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Updated: Aug 30, 2023 08:16 pm

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Employee monitoring is a system that is used by almost all business organizations and companies. In order to keep their employees productive and keep things running, employee monitoring software is a great solution. Your employees may not be so honest with you all the time and if you want to run a successful business, you must keep an eye on your employees.

Employee monitoring process has been changing with the help of modern technology and if you want to monitor your employee's workplace activities, you need to start using the professional tools. This article will help you choose a great employee monitoring software for your office or business. So follow it till the end.

Part1: What is Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software helps the companies to oversee the employee activities. It ensures that the employees are perfectly performing any work related tasks, safely accessing sensitive company information from server, handling the company resources and security. It tracks all employee activities and provides visibility of all work related records every time. It can monitor all the activities performed by employees in the workplace. As a result, productivity rate increases drastically.

Employee monitoring softwares are the best solution for you to monitor your employees within the workplace. Here are the top 7 employee monitoring softwares that will help you big time -

1. Teramind


  • Teramind tracks employee's computer activity and eliminates malicious threats to security.

  • It has live streaming and history playback system.

  • It allows you to check on employee's activities in real time.

  • It'll help you to see when employees are most productive or when they are idle and which task, applications and websites they spend their time on.

  • You can access it from its website or launch it by using the self-hosted version.

teramind employee monitoring

Price: For Starter pack $60/month, UAM pack $125/month and DLP pack $150/month.

2. Hubstaff


  • Hubstaff has scheduling, payroll and invoicing option that allows you to manage payment processing.

  • It will allow you to view your employees' location and computer activities.

  • It will also let you know, how much time employees spend on applications even from your mobile device or offline.

  • It's time tracking feature records work hours perfectly and automatically exports it to the integrated payroll applications.

  • It integrates with Salesforce and Humanity, as well as with Zendesk and Freshdesk. Also with some project management applications.

hubstaff employee monitoring

Price: Basic plan starts from $5 per month.

3. Kickidler


  • Kickidler helps you gain complete visibility of your employee's computer activities.

  • The live monitoring feature will allow you to see their activities and record them on video.

  • It has keylogger feature to record the keystrokes of your employee's keyboard.

  • It has violation triggers option that will allow you to create a filtered list of programs, files or websites that your employee's will not be allowed to access and use inside the workplace.

  • It has violations monitoring option for every minute and it will allow you to review the history of violations that an employee has committed. It will also inform you the time amount of each violation.

kickidler employee monitoring

Price: Pricing starts from $9.99 per month.

4. ActivTrak


  • ActivTrak provides employee behavior analytics and works in completely stealth mode.

  • It has powerful tools that will allow enforce compliance to company rules and regulations

  • It has trigger setting option to block access to forbidden websites, files, and applications so employees can focus on their work without any distraction.

  • It will also protect your company's system from any kind of malicious threats.

  • It can be used from website or in Windows, Linux and Mac OS computer. The mobile application is also compatible with Android and iOS devices.

activtrak employee monitoring

Price: Per user will cost $7.20 per month with annual contract.

5. Veriato 360


  • Veriato 360 can track employee's computer activity for optimizing internal information security, investigate threats and boost employee productivity.

  • It will give you full access to your employee's computer activity.

  • It will help you to monitor your employees by triggering screenshots and video screen capture.

  • It comes with open APIs that allow access to raw recorded data.

  • It will allow you to configure the access to the computers of employees who handle sensitive information of your company.

veriato 360 employee monitoring

Price: You will have to request access to the information of this app's pricing and subscription plans.

6. InterGuard


  • InterGuard will provide you strong 3 layers of security with user activity monitoring, data loss prevention and incident response.

  • It will record all kinds of user activity of the workplace so that you can know what your employees are doing.

  • It has advanced web filtering option to increase productivity of the employees.

  • It will allow you to take over an employee's computer in critical situation.

  • It can track sensitive data to preserve them.

interguard employee monitor

Price: Pricing starts from $8 per month for each user.

7. DeskTime


  • DeskTime will allow you to identify and eliminate any kind of inefficient habits of employees.

  • You will be able to manage your team and track all your projects in one single place.

  • It automatically tracks time both offline and online and also track document titles.

  • It calculates all the costs, oversees if any employee is absent or not and takes screenshots.

  • It has third party integrations and private time option.

desktime employee monitoring

Price: Pricing starts from monthly $7.

Part2: Must-have: Best Tool for Child Phone Monitoring

You have known about the best employee monitoring software from here but what if you are a parent and you want to monitor your kid's online activity? Don't worry FamiGuard Pro for Android is here to help you out. This amazing parental control app will protect your children from any harmful content online. It's an effective and powerful parental control app that will allow you to track your child's location, set geofences, remote control their phones and view their app and web activities all the time.

  • Remote Control: It will allow you to remotely control certain functions of your child's phone, including: controlling camera shots, capture screenshots and record phone calls.

  • Keep An Eye on 30+ Apps: It will allow you to view all social media messages and activities on your child's phone, including facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, telegram, etc.

  • View All Files: It will allow you to view the photos, videos, and other files stored on your kid's phone.

  • Real-Time Location: It has inbuilt GPS system that will provide you with real-time location of your child's device.

  • Location History: It will allow you to check your kid's device location history with map view and detailed address information.

  • Geofence and Alerts: It will allow you to set safe zone by geo-fencing technology. You can get push notification or email every time.

  • Activity Summary: It will give you online and offline activity reports of your kid's phone. You will understand the overall situation of your kid's phone addiction.

  • App Activity: You will be able to know which apps are mostly used by your kids and how much time is spent on each app.

  • Web Activity: It will allow you to monitor all the web searching activity of your kids. So you can protect them from harmful contents.

  • Keylogger: It will allow you to see everything your child types even if he has deleted that.

famiguard features

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In the end, all we can say is, you should respect your employee's privacy sometimes and don't control too much. Too much controlling will bring no good to your company as your employee's will never love what they do. Instead of turning your employees into robots, you can try to raise awareness among them first. Also using the best employee monitoring software can help you respect your employee's privacy and monitor them properly for your company's sake. An employee monitoring software is something you can put your trust on, so choose your software wisely from here. Also, if you are a parent, start using FamiGuard Pro for Android as it will guarantee the safety of your kid's so you can be a better parent.


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