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Tata Davis

Updated: Apr 08, 2024 11:10 am

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iPhone is a popular choice among many of the smartphone users. With so many features and apps available on iPhone, it is almost impossible to not get addicted to it. Even though it has such a variety of useful apps and features, it can negatively affect the health of your child. The online world is pretty dangerous and young children often get subjected to the bad side of it. This is why child monitoring apps have become an absolute necessity. Also, by being glued to their cell phone all the time, your kids may not be able to spend time doing something useful. So, are you wondering how can I monitor my child's iPhone? Find out more about this by reading on!

Part 1: What Should Parents Monitor on Kid's iPhone

Before knowing how to monitor iPhone, you should know about the number of things on a child's phone which need monitoring from the parents' end. Some of them are listed below.

parent monitor kid's phone

1. Web browser

Since there are so many things which your kid can access through the web browser, you need to keep a check on their search history. It may be possible that they are accessing some site which may be unsuitable for their age. By monitoring the website history on your child's phone you can avoid this.

2. Location

Younger children may be prone to wandering off to dangerous places. By knowing their location at all times you can easily avoid this. Moreover, in case of an emergency by knowing their exact location you can reach them at the earliest. This also helps when your child loses their phone, you can easily track it down.

3. Text messages

Teenagers and young children keep in touch with several people through text messaging. It acts a medium to connect them with their relatives and friends. When you keep a check on the incoming and outgoing messages you can avoid scenarios wherein some stranger is trying to contact them, sexting, personal information leak etc.

4. Call log

With so many dangerous predators lurking everywhere, the incoming and outgoing calls on a child's phone must be monitored by a parent. Many unlikely situations can be avoided by this.

5. Social media apps

Social media platforms are very popular among all the generations. There are so many unknown strangers on such platforms and many a times they try contacting younger children as they are easy to manipulate. To prevent any sort of harm to your children, you must definitely monitor their social media activities on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

6. Screen time

Many a times, young kids get addicted to their phones. This can be very detrimental to their health and may cause problems such as back issues, obesity, depression, addiction, eyesight problems, etc. Apart from this they would be less involved in other activities such as going out and playing, doing their homework, etc. This is why managing their phone screen time is very essential.

If in case you constantly keep asking your child to monitor kid's iPhone, it may seem pretty intrusive and that may lead to the relationship between you and your kid to get hampered. This is the reason why monitoring apps are gaining huge popularity through which you can easily monitor your kid's activities on their phones remotely and not seem intrusive at the same time. Read on to know how to monitor child's iPhone.

Part 2: Third-Party Apps to Monitor Kid's iPhone

If you are wondering how to monitor kid's iPhone, here are some effective iPhone monitoring apps.

1. Kidslox Monitoring App

Kids these days are at a constant exposure to several inappropriate contents online. This app is one of the best app to monitor child's iPhone and is excellent in providing the much needed monitoring functions for the parents which is pretty essential for the kids these days. Not just iPhones but this app can be used to monitor the activities on iPad, iPod and Android phone and tablets. It has a range of extensive features which prove to very beneficial for effective parental control.

kidslox monitoring app


  • Content blocking

  • Application locking

  • Setting mode timers

  • Setting daily limits to usage

  • 3-way-toggle

  • Screen time restrictions

  • Fingerprint ID

  • Childproofing

2. OurPact Monitoring App

This is an incredible monitoring app which links every member of the family. The location of every family member gets shared and displayed on this app. Even if any of your family members loses their phone, this app can be used to easily get it back. Instant location of the kids can be accessed by the parents. Knowing that their kids are in a safe location gives parents a peace of mind and the constant "Where are you?" texts can also be avoided.

ourpact app


  • Internet blocking

  • Application blocking

  • Access to location of family members

  • Text blocking

  • Screen time scheduling

  • Allowance setting

  • Rules customization

  • Web page filtering

3. FamilyTime Monitoring App

This is counted among the most powerful monitoring apps for iPhone. It can be used on a daily basis to remotely access the information about the activities of your kids on their phones. With its advanced features, almost all the iPhone activities can be managed. Through this app, the effort involved in parental monitoring becomes very easy.

familytime app


  • Set time for sleeping

  • Set limits on screen time

  • Block pornography

  • Set time for homework and other tasks

  • Web content filtering

  • Safe search enabling

  • Manage social media activities

  • Get location of family members

4. Circle Smart Monitoring App

Circle Smart monitoring app is a premium monitoring app in the market which provides the most perfect platform for families to connect in a smart way. All the devices of all the family members can be connected at a single platform through this app. This makes the monitoring function pretty easy for the parents. Whenever your child does something good or finishes up a task given to them, you can virtually reward them as well.

circle smart monitoring app


  • Content filtering

  • Screen time restrictions

  • Usage limits

  • Set time for bed

  • Set an offtime

  • View web history

  • Pause your kid's iPhone

  • Give virtual rewards

5. Qustodio Monitoring App

With the help of this app, you can monitor kid's iPhone and can supervise all the activities on your child's phone and intervene whenever the need arises. Your child's cell phone activities can be effectively managed through this app. This app provides the easiest way in which you can control the activities of your child in the online world. This way you can ensure a safe and secure environment for them in their growing years.

qustodio app


  • Access the social media activities

  • Pornography blocking

  • Control all apps and games

  • Manage screen time

  • Monitor text messages

  • Check call log

  • Get real-time location

Part 3: FamiGuard to Monitor Kid's Android Phone

If you are looking for some activity monitoring app for an Android phone, then FamiGuard is the best option. This app is loaded with several features which make it the best choice among all the other Android phone monitoring tools and software. It has an extensive list of advanced features which every parent will find interesting. You can first opt to try the free trial version, wherein you can get the real feel of using this incredible app after which you can opt to purchase the premium version of this app which is available at a pretty reasonable rate.

1. Set screen time restrictions

If at all your kid is always glued to their phone, this app helps you in getting them off the phone for a while. This way a lot of health issues can be avoided. Also, your kid would also involve themselves in doing something worthwhile as well.

famiguard screen time

2. Set app restrictions

With so many apps and games, there is a high possibility that many of them may not even be suitable for your child. You can limit the access to such apps by using FamiGuard.

3. Content blocking

There is a variety of content in the online world out of which many of them are highly inappropriate for a young child. Your child can easily access such content through their phones. To avoid this, make use of FamiGuard which supports online content blocking.

famiguard content filtering

4. Web history access

You can check if your child is visiting any of the unwanted sites online. If they are, this app would help you in detecting that and then you can do the needful.

5. Real time location

Through this feature the parents can easily get to know their child's real time location. This feature also comes handy during scenarios wherein your child has lost their phone and it makes it easier for you to reach them during any kind of emergency as well.

6. Geo-fencing

With Geo-fencing you can create a safe space for your child. Whenever your child is out of that safe space, you would get alerted.

famiguard geofence


  • It is very easy to manage the activities on your child's cell phone.

  • The features of the dashboard can be navigated easily.

  • Setup process is simple.

  • Has many advanced level features

  • It can be easily customised.


  • Cannot monitor kid's iPhone, only Android support.

This is a great app for all the Android cell phone users and is definitely worth a try.


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