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Tata Davis

Updated: Sep 02, 2022 07:03 pm

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Do you need a phone tracking app that can help you keep tabs on your loved ones?

Someone may have heard of Sygic Family Locator. But, do you know the relationship between Sygic Family Locator and Find my Phone - Family Locator?

In this blog, we will give you the answer, lead you to look at some of the main features of Family Locator (Sygic Family Locator) and compare it to other popular phone tracking apps like FamiGuard Pro for Android.

Part One: What Is the Relation between Sygic Family Locator and Find my Phone - Family Locator

Sygic is one of the world's most popular offline navigation apps that stay committed to offering GPS and offline 3D map navigation services, winning the trust of more than 200 million drivers. And Sygic Family Locator is a family tracking service revealed in 2016.

However, Sygic didn’t get the expected success in this field. They made a statement on their website saying “Last month we were immersed in the transition of Sygic Family Locator to a separate company called Family Locator LLC, with a dedicated team of family protection enthusiasts and developers.”

After that, the famous Sygic Family Locator becomes today’s Find my Phone - Family Locator. In other words, Find my Phone - Family Locator is the latest version of Sygic Family Locator. Therefore, if you enjoy the location tracking service of the former one, you can continue to subscribe to the latter to have the same service.

Part Two: What Is Find my Phone-Family Locator (Sygic Family Locator) and Its Main Features?

Find my Phone - Family Locator is a family location tracking app, which can make you stay connected with your family members during the day. What’s more, this app is also helpful in ensuring family safety, even when they're far away!

Main Features of Family Locator:

  • Real-time Location: With Family Locator, you can know your family members’ whereabouts in real-time and at any time.

  • Safe and Unsafe Zones: With Family Locator, you can set the safe zone and unsafe zone for your family members. Then, when they enter or leave that zone, you will be notified.

  • Location History: With Family Locator, there is no need for you to check family members’ location constantly. This app will keep all their traces and movement. Therefore, you can get a clear and complete location history of their movement.

  • Augmented Reality: The Augmented Reality feature would be helpful for you to track your family members in a direct way on a 3D map model.

  • In-flight Mode: The In-flight feature can make your family members see the location of your plane on the map.

The Pros and Cons of Family Locator:


  • Work both on iOS and Android: This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, whether you are iOS user or Android user, you can use this app.

  • Track Multiple Family Members at the Same Time: This app can monitor or track two or more family members simultaneously.


  • Limited Features: This app only focuses on location tracing or related features. And it fails to fulfill some extra requirements like monitoring social apps, recording phone calls and messages and taking screenshot.

  • Only for Premium Plan Users: Almost all features mentioned above require a premium plan subscription, which would cost $14.99/Month.

  • Accuracy Issue: There are some accuracy issues in this app, which can make you fail to know your location, let alone track your family members’ location

  • Data Latency: Some customers complain that this app fails to show the real-time location due to the data latency

Part Three: Other Alternatives to Family Locator (Sygic Family Locator) --FamiGuard Pro for Android

After knowing the relation between Sygic Family Locator and Find my Phone - Family Locator and learning about the Pros, Cons and main features of this app, we finally get the conclusion that this app is not good enough and not suitable for some users who want better location tracking service and extra useful monitoring or tracking features.

Here, we recommend FamiGuard Pro for Android to you. FamiGuard Pro for Android, an all-in-one Android tracking app, can give you a more convenient way to monitor other people’s locations and activities online in real-time. Its multiple useful features and trustworthy customer services gain thousands of users.

Family Locator VS FamiGuard Pro for Android! Which One Is Better?

Main Features:

Famiguard Pro for Android Find my Phone - Family Locator
Compatibility Android Android and iOS
Price $29.95 $14.99
Track Location
Monitor Apps
Stealth Mode
Web History
Remote Control
Call Record
Wi-Fi Logger
Monitor Screen time

Pros and Cons:

Find my Phone - Family Locator Famiguard Pro for Android
Pros 1. Track multiple family numbers
2. Work both on iOS and Android
1. A variety of interesting and useful features
2. Affordable prices for long-term customers
3. Offer free trial version
4. Money-back guarantee
5. 24/7 customer support
Cons 1. Accuracy issue
2. Lack important feature (remote screenshot, call record, Wi-Fi logger)
3. Data latency
1. Limited subscription options
2. Only for android users

Why FamiGuard Pro for Android Is Recommended?

  • Wi-Fi Based Location Tracking: Allow you to track without Wi-Fi

  • Built-in GPS Location Tracking Technology: Allow you to track the real-time location of your phone

  • User-friendly: Simple and easy steps

  • Detailed Location History: Allow you to precisely know all trace of your device

  • Multiple Powerful and Interesting Feature: Some useful monitoring and tracking features can offer you a better user experience

The Step-by-Step Guide to Get Your FamiGuard Pro for Android

Step 1: Create your account for FamiGuard Pro for Android

Step 2: Download the FamiGuard Pro for Android app from the given address

Step 3: Set it up on the target smartphone.

Step 4: Log into FamiGuard Pro for Android online dashboard and enjoy the journey of monitoring and tracking with FamiGuard Pro for Android

Part Four: Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Family Locator (Sygic Family Locator) is a great monitoring app, which is easy and friendly for users. If you don’t care about the data latency and accuracy issue and if you don’t want some interesting remote control features like “Screen Shot” “Capture Photo”, then you continue to use Family Locator (Sygic Family Locator).

Actually, No app is better than FamiGuard Pro for Android if you are looking for an affordable app equipped with powerful monitoring and tracking features. But, all in all, it’s all up to you to make the decision.


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