliable Instagram monitoring app that will let you view its photos and profiles. All the sent and received messages monitoring makes it one of the best for Instagram monitoring tool. TeenSafe compatible with all Android and iPhone devices.

 teensafe instagram monitoring

3. FoneMonitor

The excellent Instagram monitoring app works well on both Android and iPhone devices. The set up process of FoneMonitor is easy to finish. Then you can easily monitor child's Instagram with it. It's 24 hour support from the technical team with give you a sense of security.

 teensafe instagram monitoring

Part 3. FamiGuard Pro for Android Give You More than Just Monitoring

FamiGuard Pro for Android is not just a monitoring tool. It does not stop with just monitoring, but it is an ultimate parental control software which provides you with more features. Track your child's location, set geofences, view their app and web activities are wonderful monitoring features of FamiGuard Pro for Android. Furthermore, it can remotely control some functions of your child's mobile phone, allowing you to fully protect your child. Let's take a look at the additional features of Famiguard Pro for Android.

Get the Online Activity Report Daily

  • Know app activity - which apps your children are frequently using.

  • Check how much time is spent on each app.

  • View web activity - what content your children are browsing online.

  • Monitor the detailed visit time and duration.

  • Gain Activity Summary - an overall idea of what your child does each day.

  • Include both online and offline activity reports.

Locate Your Children at Any Time

  • Locate your child's phone location with inbuilt GPS.

  • Get a real-time location every few minutes.

  • Check the location history and know your child's whereabouts.

  • Provide a map view and detailed address info.

  • Set a safe zone for kids and view geofence reports.

  • Get timely alerts by push notification or email.

Remotely Control Your Child's Phone

  • You can remotely start the call recording function and record the voices of both parties in real time during the call.

  • You can control your kid's phone to capture the live screen and sync it to your side to save.

  • You can remotely turn on the camera on your kid's phone and take a sneak peek.

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There are many violent and inappropriate contents on Instagram. That is why it is restricted for children under age of 13. Though every user is expected to enter their birth date details, kids can easily defeat this barrier. Install the FamiGuard Pro for Android Instagram monitoring app to save your child from the adverse effects of Instagram. It will help you to keep an eye on your child so that you can protect them from the potential risks of Instagram.


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