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Updated: Jul 30, 2022 07:45 pm

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It is true that we all want to know when our friends are online on Instagram. We may not be able to see if they are active or offline, but there is a way you can know if they are online or not.

Instagram is a very popular social media site, with over 250 million active users. Some people are wondering how to see if someone on Instagram is online or not.

The answer to this question is that you can't. So, I have highlighted a solution to avoid this future potential problem below.

Part1.How to See Who's Online on Instagram?

To see who's online on Instagram, follow these instructions:

- Go to your Direct inbox.

- Look for the green dot next to their username and photo.

- Alternatively, you can also look for the green dot next to their username and photo elsewhere on Instagram.

-Once you are on that person's profile, click on the "Message" button. This will take you into the conversation you have had with that person in the past.

how to see who is online on instagram

Once you are in the conversation, you will be able to see the activity status of the other person in the top bar next to their username. If the other person is currently online, you will see a small green dot next to their profile picture. If they are not online, you will see the last time they were active on Instagram.

It is important to keep in mind that you can only check the DM activity status of people who follow you on Instagram. Additionally, the DM activity status is something that can be hidden by the other person. If you do not see the DM activity status of someone who follows you, it is possible that they have turned off this setting in their own Instagram settings.

Patr2. How Do I See If My Boyfriend Is Online on Instagram If his Activity Status Is Off?

If your boyfriend hides his Instagram activity, but you want to know if he is online. The following will bring you two effective ways to know your boyfriend is online on instagram even if he hides his activity status.

Method 1: FamiGuard Pro for Android

1.1 What is FamiGuard Pro for Android?

Famiguard Pro for Android is a very powerful monitoring software. It can not only help you monitor instagram on your boyfriend's phone, but also monitor other social media such as facebook, snapchat, etc. You can even see the messages and calls he sent. Here's how to monitor all the messages on your boyfriend's phone with Famiguard pro for Android.

famiguard pro for android

1.2 The User Guide of Famiguard Pro for Android

Step1.  Complete the registration and purchase on the Famiguard official website, or click below to complete the registration.

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Step2. After receiving a download link, open the link with your boyfriend's mobile phone and complete the installation of Famiguard pro for Android.

sign up on famiguard pro for android

Step3. Go back to Famiguard Pro for Android's official website and log in to your registered account. Click on Dashboard to see all the active information on your boyfriend's instagram. In addition to that, you can also view all the messages on your boyfriend's device.

sign up on famiguard pro for android

1.3 The Benefits of FamiGuard Pro for Android

1. Famiguard Pro for Android can monitor more than 30 software, including Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, WhatsApp, etc.;

2. The location of the device can be viewed in real time and it has the function of recording the whereabouts;

3. Can remotely control the camera and screen capture function of the target device

4. Built-in Keylogger, which can record all messages on the keyboard of the device, even if deleted

5. Except for the mobile phone software, the information, video and call content in the mobile phone will be recorded

If you need to monitor your boyfriend's phone in all directions, then Famiguard pro for Android is a very good choice.

Method 2: InstaOnline

2.1 What is InstaOnline?

InstaOnline is an app that allows you to see who's online on Instagram. It has many functions, such as showing the last active users and letting you know if someone was on after a certain date.


Main Steps to Use InstaOnline

InstaOnlineMonitor is an app that allows you to track the online activity of other Instagram users.

- Open your browser and type the InstaOnlineMonitor app on the search bar.

- Open the official link, and download and install the app on your iPhone.

- Launch the app. Login with your Instagram account details.

- Go to the settings of the app and enable all the ‘Global settings.

- Add members or users to the monitor user list.

The app will send you a notification, as soon as the people (added on the monitor user list) appear online or when they go offline.

Compared to Famiguard Pro for Android, instaonline is less functional. It can only monitor the active status of the target Instagram account, and cannot check the internal information of ins in detail. And Famiguard Pro for Android monitors the target device comprehensively. So if you only need to observe whether your boyfriend's instagram is online, you can choose instaonline, if you want to check the content of your boyfriend's phone comprehensively, you can choose Famiguard Pro for Android.

Part3. Hot FAQs

Question1:How to hide online status on Instagram?

Go to Instagram settings > Select Activity Status > Turn off Show Activity Status

Question2:How to see if someone is active on Instagram?

In order to know if someone is active on Instagram, you have to look at the last time they were online. The easiest way for this is by scrolling through their profile and checking when was the last time they were online. If you want to know if someone is active on Instagram without scrolling through their profile, there are two ways of doing so:

1) Press and hold the three dots on the top right corner of their profile picture.

2) Press and hold the three dots on the top left corner of their profile picture. This will bring up a menu that shows when they were last active.

Question3:Why can't I see when someone is active on Instagram?

You'll only be able to see when someone was last active if the person is your friend. If you're not friends with them, there will be no indication that they are active.


All in all, there is the best way to know if someone is online on Instagram. However, you can still use the above methods to make sure that you can see someone online on Instagram.

We once had seen how inconsistent the information about their status could be. For more information about "How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Online on Instagram When he turn off the activity status? Famiguard Pro for Android is the Best Choice.

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