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Updated: Feb 16, 2023 05:11 pm

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If in case your child owns a phone, it may be a good idea to keep a check on their activities on their phones. Some of the best child monitoring apps helps the parents in urging their kids to maintain healthy habits and not spend too much time on their phones. There are several built in apps in the Android as well as the iOS phones but they do come with their own limitations. That is when the need for a third party app arises. Several third party apps offer exciting parental monitoring features which are very helpful in keeping your kids safe and out of danger. This article focuses on such top apps which are much better than their competitors. Let's have a look at these top apps to monitor child's phone.

1. FamiGuard Pro App

FamiGuard Pro App is one of the best app to monitor child's phone which has a number of advanced features which can be effectively used to keep a track of your kid's activities on their phones. You can prevent your kid from getting cyberbullied with the help of this app. It allows you to view any content on your child's phone including: social media messages, pictures, videos, call logs, etc. You can even remotely control your child's device to take screenshots, call recordings, and take pictures.

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famiguard pro monitoring features


  • Can be installed and set up very easily.

  • Has the excellent feature of real time location tracking and geo-fencing.

  • Built-in keylogger feature allows you to view deleted messages.

  • Remotely take a screenshot of the device, record calls, and capture secret photos.

  • Can prevent cyberbullying.


  • The trial period offered for this app is very less.

  • Available on Android only.

2. FamilyTime App

FamilyTime App is an excellent child phone monitoring app which comes in two different versions. You can enjoy the free features of this app by installing the basic version. One of the most helpful features offered by this app is the emergency assistance which can be used during unexpected scenarios. It comes with the feature of allowing the parents to restrict the screen time usage which in turn can be used to inculcate good habits in young kids. Other features which prove to be very useful are the geo-fencing and real time location tracking which helps you know where your kid is at all times.

familytime app


  • Alerts the parents whenever there is an emergency.

  • Screen time limit is really effective.


  • You cannot check the browser history on your child's phone through this app.

  • The basic version, which is free, does not have several important features which the users can try out for free.

3. Net Nanny App

Net Nanny App is another child monitor app through which parents can filter the inappropriate content on their child's phone so that they are not able to access it. Parents can even set strict screen time restrictions which help in avoiding the problem of your child becoming addicted to their phones. This brilliant app is compatible with both the Android as well as iOS mobile phones.

net nanny app


  • Has the feature of letting the parents filter the web content which fall under multiple categories.

  • Every incoming and outgoing call and text message on the target phone can be monitored remotely by you


  • The real time location of your child cannot be monitored using this app.

  • Although the trial version of this app is free, it is limited for a very short duration.

4. Mobicip App

Mobicip App is one of the popular apps to monitor child's iPhone as it can be used with a wide range of devices including Android as well as iOS phones and tablets. Any website which you feel is inappropriate to be accessed by your child can be easily blocked using this application. There are several apps which can be installed on your kid's phone. Some of them may be even inappropriate for them, with the help of this app, you can block such apps. If you feel that your child is spending too much time on their phones you can specify the times during which they can use their phone by using the screen time restriction feature.

mobicip app


  • It is compatible with most of the Android as well as iOS devices.

  • You will get the real time location of your kid and whereabouts at all times.


  • The customer support for Mobicip app is very weak.

  • Even though the trial version of this app is free, it can be used only for really less time.

5. Pumpic App

Your child maybe receiving and sending a lot of text messages using their phones. With so many predators lurking in the online world, it is highly possible that they might try contacting your child and cause them harm. You can control this to some extent by using Pumpic App to monitor the incoming and outgoing text messages. You can even block a contact if you feel that they are not the right company for your child. This app also tracks the websites visited by your child on their phone and alerts you whenever they try accessing any explicit site. With the huge popularity of social media apps, children these days are hooked on to these apps and Pumpic can keep an eye on their activities on these apps.

pumpic app


  • Has several advanced parental monitoring features which are quite effective in helping the parents monitor their child's phone activities.

  • With the help of Pumpic app parents can keep a check of their child's activity on social media sites as well which include Skype, WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook, Viber, etc.


  • On being installed on your child's phone, the phone may become slow and may lag in performance.

  • It has only a trial version which is available for free, does not feature a basic version with basic features.

6. Qustodio App

Qustodio App has a basic version and a paid premium version with advanced parental monitoring features. It is compatible with most of the devices including Android and iOS phones and tablets, Windows PC or laptops and Mac systems. It has a highly functional dashboard which can be used by the parents to monitor their kid's activities on their cell phones remotely.

qustodio app


  • Very friendly UI with easy setup.

  • It has the unique feature of smart content filtering.


  • The premium version of this app is a bit pricey.

  • Not very efficient when installed on an iOS device.

  • Only activities on Facebook can be monitored, rest of the other popular social media apps cannot be monitored.

7. Spyzie App

Spyzie App is one of the incredible apps for monitoring child's phone which can be used by parents to monitor their kid's activities on their phones to keep them safe and secure from any dangerous lurking in the virtual world. You can block any apps on your child's phone which you feel may be inappropriate for them. The access to several web contents can also be blocked by the parents with the help of this app. In order to avoid your child getting addicted to their phones, you can even set up screen time restrictions on their phones. Every detail relating to the incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone can be easily monitored. This app also features real-time GPS tracking as well which lets you know where your child is at all times.

spyzie app


  • Has several advanced parental monitoring features.

  • Good real time location tracking.

  • Great UX and UI.


  • The app is pretty expensive when compared to its competitors.

  • The videos cannot be downloaded with the help of this app.

  • The target phone tends to become very slow in performance.

8. Family Shield From OpenDNS

Family Shield From OpenDNS is one of the most reliable teen phone monitoring app which is used by several parents worldwide to monitor their kid's activities on their phones. OpenDNS is a popular developer who has designed plenty of good apps. Family Shield is one such app which has been developed by OpenDNS recently. The best feature of the Family Shield app is that it can be used to block any kind of website which you feel that is inappropriate to be viewed by your child. It also automatically filters the inappropriate content online on your child's phone making the task easier for you.

family shield


  • Very easy to setup and use.

  • Two week long activity can be stored and viewed on this app.


  • Does not have screen time restriction feature.

  • The internet activity on the target phone cannot be paused.

  • When several devices are being monitored, the breakdown of different users is not provided.

9. Boomerang App

Boomerang App features real time location tracking through which you can track the location of your child at any time. It also has the geo-fencing feature through which you can set a safe boundary for your child and get alerted whenever they move out of the safe boundary. If you feel that there are some sites online which may be inappropriate to be viewed by your child, you can block those sites on their phones using this app. You can even set up screen time restrictions on their phones so that your kids spend their time doing other useful tasks as well. The incoming and outgoing text messages and calls can also be easily monitored with the help of this app.

boomerang app


  • Whenever you child is accessing the internet, it automatically includes the safe search feature.

  • Easy to use thanks to a user-friendly interface.


  • The premium version is very expensive and the features in the trial version are pretty limited.

  • It does not function efficiently when used on iOS phones and tablets.

10. Kaspersky Safe Kids App

Both the Android as well as iOS device users can make use of Kaspersky Safe Kids App. The basic version of this app can be easily downloaded for free and the basic features of the app can be used. This app includes lot many advanced features like text and call monitoring, website blocking, contact blocking, real time location tracking, geo-fencing, content filtering, social media monitoring, screen time restrictions, among others.

kaspersky safe kids


  • The alert functionality feature of this app is excellent.


  • Although this app is excellent for the Android devices, it does not function efficiently for the iOS devices.

  • When used on the iOS devices, this app slows down the functions of the phone.


Although the cell phones have been a major boon in today's technologically dependant world, over using this boon may have several negative impacts especially on the young minds of children .Therefore, as a parent it is essential that you employ some monitoring control over the activities on your child's phone. By using the above mentioned apps to monitor child's phone you can be sure of keeping your children safe from the negative effects of using cell phone, internet and social media activities. Out of all the apps, the highly recommended one is FamiGuard Pro App which is very efficient in child monitoring functions.

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