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Tata Davis

Updated: Apr 08, 2024 11:11 am

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Smartphones are useless without internet. But, if not used with caution, it can lead to serious consequences, especially for children, who still do not have the cognitive ability to judge the healthy and the harmful. Internet might take the pride of connecting the world, but it also gave birth to cybercrimes and harassments. Children can be exposed to bullying and provocations online, and even to contents that are inappropriate for their age. To protect them from such vulnerability, their online activities must be kept an eye on by the parents. This article is based on how to track internet history on cell phone. Read on to know the methods in detail.

Part 1: The Necessity of Internet Tracking

Internet has brought a lot of convenience in our lives, however, not everything available on the Internet is healthy for your child.

Online Harassment: With the increase in the number of smartphones and Internet usage, children are more prone to the dangers of online abuse. They might have been bullied or harassed by a stranger, and you have no idea about it. 24% of all the children who are harassed online, grow suicidal thoughts. Thus, it is quite a serious problem for parents.

Theft of Personal Data: It is very easy to use the innocence of the young kids to trap them into any cyber scam, or even trick them in gathering personal data.Almost a quarter of children, who were cyber bullied, admitted that they had their personal information shared online. For cases like these, parentsmustmonitor the Internet History of their children. They can even track their social media usage and messages in different platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Snapchat, Kik, etc.

Exposure to Inappropriate Contents: It is also necessary to prevent the kids from getting exposed to inappropriate contents like pornography and extreme violence. Internet usage trackerapps play a major role in safeguarding the kids from such dangers. There are various methods to track the Internet usage, some of which are discussed here.

online issues

Part 2:If You Have Access to the Child's Phone

If you have direct access to your kid's phone, then your work has become a whole lot easier. You can just go to the browser history and check the websites that she/he visited. This method will only work if she/he did not delete the browsing history, or has not been using guest mode to surf the Internet. You can even check the social media apps for any suspicious or harmful activities. If you want, there are numerous apps to regulate or block specific apps, or use web filters to block specific websites and contents. If your kid has a good knowledge of basic phone settings, then you will have a hard time doing so, although that is highly unlikely, keeping in mind your child's age.

check child's  phone

Part 3: If You Want to Remotely Track Internet History

If you do not have access to your kid's phone, you can track the Internet history remotely using Internet tracker apps. There are a plenty of apps that can help parents to track online activities of their kids remotely. Web activities and social media actions can be watched easily through these apps. FamiGuard parental control is one such app that performs all these tasks with ease. It can track browsing history and app usage history remotely from another device. It is an Internet tracking software that prevents children from accessing the wrong part of the Internet, as that can be harmful for them. Other features include real-time location tracking, geofencing, app usage and screen-time limiting, etc. Here's how to track Internet usage using the FamiGuard app.

Step 1. Register

Create a FamiGuard account first from the official website, or the app.

register famiguard

Step 2. Configure your kid's device

Download the app and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to configure your child's phone. After you have completed the setup, the device is ready to be monitored.

configure device

Step 1. Start tracking

Now, as the child's device is ready, open the FamiGuard app on your phone or go to FamiGuard web control panel. You can now begin tracking, by selecting Web Activity in the dashboard, and you can see all the websites visited with the date of visit and the time for which the website was viewed. The app activity is also available.

start internet tracking

Advantages of using FamiGuard

  • You can remotely track the target device without frequently checking your child's phone

  • Easy installation and setup.

  • Track browser history in detail, including the URL, visit time, duration of visit and much more.

  • If parents notice children are visiting some inappropriate websites like porn, violence etc., FamiGuard's web filter can be helpful to block the sites immediately and remotely.

  • Other attractive tracking features like real time location, location history, geofencing etc. The location tracking accuracy is really excellent thanks to the tracking mechanism being updated every few minutes.

  • 3 day free trial inclusive of all features.


FamiGuard web filter has 30 common categories to choose from with different blocking settings. You can even add specific websites by URL in the block list.

famiguard  web filter features


It has been quite important for the parents to monitor the online activities of their kids for their safety. There are number of things that can happen to them while using the Internet. Luckily, FamiGuard app offers to track the web history remotely from the parents' device. It has the ability to show browsing histories, along with the URL, date of access and the duration for which the website was accessed. This can help parents to take a definitive decision about their child's Internet usage pattern and take steps accordingly.

FamiGuard is also a properInternet activity tracker that a parent can rely on to protect their kids from cyber harassments and frauds. It can also block specific websites and contents remotely, so that the kids stay away from vulgar and inappropriate contents that is not meant for their age group. Overall, parents must give this app a try to safety net the time that their kids spend online. Highly recommended to use the 3 day free trial!


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